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  1. Does this method still work?
  2. sadly yes, I'm disgusted by this game!!!
  3. unfortunately it erases general, it happened to me in January of this year too
  4. I have this game in physical media, is it still possible to platinum?
  5. happened again @jayboo1991
  6. I sent an e-mail here too
  7. here too. I am getting sick of this game
  8. yes, very complicated. I have already talked to them by email, the game was a month without working (between January and February), and on top of that announce that they will close the servers. For a time-consuming game they put a very short time. I already had 100 games played and the count zeroed. To make matters worse the game fell againTo make matters worse the game fell again.
  9. I understand, thank you guys
  10. hahahah, sorry i meant you can do the 100% still
  11. There is a friend of mine who has this game in physical media and I am thinking of doing it on psvita, can I still platinum? Can I play with the PS4 version?
  12. thanks for information
  13. to looking here and saw that since January 2020 no one catches the trophy ''Class of ''Class of '16'', does anyone know if you can platinum this fifa if it starts from scratch?
  14. Thanks buddy, for the answers, I'm going to focus on this trophy you mentioned and the Draft.
  15. I'm thinking of starting the game now