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  1. Of course it's worth to play, I just mentioned that this game has no platinum, so nobody expect one.
  2. Yes, but no Platinum.
  3. Let's test it, from 24,99 Euro to 0,99 Euro. 🤑 EU-Store. The Trophies seems to work: PSNProfiles-Rarity: 46,15 %, PSN-Rarity: 21,4%. Another User wrote: 2/10, 4-6 hours, no Missables. 😃
  4. Great. Thanks for the Info.
  5. This could be a working fix for this Problem, I can't try by myself, I don't have the game yet.
  6. I hate Speed Runs, especially in a Role Play Game.
  7. Thank you for the Guide.
  8. I thought something is wrong too, but then I checked my Reaction was to slow when she is in the Rage Mode. You have to press X once to block.
  9. You have to play Free to Play Games always when they are released. I am sure this will be fixed, but it will usually need months for them to do this. This are my F2P-Experiences.
  10. Really? I Press X at my PC-Keyboard all the time but nothing happened. Please help.
  11. Really? Thanks for the hint, i always Play with invert Y. No buy then.
  12. Please help, I can't find the X Buttoon. I need a Guide.
  13. Yes, much easier: 1 week and 1 day here without Boosting and only with Randoms. But some Trophies are related to your Team, are they good or not. It's a bit luck based and you need Patience for this.
  14. Six month would be much to short. I think there is no date like this and your Saves are save until your PSN-Account will be deleted or Sony isn't anymore.
  15. I wait for a new Splinter Cell since the last one but my honest(ly?) opinion: The next Splinter Cell Game will be an Open World Loot Shooter with RPG Elements and many Microtransactions.