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  1. any one have a good setup for the toyota SF-R racing concept.i run dragontrail in 1:52 id like to hit 1:48 but the setting i have wont let me get that.once or twice ive ran 1:51 but nothing lower than that thanks in advance
  2. if you like war films and dont mind subtitles i strongly advise you to watch this.awesome and scary to believe this a true story
  4. @ pink floyd
  7. best song ever
  8. 48 games played,a shocking 943 unearned
  9. absolutely love it
  10. Fifa 17 (ps4) 9/10 project cars (ps4) 6/10 Battlefield 4 when i have ps+ (ps4) 10/10 skyrim now and then (ps4) 10/10
  11. great song
  12. its a fxxkxxg emu you daft cxxt hahaha
  13. why no 1 will let me be DJ on a friday nite sesh love this song back in the day trippin out my barnet