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  1. I was scrolling through the ps5 store. Saw it at the bottom of the free to play section. With dlc and microtransactions. Was this game revived?
  2. For anyone going after this game in the future. Each location has 1-2 very difficult events. While writing this I'm still yet to complete Baltimore 09 it's my final event to complete before 100%ing the game. It's also imo the hardest. Currently saving this games plat for my 125th plat and 10,000th trophy. So far none of the trophies are bugged. It's just very very difficult and takes a lot of time and patience. Key factors for success is to turn up the sensitivity. This is a must. Also I turned off the music. Mainly so I can hear the engines when they speed up trying to keep up with the circle. Knowing square is the brakes but it won't turn off auto pilot. Use it to your advantage. Some events require some amount of manual throttle because the auto pilot will kill your accuracy. #35 on any airshow as #5-6 for soloist. Best of luck and congrats if you get the plat.
  3. Trophy did not unlock. I abused the internal clock on my console to make growing them much faster. Started a 2nd character in hopes the stats are shared. If not the last idea I have is to stay in the base & not turn off my console till I have more than 8 dinos rotated which would take about a week. Had more than 8 unique dinos but no pop. Hoping it's not completely broken.
  4. It was a broken mess. Good riddance.
  5. It's locked behind the dlc. Once you buy it. Go to MP mode. Create an adult character. You might be able to unlock it in this part. Make sure to equip every piece of clothing and hair and it should pop. If not, after making a character back out n do the same but in singleplayer. That's how I got it to pop for me. Also I currently have 5 eggs and one incubating in my paddocks I have the triceratops and a stegosaurus so I will give an update if I can get the trophy for having 8 dinos.
  6. Should be able to. I used my ps4 for a second player for some the trophies.
  7. I'm no expert on this game but I have 100%'d 4 different playthroughs & here's My Basic instructions for any new comers/returning players to this version. From start of your game only ever go for the objectives and don't grab any collectables outside of a chapter specific region you haven't "unlocked". On my second playthrough of this version, I left every zone incomplete till after I beat the game. I made sure to kill the apexs before finishing each "!" objective in their zone and made sure not to complete any objectives for any chapters I haven't gotten to. Example: leveling, grottos, wanted levels. I followed the games checklist per chapter and was able to beat it in 5h 31m. Some things I did notice. The game only started giving me loading limbo after I 100%'d the bayou. So downloaded my back up save and I left one hunted enemy in the bayou for last. Starting with dead horse I worked my way back around to the bayou clearing each zone. (Did not open the giant shortcut gates) I only had trouble at the orca apex. Rest was a breeze. Used a bone build with hearty and the low health stat buffer. Back up your save before each apex or trophy point. 12-13 mutations is 50% and 25-26 is 100% based on if you have the tiger body skin. I would think it's safe to unlock the shadow mouth mutation after you get past the dead horse chapter to make apex fights easier. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  8. Just finished my first playthrough of this version and I think it is doable. Couple area completions glitched as well as some apexs. My 50% mutations trophy didn't unlock but my 100% one did. Gonna do a second run on the same save file & see if I get better results. If not I'll delete the save data n start a 3rd playthrough. Game is easy n short enough
  9. Is this game broken or can it be completed?
  10. How do I access the ps5 list? Upon installing the game and checking my trophies it still only shows ps4 version. No new list shows up. I have the digital version. Edit: Nevermind, you have to make sure to download the ps5 version on the side tab and not the ps4 version.
  11. It has 3 stacks. 2 on ps4 and 1 on ps3 but the ps3 version has no online trophies.
  12. Not down for me. Just created a friends lobby
  13. It's possible but I think we had to pay for the dlc? Wouldn't be the first time a company has pulled a stunt like this but it'd be a real bummer.
  14. any idea on when the last dlc's are coming out?
  15. Parts get damaged with use. Best investment early on is pit droids. They are your money makers. Only use the junkyard. Buy a damaged tier 2 part fix it trade it for a damaged tier 3 rinse repeat. If the junkyard doesn't have what you need. Go to change vehicle n go back to the junkyard. I had Max tier parts with 100k by the end of the semi-pro races. If you did racers revenge this game is a joke. I remember when I was a kid this game beat me senseless n I never did finish it.