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  1. Why don't you just download your PS Plus Save File? So I have to avoid all Phone Side Missions, thanks for the Info.
  2. The old Symbol for the Platinum Trophy looks better in my opinion, more spectaculaer. Now it looks more boring. Why do they have to change something when it is good since years? I hope this is just one of the usually Reddit Lies.
  3. Yes, I'll try to platinum this game with the Glitch, because hard Platinums look good.
  4. I think so. I always put the Vita Games in my Library when I did not have one and years later i downloaded it. The PS Plus Membership is an Account Membership.
  5. Not a good month. Two dark games and one game I can't play yet. The November is depressive already, why no games with colors in it?
  6. I could not start a single PvP match yet. The good thing is that you can let the queue run for hours while doing your normal MMORPG stuff. But he just can't find anything yet, 30 people to start are probably too many. From level 28 you can play 3 vs 3, but i don't think this counts for the trophies.
  7. Bugsnax is not for Kids only, but I couldn't preorder a PS 5, so I am sad now.
  8. A typical Navi-Driver. Like in Real Life.
  9. Get addicted first and then raise prices. How do I know that?
  10. You have to reach Level 20 to enter the first two of four 30 Player PvP-Modes. It's to early for it, 15 vs 15 are to many so shortly after Release. There is another PvP Mode with 3 vs 3 Players, but you need a higher Level for it and I don't know, if it count for the Trophy.
  11. Quote:"PS5 Upgrade will have a Separate Trophy List" Imagine the fun if Ratalaika Games did that with all of their stacks.
  12. Game is fun, Matchmaking for the PvE works great and it's fast. The World is huge and the Soundtrack is great. A good free game. Now I level up and make progress in the game to reach PvP and get my own estate. But why does nobody has the Platinum? Some play since August? And you can't compare a Free2Play-Game with High Price MMORPGs like Teso or FF14.
  13. When is the Release in Europe? I hope not USA-only again.
  14. If you had fun with Neverwinter and Tera you will have fun with Bless Unleashed.
  15. Yes me, but she did not count. I had to buy a 9th Character.