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  1. Personally, I really like Marauders. I hate Archvile much more cause it's just impossible to fight if he exist in battle, I spent my Crucible charge only to oneshot him. And, I wish CyberMancubus not take 50% of my HP when I dash to him and press R3 to take his armor (it's the only way game offer for me but it's so painful anytime. I don't like to spend cryogrenades on him when I should keep it for other enemies also...) And yes, Marauders makes every battle harder because you have 2 paces at once, great solo battle though. On PC I believe I wouldn't have any problems to keep 2 different paces from enemies. But on PS4 it was much harder. Still, I have great feelings with that difficulty (directly opposed to cheap difficulty games like Uncharted Crushing difficulty or of course Brutal. I just took over myself and ended Uncharted 2 on Brutal... Though in Last of Us Grounded and Realism were awesome difficulties). Maybe some little tweaks should be implemented but can't say for sure...
  2. Wow, new modern warfare supports mouse and keyboard???? OMG, I want to check it asap, still miss a game cause it was blocked in Russia due to false looked-like historical statements about Russia... I really want PS5 to support mouse and keyboards more often at least in such FPS...
  3. That's actually just very good polished mechanic. You need to learn and get it. But, the thing is I believe it's much better to play that game on PC. I really like fast-paced FPS but it's very hard to play such shooters with dualshock (I mean in comparison with good mouse and keyboard).
  4. the thing is that Sound Shapes have different trophy sets only on PS4, pal. On Vita and PS3 there are only 1 set per platform.
  5. Here is excellent example of what I meant... So now I can't say my own opinion? Everytime you are using this method of saying that someone had his own dispute or someone is a trophy seller/buyer or something to show anyone why your opinion is better than your opinion of opponent. And you like to say that I'm trophy seller but that's not your deal, I do not offer any services using PSNProfiles so basically there is no need to rage about existence of trophy sellers and trophy buyers. Be angry to top500 people from leaderboards who want to spare their money to someone for help with trophies. So that now I shouldn't do that because MMDE and some other guys think that's not right? Pff... I left my comment here as a gamer with my own experience of trophyhunting. But you again came and point right to me, for why? What did it change in my words? And no need to discuss my case, there is no way I can proof situation but there's no way you can proof I'm a cheater so please do not use these "pretty sure you used save files" cause that breaks my presumption of innocence. But PSNP uses presumption of guilty instead so YOU should PROVE that YOU aren't guilty. I don't care so after it lasts for some time I realized that I can't do anything and don't want to spare my time trying to prove something which can't be confirmed by anything. I'm actually do not think you are bad person or something like that but I really don't like to see negative from you to someone who are doing things which YOU PERSONALLY DO NOT LIKE while you are presented as a moderator. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe not. Anyway, Best Wishes.
  6. To be honest I gave up with PSNP overweight anti-cheat policy cause I have read many bad cases which can't be solved obviously and brings holy war discussion. And this case is a great example. I think that games which had saves which anyone could use without resigning should be whitelisted. I think that cases like Black Ops 2 where someone can unlock trophies for you without your permission should be whitelisted. Games with debug menu (Jak 2-3) were whitelisted after it found. Why we couldn't have small list of titles (out of whole trophies database) which wouldn't be treated? I hate the idea of that people here are trying to judge such question as something really important, it looks like a worldwide problem which should be discussed in a way like in European Court of Human Rights. And mods who used to not trust to person using personal negative attitude (not in this case but I saw that a couple of times) and making net of evidence like in Twin Peaks (Oh, you got account on ngu so basically you familiar with cheating so it means you have cheated!, oh, I saw comment with nickname similar to your on different old hacking site, it shows that you are a cheater etc.) That works in most cases of course but sometimes it feels childish IMHO. Trophies were made for fun. And such things just made me re-think about it and I can say that I dropped trophyhunting at all, now I'm playing games which I like, in the order I want and without guides. I also have bought Nintendo Switch and prefer to play all cross-platform indies there in order to not think about trophies at all. And I recommend anyone to do that so any "judges" can't ruin your almost 2000 games experience because of errors or mistakes you made BEFORE THIS SITE EXISTS. That's so crazy.
  7. I actually like this trophy and whole platinum set. I think that's one of the best trophy set cause you have to perform better and if you can't than still eventually you'll get it.
  8. Ok, guys, here is a big-big disappointment trophy set I've ever met... UNDERTALE. YES. I really liked the game, I tried it in February on PC but was in not suitable for that game mood and without gamepad so I wasn't into it... Tried it 2 days ago and just couldn't stop playing it. It's awesome. But trophy set is so silly... 4 trophies you get in 1 second for items. Several unmissable story trophies which even doesn't require to complete the game at least once. And bunch of shitty trophies for donating money to playstation-exclusive dog shrine. So after you get platinum you even have to play hour more minimum to beat a game once and most people just stop playing and this is biggest error because there are different endings and ways of completing the game and after first walkthrough you can go for Pacifist Route where you can't kill anyone and avoiding killing bosses is so fun because in order to do that you need to perform differect actions every time you meet a new boss. That's pathetic because having this platinum in trophy cabinet doesn't meen anything. Toby Fox could make trophy for Pacifist Route or Genocide Route, more over there are different ending in Normal Route when some chars can be killed and some can be spared. It similar to Until Dawn where you can kill all or survive with all chars. I'm pretty sad but let it be worst thing in my life
  9. I think that any trophy which require to hit 5 players in close range is kinda hard. Cause every time there some Tracer/Sombra/Widow/Genji/Reaper who have escape skills. And here you have 2 seconds limit. But with good Zarya I guess that's just question of time. Thanks God it's not 6 players...
  10. God of War is very great game, that is one of my favourite Sony series. And yes, I found that same issues by myself: dull story, repetitive combat though I really enjoyed game (BUT IT's first time ever I played on most easy option cause I think balance is just stupid, it gets very boring to just hide behind shield and wait space to hit and repeat 50 times). But I think you can't put less than 9/10 only for one reason: nowadays many empty, soulless games get too high scores, far cry 5, hello. So I can say that for my personal quality it's 8/10 but c'mon with same method of valuing I can't put higher score to any other game except maybe The Last of Us. I mean we get so small amount of good AAA single-player only titles nowadays so its in our interests to put them a little bit higher score. I think that company who work not for platform-owner publisher and still makes single-player only AAA game is like a heroes cause that's obviously put them into danger of not earning enough revenue (piracy, renting services, used discs)
  11. A new champion for most logical trophy descriptions found!
  12. I think that white list is a great idea. There are only several games which deserve it and it will make happy anyone. Got wrong timestamps? Okay, just your time won't count but you still on leaderboard. And it'll be great for anyone who want to play bo2 so they can play it and not fear modders or even get unobtainable trophy and have completed set cause c'mon trophies were made for good emotions. That's not a big deal since there are only several games where hackers can pop your score as I know. Also want to say that we already have white list of games where you can pop trophies too fast. And recently games like BUlletstorm and Unreal Tournament 3 became obtainable with using of special software (though no hacking but when you enter lobby in BO2 you actually don't hack anything). Anyway I don't care about any conclusion cause I don't play PS3 and play new games usually.
  13. Already played: Shadow of the Colossus - AWESOME Look for: God of War Detroit Become Human Spider-Man Spyro Trilogy Remake Guacamelee 2 Soul Calibur VI The Walking Dead - Final Season Kingdom Hearts 3 or FF VII ReMake (doubt it'll out at 2018 but who knows) Second Tier: Dissidia Final Fantasy Monster Hunter World Red Dead Redemption 2 Megaman X Collection Really great year for games though I don't have much time for it anymore
  14. I opened Shadow of the Colossus for myself only now, in 2018, heard so many times about that game but for some reason missed it on PS2 (though had PS2 11 years ago). That game is really amazing and today I decided to check changes from PS2-PS3 version. As well I checked old PS3 trophy list and I really happy how Bluepoint Games changed trophy set. Getting all shiny lizards and eating all fruits (AS WELL AS POISIONED FRUITS which DOESN'T HAVE ANY LOGIC at ALL) is just ridiculous. In order to get max stamina you can collect lizards or beat more colossus and second way is much better so basically these 2 collectibles trophies is just useless idea, no fun, no advantages at all. PS4 version have trophy for eating poisoned fruit in special garden which reduce your health bar instead of increasing but that's only ONE fruit. PS3 version want you to eat all poisioned fruits... this is so silly. So I can add Shadow of the Colossus PS3 version to bad examples though this game was a revolution when it was released on PS2. From the other side PS4 version trophy set is much more better and really brings more fun to great game!
  15. First of all, many trophies were glitchy at start. Also I didn't like collectibles in Doom, don't know why, though it's very different types. But as I said the problem for me is in DLC after patch. I bought game with season pass but didn't play it and if I start before, all DLC could be done much faster. So now it's likely I'll have to boost EXP or leave it. But of course DOOM isn't so really bad. Maybe it's just me who wanted something more than cool graphics. I felt empty after completing a game though I really liked Wolfenstein reboot. Still don't like when devs change something so trophies become harder/longer that's why put it in my list. Same goes for Uncharted 4 DLC as well.