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  1. I've been MIA for a long time, quit trophy hunting for the most part but I still do it here and there...



    Anyways. Battlefield Hardline 100% on PS3 and PS4 now legit way :P

  2. wow, looks like another ezpz plat. 11 goldies, 2 silvers and a plat and the trophies look so simple. i doubt this will not be easy.
  3. so i've discovered a boosting method for coins for the All the things! trophy, it can be alot faster if you have the 2x multiplier DLC on obviously... NOTE: This method requires a turbo controller. so here's the method: equip the "token gift" gadget with the "lucky last" gadget. modify the controller to spam the "X" button. now, you'll keep getting the token gift everytime and you'll die shortly, and this is just luck basically after that, since you'll want to hope that the prizes you win are coins. now the turbo controller will keep playing the game again and get the token and then die eventually and then spend the tokens on the loot machine. Also, if you're extremely lucky you can get the 1000 coins prize, combine that if you have the 2x multiplier! that's 2000 coins with no effort made! You're welcome if anybody tries this please tell me how was it helpful
  4. so I started playing on NA and I'm now like AR24 and I just realized I cant play with my EU friends since they downloaded the EU version of the game... so if I download the EU version will my progress carry over from NA? :/ I dont wanna start over again to play with my friends it took me so long to get there.
  5. Hey, it's been a really really long time since I used to visit PSNP! 

    kinda wanna get back on here, don't wanna waste my premium membership for nothing :P

    But anyway, hey everyone :D

  6. title... (i have 100% of the gallery just so everyone knows) also i've read you can only play with him in practice and Versus mode so i wanna keep practicing with my poor parrying skills to get ready. i also read that you can play with him on the 360 by "highlight Deathbringer,then hold and press " can anyone figure out what these buttons are to the DS3? or can anyone who finished the game already remembers what to do to play with him in Practice mode? Thanks! EDIT: after 20 mins of trying lol... i finally managed to know it. just hold both L2 and R2 at the same time while Deathbringer is highlighted. hope this helps anyone in the future
  7. The competitive matchmaking current season is most likely gonna be the last as they have made this season last for around 2 and a half years already and that was their last thing to add before they left updating the game back in 2016. The game tells you that there is 492 days left for the season to end (as of Augest 27th 2019). That date is 31/12/2020. I know there is still ALOT of time to even considering starting the game just for this trophy but i'm just gonna post this thread very early just in case everyone is aware of the game possibly getting an unobtainable trophy or maybe even the whole servers of the game would shut down by the time that date comes as the current state of Hardline as most of you already know is quite dead. Again, all i'm trying to do is make everyone aware that's all don't worry.
  8. can you use the revive option multiple times if you have like 5 hearts for example... cause if i gurantee for example getting 8 revives and die at my first time at 2Km then im 99% guaranteed to get t 5km
  9. 28 days ago at 14K now at 25K. Hopefully I should be done sometime in November. 

  10. I'm planning on making a 40K Kill trophy guide for each class in-depth in hardline. Probably gonna do it after i finish grinding myself. Cause i find the guides for the 10K Kill trophies aren't helpful at all. Cause there are really efficient ways of grinding kills legitmately. (Weapons, best attachments for those guns or in "X" situations, most useful gadgets and maps and so on) :) 

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      Good luck on the guide when you get around to do it after the grind. It really is one of the longest grinds of all time. I tip my hat to all those who managed to get 40k total kills.

  11. 2nd 10K kill trophy done! took me 67 hours and 50 mins for this one. God i'm so happy i can finally play with the Operator class. The mechanic class literally only has 1 good weapon and that's the damn K10. It's only good in really close quarter engagements so i was really limited in my pushes and stuff. 


    2 more to go!

  12. Idk like what's the point of people starting up Hardline to boost kills and waste shit tons of time with a boring experience plus paying for server rent/More PS plus alts and shit like that. Like you know how grindy it is and you know how you can't handle grinding it for that much in the fair normal way. You know what you're getting into in the first place.



    I don't get people who boost grinds in games that are still active and can be achieved through legitimate playtime. Like you could've wasted all of those resources  on things or games that you actually will enjoy. If you aren't committed to a grind don't be a pussy that's all I'm saying. 4 bronze trophies really ain't worth all of that to just boost.

    1. Extratenzy


      Any trophy no matter how rare or how much value it has isn't worth spending a decent chunk of money plus a boring boosting experience.

  13. Today's my last day of summer vacation, Tomorrow's first day of school.

    Feelsidkman. :/ 

    Hopefully i'll keep grinding Hardline until at a slower rate tho. Aiming for 25K/30K Kills by the end of the year and currently at 14K. 

    1. kingdrake2


      always dreaded the days of school at times but that's life growing up ><. 

  14. Basically what everyone said other than you is true. I used to carry people for this trophy several times way back and i can confirm that what everyone said above is true. You basically just damage everyone abit and then either cluster all of them at the end and then mow em down with Strong weapons like the WES-44, Hammer, snipers with Ao3 on.
  15. I honestly think Hardline's "takes too much time to complete" argument is so absurd to me. I feel like the main problem with those 40K trophies is mainly that you have to play 1 class for a whole 100+ hours ish while you're still having fun. Playing 1 class for 100+ hours ish is so repetitive and gets boring and stale too fast. If the trophies were turned into "Get 40K kills total across everything" the experience would be actually fun and more interesting.


    anyway just got 800+ kills for today. Tomorrow is probably gonna be my 1st 1/4 10K trophy done :) 

    So excited to finally play any other class. xD 

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    2. Extratenzy


      @Mr_Skirra What platform are you doing Hardline on? Since on PS3 it's extremely hard for some1 to create boosting sessions for it. Also the process of Test your Mettle is indeed so annoying. We would have 10 people and sometimes we couldn't connect because of region issues with party leaders. It took us 4 hours to do it alone. It's by far the most important trophy to get out of the way first before starting to grind as it's the only one that needs 10 players. :/


      And yeah the game is so fun if you don't pay attention to trophies rather pay attention to enjoying the game and learn to preform better in it :D 

    3. Mr_Skirra


      I'm playing on ps4. I can't wait to get that trophy out of the way. That game, and fifa19, the two games that scare me the most when it comes to never getting the 100% lol. 

      I honestly miss a remaster of Battlefield 3. I can't wait to play Nohshar Canals again on TDM with my m1014. 

      Now that was life. 

    4. Extratenzy


      @Mr_Skirra DUDE I WISH. Knowing EA tho i don't think they would do it. BF3 remaster on PS4 with 64 players and higher FPS would be fucking dope as hell.


      BF3 Remaster is something the Battlefield community has been wanting and asking for for a long long time now :/

  16. imo i'd give this a game a 8/10 to 100%. The Pure time trials are an ass and are definitely the hardest part of the game.
  17. took me like 30 or 40 hours after my 2nd last one.
  18. oh shit you're right i haven't thought about that. is there anyway to change the title?
  19. there are no such thing as bots in Hardline
  20. 1039 kills today. now im an 1K kills away from my first 10K trophy :)

    1. Extratenzy


      now i'm just*

    2. MidnightDragon
    3. MaximumOverdrive


      That's a lot for today. You'll get there in no time.

  21. Just got 1179 kills for today in Hardline. That's a wrap for today i guess... don't wanna burn myself too much more than that. 

  22. Coming back to grind Hardline again kinda feels good tbh. This time tho i'm playing with/against Tryhards 24/7. :( 

  23. Huge thanks to @Infernofeuer1 for literally making my life way less stressful. Thanks to him i was able to get the Terraria JP plat without wanting to kill myself. 

    If anyone is willing to get Terraria PS4 (Japanese version) done you could ask him to join his server where he has literally everything ready.


    Again, Thank you so much dude :D

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. Infernofeuer1


      You're welcome I try to do the intern

      International one as well and after that I will make an extra thread for that :)

    3. MaximumOverdrive
  24. Hey everyone, as some of you have noticed i was pretty much gone for the last 3 months and i’m finally feeling it again for trophy hunting. FINALLY.


    Im currently trying to finish up Terraria JP on my PS4 as fast as possible as you have noticed and yeah. just wanted to let everyone know that i’m back and i’ll be more active from now on (i hope at least lol). :) 


    probably gonna get back to the Hardline PS4 grind soon aswell.



    1. MaximumOverdrive


      The real battlefielder is back! B) 

    2. Crispy_Oglop


      Welcome back @SniperEliteDido:) glad to see you got your trophy hunting mojo back.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Welcome back. I had a five month slump, but got out of it and have earned five plats since then.