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  1. Haha, what an epic dispute that was.
  2. You are flagged and removed from the leaderboards. So why did you create this thread? I know it, you just want to cause trouble here.
  3. 4) Delete all Likes that were given in Status Updates and Trophy Checklists on this page. 5) Remove Status Updates and Trophy Checklists from the Main Page Feed.
  4. I bought it at Release and I expected more. Not really a good game.
  5. The new Trophies are great. Finally a F2P Service Game I like that support new Trophies. I hope these are not the last Trophies for this game.
  6. I see you found a solution. Would you like to share this with us? Thank you.
  7. You are absolutely right. I only ever see the same people complaining in such threads. According to the motto: Everything used to be better, today everything is bad, we want the good old times back. Okay Boomers. I also don't like some changes related to trophies, for example stacking. But I know nothing is as constant as change and I try to make the best of it for myself. We need fresh blood here.
  8. The Trophy List isn't live yet. The Game is fun and there are a lot of different game modes. It's like a Portal Multiplayer Ego Shooter. You use Portals to trick the enemy players. You can shoot through Portals, this is what I do in this video. It has no Platinum Trophy. That's sad and good at the same time. Because more than 1000 wins would take a very long time, and that's only a Platinum worthy grind. So I don't have to try it. The hardest Trophies will be: 15 Kills in a row and a Portal Kill. Kill 2 Players with one shot with 2 different weapons (Railgun and Sniper) will be hard too, because they are pure luck. If you want to know what kind of game this is, I have uploaded a video on which I can manage the 15 Kills in a Row trophy. Edit: For my german comrades: This game is not Free to Play in Germany, like always. We have to pay 25 Cent. Edit 2: You can create custom games, but this mode don't unlock Trophies. Good News: Assist Kills count as Kills.
  9. Actually I watch this channel every evening: VIRTUAL JAPAN - YouTube
  10. Don't know, do you mean with Autopop or with normal Playing? With autopop she probably popped up at one point. Without autopop, you can also get this regularly in the PS 4 version. Simply win a beach ball event again in your other version. But to answer your question i need more informations from you.
  11. I've also noticed that lately with crossbuy games. The installation size of the PS 5 version is always significantly smaller than that of the PS 4 version. I think it's great.
  12. But then precisely those would be punished who really need it. I also like to use this feature who is not dependent on it. So in Ghost of Tsushima I activated this feature for these collectibles where you have to press the correct buttons under time pressure. That made my life easier. I would love to see features like this in online racing games in the future. I couldn't win a single online game in Gran Turismo. Because I'm disadvantaged because of my age, lack of reflexes and such. You could do it in such a way that the cars of the slower or worse players in online games drive faster and can no longer slip away as quickly in curves. Edit: I'm currently playing Call of Duty and the youngsters are always much better than me. I would like an accessibility feature for people who are disadvantaged by their age in Call of Duty.
  13. Oh no, now the Rarity for this Platinum will go down. BTW.: Trophy Guide. - Get to the Top - Breakthrough Gaming Arcade - PSNProfiles Edit: @thatmuttguy: Are you sure?
  14. Not hard: 1 trainee, 5 minutes, 5 euros. They just to need add one Level to pop all Level Up Trophies. If I hadn't got the game for free in PS Plus, I'd be really annoyed now. We invested so much time in the game that a second Platinum would actually only be fair.
  15. Only 25 Cent in the german Playstation Store, who could say no to that? But I wonder how such games make it into the store.