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  1. You can't create private Lobbies, why are you telling that? Private in this case means your friends or other players who might know you can't follow into your Lobby, that's all.
  2. Haha, Hell Let Loose is the only game I know where my level moves like a stock price. Sometimes up, sometimes down.
  3. My highest killstreak during the Open Beta on the PS 5 was 61 artillery kills. So I hope the artillery kills count for this trophy. I'm looking forward to this game, if it wouldn't been released in PS Plus I would have bought it for the release, to have fun until Battlefield 2042 is released. I even killed Tanks with the Artillerie, so I hope it will count for the Tank Ace Trophy too and they do not nerf it so fast. And I hope the players don't understand so quickly that the artillery players can be easily killed because you can just walk to the enemy artillery. So please do not tell it anyone.
  4. That's definitive coil whine. Nothing to worry about, every PS 5 has it, because they used the same component from the PS 4 Pro that caused coil whine there too.
  5. No wonder this side is dying when newbies are approached and insulted in this way.
  6. And I always wonder why people boost multiple player games with a sufficient playerbase with bots. If you don't like PvP you shouldn't play PvP. The claim 1000 Trophies Trophy must be extreme boring to grind with bots or human players. It's much more fun to play the game as it was intended.
  7. Has Overcooked All you can eat Matchmaking? Then I would try it. Back then I bought Predator when it was released. But even I, as a big fan of Friday the 13th, their previous game, and as a big PvP enthusiast and fan of the first Predator movie, couldn't find much fun with this game. I have no idea what it was.
  8. I don't have any of the easy games they mentioned 2012 so I voted with "none" and "Absolutely not!". Oh, by the way, is it even allowed to bring up such old threads here? Wasn't there a rule against it? This Thread is almost 10 years old, older than most of the members here.
  9. Good Luck. More like three or four.
  10. Hi, this is the newest game in the series. Break Games have never been on sale before, but a compilation has been available since this week, 6 games for 20 euros. That would be a saving of around 50 percent per game. I am now interested in trying out the series. I know that the games have easy platinums. If we leave that out, are the games always the same and only differ in terms of the theme? Or are there variations of the gameplay in different games of this series? Is this like the old brickbreaker game on my old Nokia Phone 20 years earlier? Do you go crazy if you play 6 Break games in a row? They are beautifully colorful.
  11. I remember, compared to now, it was a time consuming and stressful Platinum back then. But times have unfortunately changed. Today 1300 Platinum Trophies are possible in 9 months.
  12. Do you work with IBadDriverI? I ask because he makes fewer videos and since then you've always published guides to games that he doesn't do.
  13. I also got an email, but why should I test something without getting paid for it? That would be illogical.
  14. I would have 4 controllers if I bought 4.
  15. Vertical Trophy Lists, our dream will come true.