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  1. Idk like what's the point of people starting up Hardline to boost kills and waste shit tons of time with a boring experience plus paying for server rent/More PS plus alts and shit like that. Like you know how grindy it is and you know how you can't handle grinding it for that much in the fair normal way. You know what you're getting into in the first place.



    I don't get people who boost grinds in games that are still active and can be achieved through legitimate playtime. Like you could've wasted all of those resources  on things or games that you actually will enjoy. If you aren't committed to a grind don't be a pussy that's all I'm saying. 4 bronze trophies really ain't worth all of that to just boost.

    1. Extratenzy


      Any trophy no matter how rare or how much value it has isn't worth spending a decent chunk of money plus a boring boosting experience.