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  1. I'm actually not interested in the games coming out associated with this edition, lol, my first Switch game will be Link's Awakening. I just wanted this specific edition of the Switch Lite.
  2. Finally pre-ordered my Nintendo Switch Lite - Zacian and Zamazenta Edition (10/11/19), really late but better late than never! Can't wait!
  3. Took a break from Red Dead Redemption 2, been playing Fe.
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2
  5. Current Game: Red Dead Redemption 2

  6. One Piece was fun initially but it was tedious grinding otherwise. Lol. Want to try out World Seeker, see how that is in comparison.
  7. For now, passing the time with The Witcher 3 (PS4). As my backlog builds up like everyone else's.
  8. I don't think I've had a bed since like 2007. There are many things on my list but I think I will choose... A bed as well, not only for myself but for my beloved doggie...she's never slept on a real bed! But there are other things I have planned to purchase during these last few months. But who knows!
  9. Thanks, I still need to plat it first. Lol.
  10. So I guess this will be super frustrating for me since I don't have the DLC, lol. Possibly a rage quitting moment. We will see.
  11. Platinum #7- Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Kaede Episode

  12. Current Game: Doom

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    2. AndyKazama


      It's the only buggy trophy and tbh it's quite fun going through on easy mode just to get that trophy :)

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      Played it for the first time a few weeks ago and I love it. Old game, but it still holds up really well. A lot better than I thought it would tbh. You can definitely see it's influence on other games.

    4. MidnightDragon
  13. My Glacier White PS4 is fixed! It wasn't as broken as I thought it was, quick fix that I could have gotten done sooner and didn't have to waste any money! So thrilled! Won't be forced to only play digital games and back to renting from GameFly!

    1. LegacyJKO09


      didnt know gamefly is still around. good to know. 

    2. DarkLoba13


      @LegacyJKO09 Yep. Been using GameFly on and off since like 2011.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Since im here thought I say something even though this post had been awhile ago...haha.
      But great work! It would suck to lose such a awesome colored system! And gamefly is awesome, I cancelled for awhile. Hoping they send a me return back for cheap price email soon!