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  1. No problems here, I won with every Character a Grand Prix and the Trophy popped. EU-Version.
  2. I tried to help you but I got no Like from you.
  3. With this Helmet at our head nobody want to play longer than 1 hour straight.
  4. That's what I said. You have to die first at the stairs with the many opponents or at the Boss before Lan Di to get there, or there's another way I didn't find before. It's right behind the Pawnshop there with the sidequest, you have access to the pawnshop from both Sides (Inside House/Outside House), i think the reason is that you can buy health items after you died. But I do not know if these herbs count for the Trophy or maybe this isn't Niawou anymore.
  5. Not in the Castle, downstairs when you die at the stairs to the castle you respawn, dont go up the stairs, go down. A green Area with gras, little bridges and water, 20 or 30 herbs there. You have Access to the pawn shop there too.
  6. There are a lot of herbs in the Area with no return after you travelled to the old Castle across the river.
  7. Is this a F2P-Game?
  8. No Problem Bro, we are a big Community and I help where I can. Give me a Like for my help.
  9. I don't know, but I am sad that the last good PvP-Card Game on my PS 4 is dead. I think that's because of the new Sony-Crossplay-Strategie. Without Crossplay the Chance to platinum this game would be still alive.
  10. In Free to Play Games yes, that's different. Because when they don't earn enough Money to pay their bills and Servers they have to shut down the Service. It was a funny and easy Platinum, I liked the game. "Hand of the Gods - Smite Tactics" too, by the way.
  11. Okay, the game was relesed with trophies 1 year ago, so all People who wanted platinum this game have their Platinum already.
  12. This Trophy can be done faster in 250, because there is no Semifinale.
  13. Yes, I want to platinum this game. My Time Limit are 2 years from now on.
  14. This Game is not free in Germany, it costs 10 Euro here. I don't know why. That's so stupid but no real loss with this Trophy List.