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  1. The old One looked much better.
  3. It's the same like Dauntless: Grindy Game without a Platinum, that's sad. Maybe because the Developer know, Trophy Hunters are not the Gamer which pay Money in F2P-Games.
  4. Just one MP Trophy? That's so stupid for an Online-Multiplayer-Game. No Buy then.
  5. I like Online Trophies, they are the most fun for me. I bought the Game to Play a bit online with others and with the Colors and the cute Sounds I liked it. But like Everybodys Golf it's no 1 Week Platinum, usually. Prismatic Popper 3 and 4 will usually not Pop in normal Matches, but for that there is YouTube.
  6. I am Number 4 worldwide with the Platinum for this Game. I never played a Puyo Puyo Game before, but I learnt fast. You don't need wins, just Matches. It's a bit grindy, don't know if you will find Players for 100 Free Play Matches, it was rare at Release to find Player in this Mode. You can farm 7-Chains in Puyo Puyo Fever, it's much easier there to farm chains. In the normal Puyo Puyo Mode my highest Chain was a 5 :-). But you will lose a lot, that could be frustrating. Are there Players now? I don't know. It's an old Game.
  7. All Team Elimation Trophies are glitched. Kill a Fighter and some others too. Platinum almost impossible, no Trophy-Patch since Release.
  8. I like Ducks.
  9. Update: Overflow and Ultimate Arsonist could be hard as well, they are a bit tricky. But don't Forget: WoW Legends is the same PaytoWin S... like WoT. The Premium Ships are OP as f....
  10. No, but if you use real Money it will be faster i think. Not hard, I get always between 120K and 300K for a Battle with my Tier 6 Battleship. Thats not like in WoT. I got this Trophy in my first hour today. Like I said, for me is the hardest Trophy to destroy 5 Ships, because there are just 9 in a Game on each Side. I can't remember that I destroyed 5 Ships or more in one of the Hundreds of Matches that I already played. Maybe someone find a Solution for Boosting. Btw, there is a new Matchmaking to play in a Division for the "Play and win a game when you are in a Division Trophy". You can use it to match with Randoms, I did it that way.
  11. No Autopop, all Veterans have to do the Trophies from the Beginning, even if you fulfill the Requirements in the Past already. That suxx. Hardest Trophy: 5 Kills, easier than WoT.
  12. Yes, I would recommend it too. This Game is a Masterpiece, enjoy it and if you done, see which Trophies you can get. I platinumed it in 5 Month because I loved this Game, but pause sometimes with the Game or you will loose interests. Play some other Games meanwhile. This Game is not meant to be rushed. Of course you lost your interest.
  13. This Game is almost 20 Years old, what do you expect? This Game was a Systemseller at his time, I played it, I loved it, it redefind the Genre. The best Ego Shooter as it's time. You can't judge if you play it now, 20 years later.
  14. Great Game, I love it. Easy and fun Platinum. Much better than Crash Team Racing.
  15. Of course it's a Minority, but they are the loudest, like always. We all have a Life and there are many great Games which will come out September-March, very great Games. MHW and Iceborne are great Games too, but I'll never accept RNG as my Master. May the RNG be with you and me. I'll buy and try from Day 1 that's for sure, but my Platinum for Iceborne will come next year, or 2021.