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  1. You will become visible after you did your 4th killl on the map for all and you will see if anyone became a Threat.
  2. It costs 30 Euro. The next Rocket Arena? Maybe.
  3. I will never buy Cuyberpunk 2077 (not my Genre) and wait for The Witcher 4 instead.
  4. Same here, i have the money but no chance to get one. My first game would be AC Valhalla. I waited to buy it until I finally can buy a PS 5.
  5. I'll get my Platinum today, the counters says 78 hours. But the grind to Level 50 and for the weapons is faster now.
  6. This is the Main Reason. CDPR acted rashly without knowing the terms and conditions of the psn store. that put sony under pressure.
  7. I did not say you are lying, your way is just unneccessary complicated with to many useless steps. I descriped the easiest and fastest way.
  8. Don't trust Mr. Princess, you do not have to delete or upload anything. Just revisit at least one point in an already completed map. Do it in 6 maps without closing the App. You'll see the Progress at your Medal after each map. You do not need keep one location in each map.
  9. Congratulations, you gained 200k EXP, your Level progress to Level 34 increased 0,1 %, to Level 40 0,00000001 %. Haha.
  10. HiQ Ace was a Free to Play Game, and this is the second game. I would never have imagined that they would really make money with games like this and bring a successor to the market. Good for me, because I like Free to Play Games and play them a lot. But I would never pay a cent for it, who paid for a game like HiQ Ace and why?
  11. It's a Free to Play Game with Free to Play Grind without a Platinum. Will they never learn? If you have to grind hundreds of hours there must be a Platinum. I'll pass this time. I'll grind my Platinum in the Free2Play-Game Bless Unleashed instead.
  12. I gave you a Like for this very useful information. I skipped the Tutorial.
  13. I have this Trophy too and that is the reason I know what he wrote is not true. Trust me, not him.
  14. You have to close the App to upload your data to the cloud. And the Data is at the server, not on your Playstation. So you are a liar.