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  1. #46 - MAQUETTE All Done! You've unlocked all the trophies! This was a great game, free from a PS+ monthly but would have been worth a sale buy to me. The puzzles were satisfying, often focusing on clever interactions with a scale model of the map you're playing and its objects. The narrative thematically matches a lot of the "walking simulators" I've played in that it deals with material life experiences while you navigate a more abstract or metaphorical setting. It may or may not strike a chord, but in either case the thoughtful visual style and sound design sell the feel. Also my first platinum of 2021-- hard to believe it's already April!
  2. #44 - MADDEN NFL 20 Madden NFL 20 Master Congratulations on earning every Madden NFL 20 trophy! Madden NFL 15 & 16 were my first two platinums and the last Madden titles I'd played. The game holds up, but I was hoping to enjoy Ultimate Team as much as before and see the franchise modes become more challenging, dynamic, and/or realistic - I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't wowed either. I like NFL and the game so I hope one of the future releases raises the bar. Until then, I'm not rushing to buy a newer title. The most challenging trophy is 24/24 combine passes completed in their zone during story mode, and it's mostly because you have to exit, reload, and watch a several minute cutscene on each attempt. Not that tough but still an UR plat.
  3. Piece of Cake Award Platinum Midnight (Midnight Deluxe) Platinum. 1 of 2 90%+ plats this year. Cupcake confirmed. It's Like Dark Souls True Scavenger (Deep Sky Derelicts) Platinum. Limited guide materials online and plenty of ways to ruin a campaign, especially the Hardcore (permadeath) run. The plat trophy image is kind of underwhelming lol, many of the other trophies had better art. Very underrated turn-based, party-based, deck building RPG. Ultra Rare platinum with only 8 achievers as I post this. Bad Ass Award Hoarder's Curse (Let It Die) Collect everything (Magazines, Mother Barb Songs, Stamps). My rarest trophy at 0.39%. Gaining all collectibles in Let It Die takes a bit of planning (some are only available certain weekdays) and a bit of grinding. Love this game and played it plenty, but I still can't shake the feeling of danger most times that I enter the higher levels of the Tower of Barbs. Grind of the Year A New Challenger Has Appeared (Goat Simulator, GoatZ DLC) Clear 25 survival quests in one game. This was my final trophy for 100% on Goat Simulator. Might have had bigger grinds in terms of time, but beating all of these DLC, GoatZ most of all, felt like the biggest grind. King of the Internet Godwoken (Divinity: Original Sin 2) Complete the game in Classic Mode. This was hands-down the best co-op campaign I have ever played. It's like D&D in its character creation and specialization, tactical combat, and ever-twisting outcomes. Played a 2-person campaign but would come back again and again, especially to play with a full 4-person party. Worst Online Experience ARCADE Competitor (Far Cry 5) Win 10 featured maps in Multiplayer (Arcade only). All in all, this really wasn't that bad (it's only 10 wins, right?). I also love the Far Cry games. However, before I found a boosting partner I played quite a few 20-minute matches with only one to three other players on big maps. Finally decided to team up with someone for the trophy after a fourth consecutive loss, coming in the final seconds of a match I started alone vs. 2 players when a drop-in teammate went 1-8 K/D and gave the final death to lose by 1. Sleeper Hit of the Year Stardew Valley I slept on this game. I've had friends and co-workers play but I assumed it was going to be too casual without really looking into it. Wound up being a great way to play with my younger sister from a distance (on computer), and even after playing it thoroughly together I have started it again for PS4. Biggest Bomb of the Year Madden NFL 20 I know EA's reputation. That said, Madden 15 & 16 were my first platinums and I hadn't bought one since. Despite some flaws and lackluster yearly updates, even then, I enjoyed older Madden titles. I saw Madden 20 on sale and had an itch after so long since some of my friends still play. I was hoping to find the same appeal in Ultimate Team and a more robust, challenging franchise mode but instead was pretty let down without any new delights to compensate. Best Trophy Image Champion of Barbs (Let It Die) Defeat all Jackals. Hey look! Those are all the Jackals being defeated! Huge fan of this game's art style, and it carries through in its trophies. Worst Trophy Image Stranded Deep Stranded Deep's individual trophy art is actually quite nice! Yet the above image is the game's cover photo. Uh.. why? You have this: Best Female Character Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII) After playing Final Fantasy VII, I thought VIII would suffer huge diminishing returns on emotional gravitas, enjoyment, etc. And it did (because I convinced myself), so I stopped playing quickly. When I picked the game back up after a couple of months, I left my expectations from VII behind and loved this story and game. Apparently this game is pretty divisive amongst FF fans, but I think those who can't get over the draw system or Rinoa (back off!) are missing out. Don't usually take much romance with my games, but f*ck it, some moments hit me here. Honorable mention to Kassandra from AC Odyssey who I probably spent most time with. Best Male Character Robin Banks (Divinity: Original Sin 2) Daughters, hide your mothers! That's exactly right. The elven rascal, a cannon made of glass, the polymorphic mage, Robin Banks, is coming to your town! Did he escape from jail? Yuh. Can he raise the dead? Yuh. Can he speak to animals? Oh yuh. Does he kill innocents? No one is innocent! Is he a god? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. And a cannibal?! THAT TOO. I'll add "best character creation" to my "best co-op game" accolades for DOS2. Best Plat of the Year Legendary Phantom Thief (Persona 5) Platinum. This game is incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it all again in NG+, even with this being the most playtime before earning platinum in a game for me. I'd still start Persona 5 Royal in a heartbeat if I had it, and will surely make that purchase eventually. Highly recommended to any fans of turn-based, party-based RPG's even if anime style is out of your norm. Wurst Plat ov teh Yeer Space Pilot (Red Death) Platinum. I didn't get any plats that were that bad in 2020. I'll give it to Red Death as I was looking for another arcade-style/bullet hell shooter after Riddled Corpses and pulled this from my library. Wound up being a 25 minute plat while the promotional art and PS Store trailer had me thinking there would be more game here when I originally made the purchase. Most Anticipated Plat of 2021 Platinum (Call of Duty Black Ops 3) Platinum. Only speaking on behalf of currently owned games, I've been eager to plat one of the difficult COD's (did the new Modern Warfare, but it was pretty easy). Played the heck out of BO3 before I hunted trophies years ago and have made a recent return to the campaign. Effectively the only remaining challenges for my last 2 trophies are (1) finish the campaign on Realistic (basically one-shot death), which I have done for most missions (2) finish each campaign mission on Veteran+ (so, Veteran, lol) without dying which I will definitely need to tackle with a partner. This would become my rarest plat and third under 1% completion!
  4. On the other hand, I don't have a PS5 and I am glad that upgraders or first-time Playstation owners will get some awesome games. Comparing Game Pass to PS+ seems a bit uneven to me -- this is a different story if the collection was on PS Now but only for PS5 owners. I also don't think this collection would have worked for both PS4 + PS5. Sony offers the collection, but all of the studios with included games had to agree. My guess is (a) Sony pays the studios some amount, %, etc. to include their games, and/or (b) the studios are interested in attracting new gen players (for free or fraction of a game sale price) who might have otherwise skipped their titles, but now have more awareness & consideration for the future. Including PS4 would basically eliminate each title's digital sales. This would either not interest the studios or cost Sony more per title, and result in a smaller and less notable collection. I think the related bans are understandable. Not to discount this opinion, just another perspective.
  5. Certainly possible in terms of difficulty, but you'll probably want to team up for the sake of efficiency/time. You don't have to find a dedicated team or partner though as players can queue into single hunts easily in MHW. Some multiplayer factors regarding difficulty: Monster HP scales with more players. 150% for 2 players, 220-260% for 3+ players. That said, you will find most hunts quicker with companions. When alone you are joined by your Palico (AI companion) and can have an additional "tailrider" join you. 2 players each have their Palico, but no tailriders. 3+ players will have no AI companions. So even when alone, you won't be entirely singled out by a monster. KO's (typically 3 allowed per hunt) are shared for your team, so more players also introduces more risk of failure in a sense. That said, you may find it quicker to join active hunts that you see for quests or monsters you need or want-- especially with the volume/RNG grind for crown trophies. Likewise, you could reliably (at least when I played in the past year) count on people to join your SOS, which can be fired immediately on hunts where you want a team. On the other hand, some more difficult hunts were more easily done alone even if it was slower, as you get 3 attempts without worrying about a big party wipe or a player that dies multiple times. If you get stuck on a mission with a team, consider stocking up items and banging it out yourself.
  6. Posts Like This Have Ruined Everything 😜
  7. I'm familiar with Warframe but never wound up playing it. The game's release on PS5 may be an arbitrary time to start, but on the other hand it made me think this game isn't going anywhere soon and could be worth new consideration. I'm curious what veteran players think of how Warframe has held up and grown. Would you recommend this game to would-be new players? Why / why not?
  8. I love this site and would like to be considered. Lots of great members here, so I won't get it twisted if there are better candidates!
  9. Just landed Tartaglia! I had 50x rolls saved up in primogems after getting Klee on the last banner and didn't roll him in any of those. Fortunately he came after two more 10x rolls. Tartaglia Character Banner x7: Ningguang Beidou Beidou, Favonius Codex (catalyst) Ningguang Ningguang Ningguang Tartaglia, Ningguang, Rainslasher (claymore) These are rewards from my 10x rolls on other banners: I have claimed 2 Blessings of the Welkin Moon which basically = 4 10x rolls. So far they've supplemented my gems just enough to not miss limited characters which is what I was shooting for. I'm enjoying a lot here and think the 1.1 tweaks and content help flesh it out, but I'm definitely interested to see how 1.2 and the new area turn out as a factor in how much I stick with this game thereafter.
  10. #42 - RIDDLED CORPSES EX Hardcore Gamer Unlock all trophies in Riddled Corpses EX The only twin-stick shooter I've really played in recent years has been Dead Ops Arcade in COD Black Ops 3, and seeing this mode return to Cold War gave me an itch to play one before I'm able to get the new COD. Riddled Corpses EX was a super fun game to meet that need, and I'm glad to support indie developers -- especially when they make great games like this. The variety, flow, and stage progression feel well-balanced. There's just enough challenge that you'll need to upgrade your characters and gain some skill to complete the Story, as there are bound to be some first encounters that trip you up. You also get some relief in that once you've bought your upgrades, surplus gold can be spent on extra lives and power-ups for a boost on any troubling stages. After this, Arcade mode (a 20-30 minute one-shot playthrough of all the stages) is a fitting trial for the Platinum. #43 - RED DEATH Space Pilot Unlock all other trophies Lol. Trawling my purchased library after Riddled Corpses I found Red Death and figured I'd keep rolling with the arcades / bullet hells. Turns out this game is a trophy cupcake taking <30 minutes. The Playstation Store trailer and cover art gave me slightly higher expectations when I picked this up a while back. It's very short, albeit decent.
  11. Hell yeah, good stuff! I too was a fan of Gwent and Risk of Rain 1/2. Working on Slay the Spire now, and I've been looking at getting Dead Cells. Nice profile, and good luck with the UR hunt! Based on some of your games and the UR criteria, you might like Deep Sky Derelicts. It's a card-based, turn-based strategy / RPG. I think it is SUPER underrated, at least on PSN, with only 201 game owners and 7 plat achievers (including me 😎), currently at 3.48%. I managed all trophies in a single Hardcore (permadeath) campaign plus a short visit to Arena mode. **Edit: I stand corrected, I did have to make a couple quick burner campaigns for misc trophies, but you don't nearly need to reach the ending more than once if you do it right. There aren't extensive guides available, but if it interests you feel free to hit me with anything you'd like to know. Trophy list linked here: A quick glimpse of DSD:
  12. Hey and welcome! Good luck on the hunt for that first plat. Nice game list 😎👍
  13. Ha! True. Overzealous. Originally made this for level ups but could have figured ~the internet~
  14. I made a spreadsheet that calculates your old PSN level. Just enter your trophy counts on the left. Realize this isn't the same or as dynamic as getting it implemented to the site, but for those interested it's one way to still know. @Kristmas2 @LoveInHell @pokeslob Picture with link below. It's view only, but feel free to make a copy if you want your own calculator. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_LSWbpB7z5UHuvJJ7Z31IN2cDuvbW5g0D_0CEYpar6w/edit?usp=sharing
  15. #41 - PERSONA 5 Legendary Phantom Thief Earn all trophies. How good is this game? This might have been the most playtime I've spent before platinum in a game yet, and I would still begin Persona 5 Royal from the start tomorrow if I had it. I can confidently say P5 is the most "complete" game I have played; every element of gameplay, story, dialogue, music/art feels like a master stroke. By the time you roll credits you will feel epic. Trophies are secondary to me when it comes to enjoying a game and my first P5 playthrough was organic (i.e. I missed plenty of pops), but nearly everything in this trophy list had me appreciating the game even more by completing it. This games had me going "beyond 100%" in my activities throughout my time, and there are still more things I look forward to seeing when I inevitably play Royal. I think this has just surpassed Witcher 3 as my favorite platinum/100% yet... Persona 5 is a first rate game that I highly recommend to anyone fond of turn-based/party-based RPGs, even if anime style is out of your norm.