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  1. This is a trophy hunting website guys. And I already played the original and the last answer English version. I want to practice my language skills in Chinese and Korean by playing games with those languages so what’s wrong with picking up new languages and earning trophies at the same time? edit: if you two are such supporters of playing only the English version, why are you replying to questions on the Asian version?
  2. Usually the Asian version comes in several languages; English, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean and occasionally Japanese. Just wondering where shld I buy this version from. English and Japanese versions are obviously out since they have trophy stacks for those languages, but I’m unsure if I shld get the Chinese one or the Korean one cuz sometimes they overlap like how the Chinese games are sometimes are considered under the Japanese trophy stacks, which would result in a wasted purchase.
  3. Well mild disappointment on my end, my digital version is bundled together with the patch as a single download. Mine is from the asia store and there doesnt seem to be a way to stop them from downloading together. Guess this will remain an unobtainable plat for me. Thanks for the helpful information though
  4. Omg thank you so very much, you are a trophy saviour frankly thought that i would just have to give up on an unobtainable plat
  5. Really need help with this! I 100% the other 3 stacks and got this trophy when I hit 10k bones at an early stage where a lot of the bones were contributed by the resource towers. But now the same method doesn't work and I had an even higher bone bonus from dinosaur kills as compared to the other trophy stacks. Higher levels are pretty much impossible for me to play cuz my starting bones are too low to even get started even when using a video guide. I have also reset my progress by deleting the game and starting again focusing solely on getting more bones from dinosaur kills and the trophy still won't pop. Any helpful advice would be welcome at this point!
  6. For the life of me I can’t seem to get the tutorial trophy, my game is updated to 1.15 and I have finished the whole tutorial who knows how many times. Even deleted the game and save data just to retry the tutorial again and again. Even tried googling for help but doesn’t seem like there’s a fix for it 😭 those who have gotten it please do give advice
  7. I had some difficulty too. You just need to wait a short while for the characters to change their poses. I always make sure I finished the 3 questions below, hopefully it will help you. Did you: 1)Wait for the characters to change into their new poses/expressions? 2) Do the first pose (cool pose) just in case? 3) Did you remove either the MC or the other character when taking the photos?
  8. I used this steam guide but its missing some parts.
  9. Possibly NA/EU list? Since the AS version is in English already
  10. Not sure if you already knew the answer or not but there is no english language dlc. The whole game, including menus, is in chinese, but voice acting is in japanese.
  11. Is it possible to do this with 2 separate accounts and 2 Controllers?
  12. Weird cuz the patch came out last week, try checking for updates. The board game is glitched on 1.7 version.
  13. Glad to help! This guide needs a bit of luck to get 3 biohazards, but it's the easiest one I tried so far.
  14. I used this youtube video: Make sure your game is patched to the latest patch as the latest patch (1.8) enables you to earn money faster. I got 3 biohazards by selling 40mil copies of the game.
  15. Hey I faced the same problem as you, but I managed to get this last night by using this link: Just Ensure that you buy the symptoms/abilities/transmissions as soon as you have enough DNA. I got 66k (3 biohazards) with this method. Hope it helps!