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  1. If you sell a game for 1 euro you make less than 5 cents in profit.
  2. All game modes are there, but with a daily rotation now. It seems Mayhem is always live, but the second Game Mode was yesterday Gridfall, today and Wednesday it was Carnado. I played from noon until evening today and in the afternoon yesterday, I always found matches in Mayhem very fast. Server: Europe.
  3. Grandia 2 (I played it on my Dreamcast first, the PS 2 Version was a technical disaster) Final Fantasy 10 Ring of Red Socom 2 Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  4. Is the Metal Worm the Endboss? It was the same here, but it is not glitched. You have to kill it fast before he dissapears.
  5. Good Decision, but that will means a smaller player base.
  6. There is unlimited Ammo in this game. But I noticed something strange: At first i tried to platinum this game on my PS 5, it was not possible: very hard. So I changed to my PS 4 Pro and played it there, and there it was very easy. Don't know why.
  7. No Trophies, so you have to play it for fun only, like you all with SMB did.
  8. Beware: This is a First Person Shooter and you can't invert Aim.
  9. I would buy it if it includes MGS 1 - 4 for the full standard price. The standard price in europe is 79 Euro. But as far as I know my luck it will be an announcement from Metal Gear Survive 2.
  10. I found a solution, Yippeahhh! I tried to sync my console with the PSN many times manually, it did not work. I bought the Vita Version and platinumed it, it did not work. The Solution was: I played another game on my PS 5, earned 4 Trophies and now is Drowning at 100 % and the time stamps are correct too. Thank you all for your help.
  11. When I disconnect the console from the network, it shows me 100% for this game, when I go back online and sync it still remains at 90%. I do not understand that. Can I report something like this anywhere on this page so that I don't get banned?
  12. I got the Platinum but I miss a Gold Trophy. WTF.
  13. I think 3 euros is a bit too expensive in times when you can buy new easy platinum games for less than 1 euro.
  14. I had to buy it for 2,99 Euro again and there is no Autopop.
  15. But you can buy the Levels in 1 second if you have a lot of money.