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  1. Easy to see, difficult to replicate. Also, that isn't what I've been hearing. I've been hearing all over the place: "Uninstall the game, refuse to download the patch, play the Codex Entry." on the very video guide people post. I already got the MP done, so it isn't like I need the MP trophies. Now I'm just cleaning up campaign.
  2. You truly are a Stand Up Kind of Guy. The only way I'd ever attempt that Codex Entry is if I had someone specifically guide me. I even undid the whole update bit and it still did nothing. Sad times. :/
  3. Whelp, I gave up on the Codex Entry for Friends in High Places. I'm not a Stand Up Kind of Guy.
  4. I hate the fact that we have to wait until the 28th to get The Fiend. Let's just be honest here. Most of us are only playing for The Fiend. I was an idiot and pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition (or whatever the digital one from PS Store is called) before reviews came out and now I regret it. I pre-ordered the mofo on the 4th and I regret my life choices. Looking forward to Atelier Ryza, which I hear will actually satisfy me. Not much of a CTRL C+CTRL V fan of repeat trophies from 2K19. Have fun with these trophies, but in all honesty I just want The Fiend. #LETHIMIN
  5. Here in a bit, the only MP trophy for me will be Operations. I suggest doing your MP trophies in Conquest aside from Operations. For me, I'll mostly have to do SP trophies. I ain't doing DLC trophies because I don't want to spend money on 'em. Love Battlefield and all, but in all honesty I just have to platinum the base and some other games before going after Atelier Ryza.
  6. Much respect from the Nep God (me) to you for looking out for other folk! Thanks for being a cool dude!
  7. Nevermind. The issue at hand is finally completed.
  8. Okay, so there's this problem with the shortcuts trophy. Despite what it says on playstation trophies, nothing pops up. Been doing it for a few hours now, and near the end of my playthrough. I've only got Golden Goddess and Shortcuts left. Yet I cannot get any shortcut. Is there a way for me to fix this? Also, I've already reached post game and I am just cleaning up. Got to have things ready for my Nep God Ascension Festival for my channel, since this will be the last Neptunia game I have left to platinum in English. I would like to get things done in one more video. It would be appreciated if I could get some assistance in getting scouts to get me shortcuts.