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  1. There are 800 points for a win and 400 for a loss. If you win every second game, you need about 210 games for level 50. That's roughly between 30 and 35 hours without boosting. Of course, that can still change, it's a live service game. Edit: Netto Playtime. Edit 2: The first Victory of the Day gives more EXP, so maybe 2 hours less.
  2. Most of the people in Germany are happy, that our team is out. Get woke, go broke. Get politics out of sports.
  3. Oh look, it's a new thread about Shovelware. It's getting boring. I voted anyway to make you happy. I voted for option B: The first game is Shovelware.
  4. The game is still not available in Germany, only the DLCs that you have to pay for are available. Typical Germany, everything that isn't work costs money here.
  5. I hope Germany will lose.
  6. It's really a great game. I didn't play it yet, but I watched a ten hours cutscene movie on YouTube.
  7. I really don't want to know how much I've spent.
  8. I agree with you and the others. Something is wrong here, I have the same problems. The developers should have stayed with Jump 'n Runs.
  9. IBaddriverI, who I've followed since the beginning, was also happier when he was still able to make real guides for easy but real games. I've been told that length doesn't matter.
  10. No. The more leaderboards there are, the more the value of the individual leaderboard decreases. The individual leaderboards on other websites are pretty worthless and only good for your own personal information gain.
  11. And those with different political opinions too. And dog owners, I don't like dogs. Maybe also members who have guinea pigs, but I'm not so sure yet about the guinea pigs.
  12. I can learn a language and earn trophies too. Nice.
  13. It's from the Developer from the famous Jumping Series.
  14. I have already given up giving such advice here. For example, when I opened threads to explain the form in which autopop is available for new games, other members and Autopopphobists always came up and derailed the thread. So I keep my knowledge mostly to myself.
  15. Less than 40 per Euro.