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  1. Shiro Miyata (Forbidden Siren)
  2. Extermination
  3. From one of my favorite animes, this song has been stuck in my head forever.
  4. I got really into the monochrome aesthetic after a silent, black and white nightmare I had that freaked me out, but fascinated me at the same time. I kinda became obsessed with the style for a while. I was also really into a medieval phase during the time and loved jesters the most, so they kinda became fused at some point and monochromejester came out of it.
  5. Oh my gosh, I need these. I loved both games as a kid, I can't wait to replay them!
  6. The only way I could get Shielded by Madness to unlock was by finishing it on H.P Lovecraft difficulty while also collecting those documents. It popped during the final cutscene when Ariadne is talking about how it likes the song, but not the light. I tried multiple times on Edgar Allan Poe while doing my other runs, but it wouldn't pop on anything but H.P Lovecraft. It seems like when the developers tried to make the platinum requirement to 'finish on H.P Lovecraft difficulty' (not understanding how a platinum works), sony attached the requirement to the last trophy on the list instead.
  7. Personally, I like the changes. The matches me and my fiance get are pretty good for the most part, teammates and killers we face included. I do agree that it does feel like we're doing more than our teammates when it comes to gens and rescues oddly enough. The killers seem less tunnel/campy, and most of my teammates actually try to do the objective and usually help one another. I had a Feng and Leon go out of their way to make sure my fiance and I got out alive from a slugging/camping huntress. However, we do get the occasional weird teammates who don't seem like they quite know what's going on, as if they'd just turned the game on for the first time. The teammates seem very hit or miss right now, but the killers we face make the matches fun. Playing killer has been nothing but misery for me, though, but that's how it's always been. It loves putting me with iridescent/gold rank survivors, even though my killer rank is still in Ash due to only playing killer for trophies. Please stop, bhvr, I don't want to be here. My highest killer rank was 9 before the update, so I'm not sure why my hidden mmr thinks I belong way up there. All in all, it's mostly enjoyable on the survivor side (for me and my fiance personally). I'm sure once the system is in play for a while, things will get better for everyone. It just needs time to figure out where to put everyone. Edit: After playing survivor for 6 hours today it seems pretty good still. I was matched against players who were similar skill level to myself. I only had a couple of teammates who were clearly new, but they might've been with the other person. Killers were good, too. I was never matched against anyone who felt too easy or anything.
  8. Days Gone. I think the main problem is Deacon, he's such an unintentionally cringy character that I can't take him or the storyline seriously. Dialogue is way too over the top, too. Deacon you don't have to scream at everything.
  9. Awesome! I can't wait to replay it. 😃
  10. I don't really think much about milestones; however, I had originally planned to make Song of Horror my 100th platinum. In a lapse of judgment and sleep deprivation, I started doing the mini-golf minigame in Dream Daddy since I wanted to listen to a podcast, forgetting I was at platinum 99 and it was the last trophy I needed in that game. I hadn't actually expected to finish it, but now Dream Daddy is forever my 100th platinum, lol.
  11. I think this is the first time I've seen 'Transference' and 'Rise of Insanity' on sale. Gonna have to grab those up before they go back to full price.
  12. We didn't meet through gaming, but we certainly bonded through it. We played an MMO together for years, Fiesta Online, even got married in the game, and we both started falling for each other over the years. 15 years later we're now engaged and I couldn't ask for a more awesome lady in my life. We still game daily together, but we've moved on to Overwatch and Dead by Daylight from MMOs.
  13. Yep, you can unlock the generic DLC trophies without owning the DLC, however character-specific ones (adept trophies or power-specific trophies) can't be earned unless you own that character.
  14. Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage. Darksiders or Dante's Inferno