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  1. enjoy life it comes with an expiry date

    1. spazza136


      No it doesn't. It's more of a "sniff it and see if it's gone off" kind of deal.

    2. Sensiimillia
  2. typical i put in my usb lead into my laptop to my phone so i can download a image yet to find me phone is dead ill post 1 later
  3. i have bf4 premium on my ps4 but not ps3 its a shame i missed this unless i would of definately downloaded them for my ps3 version i miss everything its not fair
  4. hi

  5. hi

    hello people i have 2 psn accounts my second is to follow later on im a trophy hunter myself i dont have many platinums 16 but i try my best.also can some 1 tell me why can i only make 4 more posts till 06 december does it mean i will need to pay to make a post i dont understand it and also 1 last thing i mean to be here for a while so can so 1 walk me through on how to make a signature to make my profile look neat thanks
  6. hi