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  1. This game looks like it'll be entire leagues above all previous Neptunia games.
  2. Fair enough. Maybe it was because I started with the Remake, that it made me dislike it. From what my subs tell me, in the original story, a lot of the characters were more likable and the story pacing was far better as well in comparison. Before the VII Remake, I only played small pieces of XIV and XV and I'd have to say I liked those better. So I respect fair disagreements, because I know my thoughts on the matter can be contentious (I mean, I would rate KH3 higher. Just that aspect alone puts a target on my back.) I'm aware of the whole "generate interest in your youtube channel" bit, if not in distinct contrast with two distinct issues. A)There are entire demographics built on ripping on things for the sake of ripping on things on YouTube. Most of which, are far more profitable than what I do. B)The other posts I've done in response invalidate your claims on top of which. Look, I understand your point. I.E. the dichotomy between "having a bad experience" and "a game that's so poorly designed that Steam shouldn't even have it on as shovelware" albeit the last quotation is more of me putting my own spin on it. Also, yes I played it through because the algorithm likes mainstream games with mainstream popularity. Also, "getting laughed for asking for refunds" doesn't factor into my mentality. I've long learned to ignore or attack anything stated without a positive point about it. Positive point as in ripping on something as actual good criticism and I do admit I was hasty in regards to the whole "drones" bit. That's what constructive criticism does. Pose a fair contrasting point in trust that the other party will be rational and lo and behold, the person who I had a very vitriolic contrast with, changed my viewpoint on the matter. You would have noticed, if not for your self-righteous tirade, that the disagreement had settled. I would advise you not to make the same mistake of hasty response. The main lesson I learned from my experience with the Remake, is to buy any game I do not know I will like, hard copy from a place like Amazon, who has a return policy over a certain period of time. Maybe not Amazon, I don't remember which site has the policy, but the point remains the same.
  3. One thing we'll agree on is that it is undeniably not going to be refunded. Also, yes it does matter of the fact that I have a channel. Else I wouldn't play this game past a chapter. Also, how exactly is it a poor comparison (aside from apples to oranges). Its not a poor comparison when both operate on the same operational logic. I.E. Play experience would normally lead one to disdain and dislike. On further evaluation though, I do get why they wouldn't. Else everyone would try to cheapen their product and demand refunds all the time. But again, WWE 2K20 is an example because people actually got a lot of refunds despite being well into the 10-20 hour mark. All over youtube, you'll find videos of youtubers expressing disdain and desires to refund it. The whole point of mentioning 2K20 is the example of the exception here to what is normally a fair rule. An egregiously bad game with various problems. At what point do we say "enough is enough"? I could go onto multi-page tirades on this game, but I assume you would all rather not. Albeit it is duly noted at the end there for the well-wishes. I was going to call out the whole "pathetic" bit, but the end of your post changed my mind on both that and my perspective of your viewpoint.
  4. Two problems: A)I play these games on a YT channel. I intend on doing reviews. As such, I had to play through. B)Pathetic? STFU. Brazen to ask for a refund after a final verdict of going down from 5/10-2/10? That's like saying WWE 2K20 shouldn't have been asked for a refund despite how bad of an experience it is. The only "pathetic" thing here are FF7 Remake drones who find zero fault in this pile of bile.
  5. All I know, is that I'll be asking for a refund. This game is NOT, I repeat, IS NOT worth $60, let alone the $80 I spent for the added DLC.
  6. Unfortunately, I haven't played the original. I technically got into this series thanks to XIV and knowing Uematsu from Megadimension Neptunia VII, which he helped Kenji Kaneko compose (through Earthbound Papas). So I am going in entirely blind.
  7. I really don't care for it. I'd say its a 5/10. The characters aren't really likable for me so far (In Chapter 5, I only really like Jessie and Roche, which is where I'm at rn) The OST is hit or miss. When it is a hit, its a motherflippin' HIT. Some of the rock is just plain awesome. The menu interface is.... Counter-intuitive at best. My biggest concern is the bike fight and the infiltration of the Shinra factory being the climax of the series, because it was a slog to get to. (As in before the bike part, because the bike part was incredible.) The pacing is massively inconsistent imo. I'm not going to say anything else to avoid spoilers (hopefully I did) but seriously, I do have some major concerns in regards to this. Worst of all, this Remake is just making me want a Legend of Dragoon Remake instead of this.
  8. I find it to be one of the worst, if not THE worst, of CH's creations. This game is absolutely skippable and you should not waste your money on any form of LEs.
  9. Yeah, this game was poorly made. Hard mode shouldn't feel easy. Easy Mode and Hard Mode shouldn't afford the same EXP.
  10. Ehh, I'm not so sure. Not really digging this game. The LE was nice though. @thefourfoldrootSo in other words, you won't play a game ever. Mmmkay.
  11. Looking for help with Smithing and Battle Mix trophies.
  12. Anybody got a tip for me? I'm struggling with the Smithing Trophy. I smithed all of the weapons and armor and still nothing. :/
  13. A lot of your complaints sound subjective. Sophie had a phenomenal OST, a fun environment, Sophie is endearing etc. See how your argument fails? Also, time limit vs no time limit is an equally idiotic thing to argue, considering the purism has no objective merit and is rooted in emotional arguments. I mean, ffs Firis had the time limit and quite honestly, that was its most glaring weakness. I.E. the time limit was easy to deal with. I could beat Sophie and have well over 50 turns or more beforehand. Your arguments are pure conjecture nyonmyan.
  14. Easy to see, difficult to replicate. Also, that isn't what I've been hearing. I've been hearing all over the place: "Uninstall the game, refuse to download the patch, play the Codex Entry." on the very video guide people post. I already got the MP done, so it isn't like I need the MP trophies. Now I'm just cleaning up campaign.
  15. You truly are a Stand Up Kind of Guy. The only way I'd ever attempt that Codex Entry is if I had someone specifically guide me. I even undid the whole update bit and it still did nothing. Sad times. :/