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  1. You will always find Players, but they will be better than you. Day 1 Player, you know what I mean. But the MP is fun, I bought DOOM just for the great Oldschool Multiplayer.
  2. It worked. Now I am the happiest Guinea Pig on earth.
  3. Expert? Is this hard ore one above?
  4. I like Guinea Pigs, I hope they don't die.
  5. No you can't sign in into your new Name because your E-Mail is blocked. And if you use multiple accounts with multiple E-Mails that is called Trophy-Cheating. You can be reported for that. Maybe someone is doing this right now.
  6. You have to wait for an Update like we all. I wait since 5 or 6 weeks. I wish I could join Boosting Sessions. I cry a bit every day, let the tears flow.
  7. The best Mode for this is Gun Rush.
  8. Here the same. Silver was my best in the Challenges. I think I am doing something wrong. Please nerf.
  9. Does anybody know how this Trophy works? 😛
  10. The Trophy List is live, you can now open Threads there.
  11. If you Need anybody on your Friendslist for this Trophy, write in this Thread.
  12. In the beginning it would take a week, they said.
  13. Actually RDR 2 Online is broken, Bugs, Lags, Glitches, hundreds of dead horses without Skins at one place, invisible Player, Teleporting Player. It started when the Beta Ends.