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  1. I haven't really seen anyone else mention this as far as I'm aware but the game crashes on me consistently.. Has anyone else encountered this and if so how did you fix it? I've tried deleting and reinstalling it, there's no updates for either the game or the console. I tried initialising my ps4 just to make sure that wasn't an issue. (it wasn't but meh) It pretty much happens after every match so yeah to say it's annoying is an understatement.
  2. I mean who doesn't like low effort dopamine....
  3. I am now one tooth less :(

  4. Yeah it bugged out for me too, Had to redo the level again for it to pop.
  5. I think you put this in the wrong game my dude.
  6. My last status made me sound depressed.. That was not the intention i was trying to state that i can't grant wishes... Which i guess would be rather upsetting if someone mistook me for some Sarcastic British Genie i suppose?

  7. I wish to whomever reads this that you have a somewhat decent day. Although i must confess i do not think I have the capacity to do so. 

    1. Dan-lives-here


      cheer up, son

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      O, come on! This is the best Thursday i had this week!

  8. After beating it fully it's really nothing special, There's not much depth to the puzzles really and there's only about 4-5 types if i recall all which are very simple. Hope this helps
  9. Honestly speaking it's an easy plat even without a guide. The first 4 worlds are all you need to beat to get it. The game does carry on after that however, So far its a very simple puzzle game with an aesthetic similar to the witness. I haven't encountered any difficult puzzles yet, but i also haven't fully beaten the game (which i doubt a lot of people will do because the way the plat is given)
  10. I mean there's various reasons for why people get trophies and there's also reasons as to why people don't get trophies. The problem is you are trying to compete with others on a set of moral rules. Not rules that are actually in place. It's like me saying that i don't have the capital to buy the amount of games others do, so therefore those games don't count. Don't get me wrong it's fun to be competitive with people.. You just gotta play with people that follow the same rules you want to play by.
  11. The Can challenge guy sells them. That's where i got mine..
  12. Yeah but not got anything back, Honestly not really expecting a response either. Also not sure what they could actually do considering that you can't make/get a new account on ps4. Unless they update the ps4 version so that you can do that I'd assume i'm out of luck lol
  13. That's a shame as the game seems decent. Only hope is that they let people change/delete ps4 accounts in the future i guess?
  14. So i went to sit down on the hand... Got an error that crashed the game..... so rebooted sitting on the hands and still no achievement pop... I'm pretty sure i claimed the achievement in game for it too... Any ideas?
  15. You just have to beat all the songs once if i recall, Doesn't matter what difficulty (obviously you can't have no fail on) As for tips and tricks.. just practice.. I know it's a lame answer but that's pretty much the easiest way to do things when it comes to rhythm games. Also if i recall the two sets of songs have their own playlists.. if that helps... p.s Sorry if this isn't helpful, haven't played the game in a while!