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  1. PS4 version got a patch today and the trophy is now obtainable, and looks like PS5 version got the patch earlier in the week too. Ratalaika Games mentioned on Twitter that the trophy should unlock when you load a save with the items, but atleast for me it didn't and I had to instead buy them again using some older save without the items.
  2. Sorry, can't remember much, but I was in a similar situation that I though I had checked every place and had to wander parts of the mine again clicking on everything before finding what I missed. And since it was brought up, in the official forums on a topic for some other console issue, the devs pointed out that they don't do tech support for the console version. Ratalaika Games did the porting so they are the one to contact if you hope for this or any other issue to be fixed. https://www.ratalaikagames.com/contact.php
  3. Yup, it's definitely glitched. Getting 1000 blys isn't all that hard or time consuming at all. I played through the game with all 3 classes, buying both of the items on every run but no trophy.
  4. I didn't get "You died" on my first playthrough either. It atleast needs to be done on one playthrough without the chapter select. I also think that the game has some problems tracking things if you quit to main menu as I did get all the deaths on one sitting, but I first played to almost the end of chapter 1, then quit and started over on a new save from beginning to make sure I didn't miss a bench or something in prologue. Unlocked when I did another playthrough the next day. Looking at your list it seems that you went back to prologue to get the "Zen zone" at the middle of a playthrough, I'd guess that was enough to mess the trophy up for you and that the only solution is to play again from the start and get all deaths again. No idea about the other two, "Timeless memories" worked just fine for me while "Multiple possibilities" hasn't unlocked for me even after two different full playthroughs. "Stories from the multiverse" also glitched for me but in a positive way, when I went back to chapter 1 to get the one memory I missed, which was supposed to be at end of the chapter, the trophy unlocked when I got the unmissable memory at beginning of the chapter.
  5. Actually now that I thought about it more, there might be one gallery picture that's missable since it's related to the missable characters date event. But you can get them as a date partner before unlocking them as a playable character so I'm not sure if the image is actually missable. If you don't want to take any risks:
  6. There are missable titles for Killizzark, one missable character and 2 missable endings(one of which is linked to the missable character). Pretty sure that trophy-wise there isn't anything missable.
  7. Still possible to glitch. Did all the quests and everything else in the game but didn't pop, tried to exhaust all the cutscene talks with the gods but Athena was completely untalkable. None of the workarounds(go slightly to her right/left, stand in the flames etc) I found on the web worked for it.