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  1. #32 - MANEATER Platinum Obtain all other trophies HUNGRY SHARK EAT STUFF. I foremost bought Maneater to support local developer & publisher Tripwire Interactive after playing Killing Floor 2 for free, given that it looked novel and fun enough. The game is paced well (10+ hours) so that you shouldn't be left grinding for much once you've leveled up, explored the map, and completed the main story. Chris Parnell (Cyril from Archer, also voice in Rick and Morty) narrates the game and delivers humor that also keeps things enjoyable as you progress. BITE CHOMP THRASH.
  2. #31 - FAR CRY 5 We Always Had Faith In You Obtain all the trophies This is my third platinum in the series having started with Far Cry 3 and the formula of surviving nature's beasts and environments, building your arsenal, and liberating regions still remains fresh to me. I'll admit, something made me apprehensive about Far Cry 5 and I did not purchase it until I was looking for another co-op campaign to play with a friend. This game was a great co-op play and the ability to complete a campaign together while progressing separate characters is too rare. I also liked the unconventional end scenarios - you don't always win in life. I thought the Seed family were a little shallow as villains, less so with The Father, but Pagan Min's region-leading cronies were entirely forgettable to me so I appreciate the effort to give more faces to the enemy here. Also, unique minor characters that offer side quests litter the map and add a lot of personality. These characters, and of course the vicious wildlife, made Hope County feel vibrant even when I preferred the exotic theming of Far Cry 3 & 4. I look forward to taking down Los Pollos Hermanos in Far Cry 6 and am sure I won't be waiting long after release again!
  3. LET IT DIE Champion of Barbs Defeat all Jackals This trophy has been a long time coming. Let It Die quickly won me over with its style and personality (look at the trophy art!). The Jackals are high level enemies that appear to hunt you down if you wait around on a floor for several minutes after clearing all other enemies. Since you can't leave the Tower of Barbs at will, this trio can ruin your day if you idle on a floor and I vividly remember my first, terrifying, low-level encounter with them. Having beaten the main game, there still was an apprehensive feeling to waiting around for the ominous siren that signals their arrival. I was stoked to finally beat them and earn my second rarest trophy (0.78%) with this one!
  4. It's going to be years before ES6 comes out. Starfield is Bethesda's new IP (a space-themed RPG) and it is scheduled to drop before the next Elder Scrolls. There's a hype train who think we get Starfield in 2020 still, and if not then "definitely" 2021. I'm eager for both games but I mostly ignore outsider speculation with Bethesda; I remember in 2016 there were hyped predictions of ES6 to release in 2017. Impressive ESO platinum btw ๐Ÿ‘
  5. Thank you @TJ_Solo, amended my post ๐Ÿ™Œ
  6. Unfortunately, I think you are mistaken. This is from the blog post you linked: "Lastly, weโ€™re excited to confirm that the backwards compatibility features are working well. We recently took a look at the top 100 PS4 titles as ranked by play time, and weโ€™re expecting almost all of them to be playable at launch on PS5. With more than 4000 games published on PS4, we will continue the testing process and expand backwards compatibility coverage over time." Worse than I thought. Most of the top 100 most played games expected at launch, so not even all of them. I'm worried some games will never be made compatible with this outlook, i.e. a PS5 will never fully replace a PS4 unless you want to sacrifice some of your catalogue. I don't doubt that it's a sizable technological feat to translate these games but I also don't understand it, especially since I've been hearing "backwards compatibility" for years and years now. I stand corrected! Missed the update to the blog, idk why I glazed right over that and read the original. Thank you @Noskillzpro407 and @TJ_Solo
  7. Nope! I can't speak to that title, or most, but some will definitely be on PS4. EA Sports quite obviously will support both and I at least know AC Valhalla as well.
  8. In a world without sports, at least we can depend on our friends at EA to surprise, innovate, and deliver ๐Ÿ˜œ I'm very much with you. I hate how "backwards compatibility" has been a buzz word for ages and it isn't quite real, more like a half truth. It's like when "hover boards" came out a few years ago lol. If they had full compatibility I would probably buy it at release, but that's mostly because I have my original PS4 from launch and it's starting to get worn out with some damage and could use a replacement -- but I totally am not through with my PS4 catalogue and expect to get more mileage out of those titles in the first year or so of PS5.
  9. This edition of Playstation Magazine UK has been making its way around. Here are 38 confirmed PS5 titles with a short description and an expected release timeframe.
  10. It sounds like a common factor for 100% against here is advantages that PC players have in their control scheme. Regarding hackers, I don't think that is inherently a flaw in cross-play, but I get it -- nobody wants to play against that. FWIW in games that support mouse and keyboard on console I think this point is a little hollow. If you want what they have, you can do it. That said, I understand the frustration with the lack of parity in the case of Overwatch and others that don't allow this. Haven't heard pro or modded controllers mentioned though -- even if you're only against console players you're going to have a control scheme disadvantage in FPS on a stock controller versus players with back paddles/buttons who can jump and slide without releasing control of either stick. Such controllers are officially licensed by Sony and Microsoft these days so it isn't even an analog hack. Heck, if you play Default scheme instead of Tactical in CoD you've allowed a general mobility disadvantage (you can't slide/crouch/prone while looking around). Plus ping/internet speed differentials. The playing field will never quite be level. I suppose I can't see why anyone is 100% against cross-play as a concept since when done "correctly" you should have control over your own competitive experience, and this would be blanket elimination of cross co-op experiences. You can't imagine a single situation when you would want to play a game on your Playstation with a friend, family member, significant other, or boosting partner who doesn't have one? But that's why these are opinions. Just my 2 cents (second post, 4 cents?). Still:
  11. Rediscovered Alkaline Trio lately, big throwback for me.
  12. I'm all for it. I think console/platform elitism is silly More players for multiplayer means faster matchmaking, especially if a game's active base is smaller I have several friends I play with on Xbox It can be disabled in the main online games I play anyways, so complaints about PC gamers can be whining (I've probably had ten teammates on mic with "Ughhh PC gamers!!" in CoD when it was just a console gamer with mouse and keyboard lol) I do wish players and developers hadn't had to lead the push for cross though. While I'm Playstation all the way, Sony was less cooperative than Microsoft in supporting this... I believe Sony has the superior console, titles, and network this gen but their defense of that advantage (some might call it business, some might call it corporate greed) has spawned some less friendly decisions for the player on a few counts imo. Cross-play could be better than it is.
  13. Not sure if anyone else tried to play "Mt. Vernon, Illinois" first, but you can't. And here's what happens if you try.... lmao
  14. FALLOUT SHELTER Legend of the Wastes Complete 100 Quests #200 for me here. I played Fallout Shelter pretty thoroughly on iOS when I lived in NYC and had time to kill on subway commutes. Burned out a little once I built all the rooms again on PS4, especially with the final trophies generally relying on realtime queues of several days for an item to craft or a quest to be reached. This was a welcome pop today since I hadn't kept count of quests. The end of the crawl to this free platinum is in sight!
  15. #30 - FALLOUT 3 Platinum Trophy Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy I purposely saved the last campaign mission Take It Back! until after all other trophies and DLC (except Broken Steel which starts post-campaign) to end on a conclusive note. I spent all of last generation on the Xbox 360 and beat Fallout 3 then, but this finale was.... less epic than I recall. You can't proceed with your game if you choose the heroic or evil option, so I ultimately had to settle for the lukewarm choice of brashly telling my companion to martyr their self. Despite this, and bugs that nearly kept me in Point Lookout forever, I still love this game. There are so many surprises and narratives beneath the surface. Case in point, as I looked for a final couple of terminals to hack for Data Miner I wandered into a small town called Andale. I ask around town what people do to the effect of "Oh, I just work to put food on the table like any red-blooded American." I find a shed key in one home and decide to check inside for a terminal. Instead, this is clearly a shed where people are butchered to be eaten, and when I exit the whole town greets me, weapons raised, to ask if "I found what I was looking for." Nope! I needed a terminal lol. Surely conflict can ensue here, but you have a chance to deescalate the situation by saying "I almost grabbed a snack but that would have been rude." Nice. Not a quest. Entirely happenstance. I love these moments, feeling like you "discovered" something. Call me a sucker.