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  1. I bought 1 year, extended my PS Plus from 2021 to 2022.
  2. We are Family and it's done when the Don said it's done.
  3. They just need to fix the Trophy Trigger, Change an 1 to an 0 or something, my grandmother could do that before breakfast.
  4. It's an easy Platinum, but just a Cash Crab game. The Playerbase will be dead in a few weeks.
  5. Same here, from 25 Euro to 20 Euro. Would be so pissed off if I bought it on the first day
  6. Yeah, that's strange. Something terrible must have happened.
  7. Yes, Level 0 - 46 since Tuesday.
  8. And which game is the second game now? The usual unveiling time is over. No official Video on YouTube like every month, what happened?
  9. That's not true, because I own this game already.
  10. Yes, I said I can't wait: For another great Free to Play Game. If I have to pay for it: No.
  11. If you never played Mafia 2: Yes.
  12. It costs 24 Euro in Germany. Why should anyone leave the big Playerbase in F2P Warface for this game and start new there? Edit: It seems this game has just one game mode and is some sort of an E-Sport-Game.
  13. No Free to Play? That's crazy.
  14. I feel so fresh and innocent with my new Profile, I am a Trophy-Maiden now.
  15. All users who voted yes have never played against a PC hacker with Mouse, Keyboard and Aim assist. When I buy a new MP-Game my first action leads directly to the options and switch to No Crossbuy.