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  1. I gave up on getting the last trophy for Bless Unleashed. Level 40 has the steepest EXP curve I know, half of the EXP is reached at level 37.5. That means you have to get as much EXP after level 37.5 as before to reach level 40. I'm level 35 and I've played this game for over 300 hours. A game that I liked a lot, but that's too much for me. I'd like to have the platinum for this game in my collection, but months of mindless grinding isn't worth it to me.
  2. Stop buying these games! Because if you buy these games like I do, how am I supposed to climb the leaderboard?
  3. I got the Coxwell Trophy by only playing on these servers that you can choose yourself. Often I was on it alone or with just one or two other human players. We were often able to win in the first stage. This makes all map specific trophies much easier and faster. I don't know why these were always servers with a maximum of 40 player slots. The 64 player maps are the most fun for me.
  4. If someone has already earned a platinum and has put time and effort into it, they have the right to automatically pop that platinum as many times as they want.
  5. I feel so lonely in this game.
  6. Oh, so that's why it's on PS Plus in June.
  7. This is the reason I started the PS 4 version of this game even though I would have preferred to play the PS 5 version. Are the graphics better in the PS5 version?
  8. This game never existed. Edit: I just learned that the game does exist.
  9. As of today I can confirm that this method works. I didn't do the missions in chronological order. Just don't forget which missions you've already completed in authentic.
  10. Stray is going to be available for both higher PS+ tiers free day one. I don't like cats but now I'll try it out.
  11. Oh no, this game was cut in Germany like so many other games. Maybe too many fries? Here the game is called "The Jumping Schweinshaxe mit Sauerkraut" ( The jumping pork knuckle with sauerkraut".
  12. I watched this video on youtube and the only thought I had was: Where are the colors?
  13. I'll test it this evening. If it works you are a true Hero of the Battlefield. Nice find, thank you.
  14. Edited.
  15. Thank you for this information, but I need a friend for this? Mission impossible. The online part is the best part of the game for me and I'm very sad that there aren't many more online trophies. They aren't difficult, you just have to complete one match, that's it. And then the other two where you have to invade someone else's campaign and kill the player and then another one invading your campaign. Since I don't like this mode, it was a bit annoying for me. Best do it now, after all, players all get better over time and it will be harder.