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Hello Random Stranger!
My names Dedneka or Neka for short, depending on where you find me

I'm pretty much usually gaming or watching anime or chilling on discord.
Now obviously that doesn't really matter on this site but meh, it's polite to give a basic introduction, I suppose?
I used to play dodgeball a lot but had to stop after my health deteriorated.. Still won a notable amount of trophies and medals though.. so it's all good. 
Gaming is pretty much my life now due to being restricted with said medical problems. Like epilepsy etc. 

Anyways, I use trophies as a way of simply actually playing the games i own. 
Which may be a bit odd for the more die-hard trophy hunters out there. 
Regardless if you're actually reading this feel free to drop me a message.
I'll happily respond to anything, regardless of content. 

Don't worry i won't bite, However i cannot say the same for sarcasm. 


I'm currently playing through,  Yakuza Series, Persona 5 strikers and a few other random backlog games whilst playing Overwatch casually with friends.