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  1. I expected more. I am open to change my opinion on the game based on what they do with it in the future. At launch it was not worth 60-150$.
  2. Go check steam. I wish they had waited, such a waste of potential. If this game was so much better than 2016 why is it on sale 3 months after release and more dead than Predator? Hopefully they give us what we want like a Real MP with TDM CTF DM and some other modes in the updates. I wouldn't mind a horde mode or Coop missions. I'd give it 9/10. If they let Mick redo the mixes then a 10/10 also release a CD version of the soundtrack instead of that overpriced Vinyl.
  3. Little warning. When you collect anything make sure they count. I had a license plate not count but I didn't notice. When I came back as an elder trying to 100% the Bay Area with the Ferris wheel. I couldn't find the one right underneath it despite my map saying 9/10 and I know I had picked it up earlier. I probably have to start over. Luckily I only put in 10 hours.
  4. Looking for hearts and plays. Thank you Kindly! Dream's Big Jump
  5. I would like to see Empire strikes back & Return of the Jedi SNES ported over how they did Super. Republic Commando and OG battlefront 1-2 rogue squadron 1-3
  6. Facts. 4 is a weird mix isn't it. I would like to see a finished version of the original demo though.
  7. "Why is this game so hated?" That's easy, you have a fan base built around survival horror. Now start making action games... Not that hard to figure out why people dislike it.
  8. Here is a small guide on how to access this game without game sharing. 1.Create a Hong Kong PSN account. 2. Add 80$HK from any PSN card store. I used this site: 3. Purchase the game unlock key from the PSN HK store using the HK account. 4. Create a Taiwan PSN Account. 5. Download the Demo from the Taiwan PSN Store. 6. Run the game on your main account.
  9. I know what you mean but this game is certainly not easy by any means but its mostly trial and error. it demands near perfection on some of these challenges but I just figured it was just an underground game. wanted to see if anyone knew why its so rare. @Xenoblast91 which pirate game are you referring to?
  10. I will have to ask the person with the highest % They have 57% and have been at 57% since june 15th of 2018
  11. A friend and I started this game and it seems kinda simple. I am surprised to see how old this game is and that no one has the plat. I saw someone was removed from the leaderboards, I can only assume it was because they cheated?
  12. If this game was as good as it's reviews I think More people would still be playing it. Being only a month old the game's MP is dead and has less than 900 recent players according to PSNP which is what it deserves. People can defend this heap of disappointment all they want but it literally offers less to the player than 2016. They screwed Mick Gordon and I would like to see anyone compare this to Classic DOOM as that is in a bracket so much higher than this that it is 26 years old and its still being released and making sales where I highly doubt that in 26 years we will still be playing DOOM Eternal. The Only good thing to come from this release is DOOM 64 being on other consoles. 9/10? I would give this 5/10 but I give credit where it is due. The mechanics are alright. The music is mostly 2016's music so that's fine but nothing that really stands out. Graphics are good enough. Like most of this game things are just good enough. The story is basic and very unnecessary. Biggest slap is renaming the cyberdemon to tyrant. Overall I hope this game flops. Being a DOOM fan since I can remember It hurts to hate this game. I have standards and I don't want to be that guy who hates a game cause everyone else likes it. That isn't the case. I really don't care who likes this game. I just don't understand the love for a game that offers less to its fan base. I'm a firm believer of if you're going to do something. Do it right. Maybe they'll add something to this game and save it but that's just wishful thinking. To anyone who loves this game. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully we can see more/larger DOOM games released in the future..
  13. I'd say you can't compare DOOM Eternal to the originals cause the originals are made for fun and the reboots are made for money. Only reason DOOM is where it is today is because of the controversy it caused in the 90's through columbine otherwise it'd be another Blake stone or Rise of the triad. All of these titles are respectfully good in their own way and far superior than the majority of games made today that recieve high praise. Even Wolfenstein was dead until RTCW and that had a hard time because it was competing with medal of honor and Ghost Recon. I give credit where it's due though & these new DOOM games are beautiful in the visuals and have amazing soundtracks. The Gunplay is very repetitive but entertaining. Eternal has the superior campaign because the mission flow isn't just enter room hit switch kill mobs rinse repeat like 2016 it also has the return of the cyberdemon though they changed it's name. The fan service is fun at times but for repeat playthroughs it's unnecessary. 2016 still wins over Eternal imo though for having an amazing map editor and actual PVP with different modes and options. To each their own. You like what you like.
  14. Only 34 trophies? Guess they plan to fill out the rest with DLC
  15. That's depressing. Don't give up though! Try making a new save data or reinstall the whole thing. Try the Japanese version!