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  1. Not down for me. Just created a friends lobby
  2. It's possible but I think we had to pay for the dlc? Wouldn't be the first time a company has pulled a stunt like this but it'd be a real bummer.
  3. any idea on when the last dlc's are coming out?
  4. Parts get damaged with use. Best investment early on is pit droids. They are your money makers. Only use the junkyard. Buy a damaged tier 2 part fix it trade it for a damaged tier 3 rinse repeat. If the junkyard doesn't have what you need. Go to change vehicle n go back to the junkyard. I had Max tier parts with 100k by the end of the semi-pro races. If you did racers revenge this game is a joke. I remember when I was a kid this game beat me senseless n I never did finish it.
  5. I wouldn't trust it. If it bothers you. I'd do it for the peace of mind.
  6. I totally missed this. I was on console. I think I bought it first before grabbing the demo. I'll edit the guide to exclude the Taiwan steps.
  7. I couldn't find it when I bought mine but if it's there than that would make it easier to get.
  8. I expected more. I am open to change my opinion on the game based on what they do with it in the future. At launch it was not worth 60-150$.
  9. Go check steam. I wish they had waited, such a waste of potential. If this game was so much better than 2016 why is it on sale 3 months after release and more dead than Predator? Hopefully they give us what we want like a Real MP with TDM CTF DM and some other modes in the updates. I wouldn't mind a horde mode or Coop missions. I'd give it 9/10. If they let Mick redo the mixes then a 10/10 also release a CD version of the soundtrack instead of that overpriced Vinyl.
  10. Little warning. When you collect anything make sure they count. I had a license plate not count but I didn't notice. When I came back as an elder trying to 100% the Bay Area with the Ferris wheel. I couldn't find the one right underneath it despite my map saying 9/10 and I know I had picked it up earlier. I probably have to start over. Luckily I only put in 10 hours.
  11. Looking for hearts and plays. Thank you Kindly! Dream's Big Jump
  12. I would like to see Empire strikes back & Return of the Jedi SNES ported over how they did Super. Republic Commando and OG battlefront 1-2 rogue squadron 1-3
  13. Facts. 4 is a weird mix isn't it. I would like to see a finished version of the original demo though.
  14. "Why is this game so hated?" That's easy, you have a fan base built around survival horror. Now start making action games... Not that hard to figure out why people dislike it.
  15. Here is a small guide on how to access this game without game sharing. 1.Create a Hong Kong PSN account. 2. Add 80$HK from any PSN card store. I used this site: 3. Download the Demo then Purchase the game unlock key from the PSN HK store using the HK account. 4. Run the game on your main account. Side Note: Every trophy can be earned by yourself with 1 copy against bots. The circle in the center of your HUD fills from the blue orbs. This will make you stronger n make the 3 kills while invulnerable easier. Hope this helps n happy hunting.