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  1. To correct your statement... Visceral made the idea of the game and developed the SP of Hardline while DICE took full operation in the MP part of BFH. So basically DICE DID add those 10K trophies not Visceral.
  2. This doesn't have anything to do with people who get early access to the game really because the Online is always first available at the release date of the game usually
  3. Why is this a Useless thread? the guy wanted to start a discussion about something he's interested in talking about. don't like it then nobody really cares.
  4. NA EU you can defo tell by the leaderboards.
  5. @MMDE ?????
  6. What about the fire shooting range game that never released yet it had 2 stacks. i still think it should be linked because either way it shares the same list. doesn't matter if it's delisted or not.
  7. seems to have the same list but the trophy list name is different.
  8. well in that case the guy must prove us with evidence that this is his account and he's popping it from his own Xbox account.
  9. I just submitted my Crysis 2 Guide, i'm terribly sorry for how late it is considering the online is shutting down tommorrow. i had alot of school shit that kept me busy alot i was expected to be done by early of September. I still hope some people would use the guide for the SP trophies. Thanks and sorry :/
  10. UPDATE: BF1 premium pass is free as of Yesterday... for those of you who missed the chance DICE has given you another one! Also DICE didn't specifiy when it's gonna end but it's probably ending in the 2nd of October.
  11. only worked once for me but tried doing it again (kept spamming Square as fast as possible) and didnt work.
  12. Crysis 2 Guide almost done, should be done very soon! :) 

    1. PermaFox


      Cool!  Can't wait to take a look at it.

    2. ee28max


      Would like to see it as well ☺

    3. Evertonian


      looking forward to seeing it too

  13. @Lance_87 @gamesfourever Edited
  14. looks like 2K made a miracle... (PS3)
  15. just checked and yeah it needs actual owners of the game. still giving away a season pass for free is a damn good deal for anyone who still hasn't got it. anyway it's edited, thanks!