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  1. Hey everyone, as some of you have noticed i was pretty much gone for the last 3 months and i’m finally feeling it again for trophy hunting. FINALLY.


    Im currently trying to finish up Terraria JP on my PS4 as fast as possible as you have noticed and yeah. just wanted to let everyone know that i’m back and i’ll be more active from now on (i hope at least lol). :) 


    probably gonna get back to the Hardline PS4 grind soon aswell.



    1. ee28max


      The real battlefielder is back! B) 

    2. Crispy_Oglop


      Welcome back @SniperEliteDido:) glad to see you got your trophy hunting mojo back.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Welcome back. I had a five month slump, but got out of it and have earned five plats since then.

  2. no they dont id say like 20 or 30 hours? and yes it is.
  3. Hey guys, sorry i've been so busy the last 2 weeks so i couldnt finish up my upcoming Paladins Guide. i should be done within the next coming 7 days.



  4. Hey everyone, just wanted to let y'all know that i should be done with my Paladins guide tommorrow. since the older guide wasnt updated as it became a bit outdated i've decided to do one so yeah! :) 

  5. I also can't believe Hi-Rez didn't fuck this. Yet, they fucked up a lot and still do and still get away with it. Also just edited my post just to sum everything up.
  6. Well that's good to hear. This means that the plat is now way less grindy than before!
  7. DUDE! i love this song and band so much!
  8. this is what i'm trying to say, Hi-Rez are known for their bugs and shit. i wouldn't get too optimistic that they're gonna fix this just right when the update goes live. Besides, the community has been talking shit about Hi-Rez with their many many gameplay bugs in the game since a lot of time and now they're taking a step further to try on focusing to fix them. So they probably won't care about someone's trophy.
  9. for me it's probably the 10K kill trophies in BFH, BFBC's "I am Bad Company" was more hard than grindy.
  10. It is bugged, i had more than 15 champions at level 5+ when i got the trophy. the progress for the trophy in the awards section doesn't register most of the times. And it is known to be buggy, so it wasn't just me. There's a big difference between a trophy being unobtainable and bugged
  11. I think i remember seeing you quite a few times on PSNP last year with a different account. Why did you create another one and leave that old one behind may i ask :P 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SniperEliteDido


      oh i see... and yeah my PSN was based on Sniper Elite V2. I played the hell out of it when i was like so young and i decided to put that in my name and i thought i would sound so cool and stuff but it's been a cringe name to my classmates since now and hey i can't blame them. xD 

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      Personally I like your name, I love Sniper Elite so to me it's great! V2 is the only one I haven't played but I plan on getting it soon, I also think Sniper Ghost Warrior is also a great game but so far have only played the first. I think out of the ones I've played my favourite is Sniper Elite 3, the levels are great and in 4 it just doesn't seem the same.

    4. SniperEliteDido


      Yeah i haven't played 3 or 4 yet tbh. idk. i kinda hate the bigger theme 3 and 4 are trying to do. But the thing that keeps me going in those games are the sniper animations xD 

  12. there will be 45 champions by the end of the year. x2 that's 90 talents to unlock. which you will be stuck at 90/100. i don't think Hi-Rez is the best for Bug fixes or trophy fixes. They have a shit ton of bugs and more shit to take actual care of rather than trophies at this time. They still haven't even fixed the "Champion of the Realm" trophy properly since this day it's still buggy as shit. They probably will patch it but they might not as well considering it's Hi-Rez after all. So why keep hoping and actually finish off your last talents to unlock? PS: it's too late for anyone to get this trophy anyway if they're just starting. Unless you played Paladins before sometime in April 2018 you will have the trophy auto-popped. But for those who need 20 talents or so only you should get back to the grind. Also not sure if you're a dev or just with that name
  13. Hey, i agree with all that. i know BK's old Accelerant talent was a bomb shell to play with. but still. You can spend some points in his Poppy bomb cards to try and make him mobile and stuff. i know its not as good as it was but hey, tbh it was kinda OP to just fly from spawn to the enemies base with it. they just nerfed it hard which was the problem. and tbh, a Tank is still the backbone of the team. Just not as much as Supports imo because if you lose your Supports you're losing all heals which results to the team getting wiped out easily. Though, i wanna say in order for a game to stay relevant and active you gotta change in it somehow. But yeah considering most Flanks in this current meta are trash (the only good ones imo: Andro, Evie and maybe Skye sometimes) is really sad. I cant see any problem though with balancing Tanks as every one of em has really unique abillities from the other unlike most damages for example where its of Cassie's or Lian's abillities because its just another burst on them. and actually... BK is still fun to play with its just that his skill gap and reward balancing isn't working for him. he requires alot of skill but doesn't get that much of a value. thats the problem with him really. and the fact that you won against a team that had 2 tanks while your team had none doesn't mean anything at all because its casual and casual players are average or below average like 99% of the time (no offense). The only way to play the game with the current meta correctly is by playing in high tier Ranked matches. like Diamond and Masters and GM. Because you draft with counter play and knowledge about the meta. and Believe me, extremely rarely do i see a team with 1 tank beat the other team who have 2 tanks in Ranked. And thats coming from someone who played over 1100 ranked matches this season alone.
  14. true, but Evil Mojo said that there's gonna be 45 champions by the end of this year. and that will make you at 90/100 of the progress. Unless they change the trophy requirement.