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  1. I was going to do my 7 day trial soon. I was wondering if yall could help me out with what games are the fastest/easiest to 100% (including games without platinum) Every time I try and look at the games my phone kinda freezes
  2. Okay
  3. That would be tight. So should I just message him on psn?
  4. Are there any groups going for or working towards team synergy? My group is terrible and never adds anything
  5. Thank you so much man. See now that should be in the guide
  6. Nothing is coming up for me. I open up ad hoc. And nothing happens i hit the thing in the bottom corner and nothing happens. I change the name of the room and enter and nothing happens. I just dont get what to do. Like i dont even see anything that brings up a timer
  7. Yeah, all it says is to open up ad hoc. And there will be a prompt telling you youre alone. I didnt get that...
  8. Im also stuck on this. Nothing popped for me either. Tried multiple time making rooms and everything
  9. I couldnt figure out where to put this as its my first post that i know of... not too used to the forums. But im really stuck with the paint park plus trophies. Specifically "participation matters!" And "first victory" Ive entered ad hoc multiple times with no popping or anything. I juat dont get it. Can anyone explain further for me or make a video for me to follow?
  10. ahh that makes sense... though i dont see the point in it. wasnt sure if boosting and such was in there
  11. im travis. new to the site. more of a casual gamer. but occasionally go on grinds playing a lot and goin for trophies. found this site and signed up for it because i feel that time comin on again and liked the layout and everything. everything seemed pretty self explanatory looking around. only question i have is when i looked at the leaderboard and saw the clean and dirty thing, whats that all about how is there cheaters or what is a cheater? feel free to add me if youd like