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  1. The real games that truly aren’t for me are the racing games, i fell into the trap of Driveclub, a lot of trophy hunters went for it so i thought to myself why not me i think i can do it but oh man….despite that it isn’t a hard racing game for many players but it was too difficult for me and beyond my abilities plus it was rich with trophies so i got tempted and it’s a big title so all of this lead into this mess i’m in, same shit with motogp 09/10 everyone hopped on it so i thought i will have a very special thing on my profile but first of all the game was bad because it’s old i understand and again too hard for me i couldn’t win a single race in it lol, so yeah racing games aren’t for me despite that i platinumed few of them but those are easy anyways. Regarding the permadeath mode to be honest i haven’t tried them yet but i know my skills i am just medium average player so i am sure they will be nearly impossible for me.
  2. Thanks bro i appreciate it, we go way back, boosting many games we had good times and bad times. What i succumbed to is i am lost between a swamp of hundreds of games, i only have mayo as an EZPZ but at the time it was something new so i tried it but that’s it no more of the same.
  3. The other problem i am facing here is, forget about the trophies now but what i mean is, whenever i see a game or just the title and i check the gameplay on youtube it mostly make me think hmmmm that’s an interesting game so i go ahead and pick it up but when the time comes to play it and try it MYSELF it turns out not exactly what i expected and that’s disappointing, so i either i get stuck when i pop a trophy or i just avoid it before a trophy pops, because of that i have several games that i don’t wanna deal with them so probably they will be left incomplete forever.
  4. If you check my profile you’d notice that i’ve been playing casually for fun and whenever the game gets harder or i get stuck i stop and move to another one, i’m talking about the most recent games played on my profile.
  5. Nothing wrong with exploring more stuff and it's fine to play mediocre games but the problem is, i mean for me i went a bit too far by doing that and eventually i felt like i got stuck too much with bad games more than good ones when i should go for the good ones since they are more worth of our times.
  6. I enjoy a lot if not the most enjoyable games to me is the Metal Gear franchise, God of War franchise, The Last of Us (i haven't played part 2 yet), Batman Arkham franchise, Medal of Honors, Battlefields, Sniper Elite games, Syndicate, Singularity (50%), Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombats, Uncharted games of course, Dead space franchise (DS 3 was a bit boring though), Silent hill games, Resident Evil games, Yakuza games, Max Payne 3, Tomb Raider the reboot series not the classic ones, Killzone series, not a big fan of racing games but Burnout Paradise is awesome, Bulletstorm, Wolfenstein series, Unit 13 on the vita i liked this one too, Rocket League, Call of Juarez Bound in Blood, Binary Domain (not one of the best but the game was good), Starhawk, F.E.A.R. series, etc. i am sure there are tons of others but i guess i wrote you enough stuff here ☺️
  7. Excuse me, i am a gamer since the Atari, msx, NES, arcade games that work by inserting a coin and the list goes on and on and that means pretty much when i was a little kid back in he mid 80's and i still have those consoles to this day, just because i am a bit picky or i find good games less than you doesn't mean games are not for me, i can name you a long list of games i enjoyed or favorite games but like this now we will go off topic because we're talking about trophies here, i linked the quality of games to trophies by saying trophies made me go further by trying lesser quality games saying yeah why not try something else or something different.
  8. Glad that i see people react to my topic despite that the majority disagree with me, you all got points i can't deny that, the conclusion that i came up with from reading the comments is it may or may not ruin the gaming but if it ruins it i can reduce that by doing my best to avoid and cut down lots of unnecessary games, the problem is the damage is heavily done since i spent so much money on games i thought that i may like but whenever i try them it turns out a lot of them are shite !!! i am finding out more and more that only handful of games are good in this industry among those thousands of games, yes trophies made us explore more including obscure games/hidden gems but unfortunately it did not turn out well for me at least.
  9. There is no in between when it comes to this, mentally you either care for trophies or the fun experience, that’s why i mentioned the MGS 4 example, what made me decide to become a trophy hunter is i liked the idea but devs went too far with them, i don’t wanna skip playing good games because of trophies but in the same time i don’t like to leave my games unfinished because there is a trophy that wants me to do stuff i don’t wanna do
  10. I stand by this statement, over the years and the more time passed by i started to see it that way, i know this is a trophy site and you all love trophies and i am a trophy hunter myself but i am being honest here, but why i see it that way because: - Online trophies: Things like reach max level (level 50 or whatever) or get 1000s of kills can't be more boring by doing the same thing over and over, Games like Far Cry 2, Crysis 2, Inversion, Red Faction Guerrilla and many others and what comes out of it is another issue and it's boosting with new people that they either turn friends or assholes (by them not following the rules of boosting and make it harder and more tedious). Or that the servers go down and ruin your platinum and your 100% profile. - Difficulty trophies: Some of these trophies are just ridiculous and bullshit, i am talking about games like Max Payne 3 and Wolfenstein II (Mein Leben) you can't tell me this is fun when games are meant to be for fun. - Multiple playthroughs: These type of trophies alone are enough to make me hate even my favorite game, example is Metal Gear Solid 4 i must beat this game 8 times, ok i love this game but i don't wanna play it 8 times this is insane !! or also a game called Way of the Samurai 3 i think you need to beat this game 7 times ....really no comment !!! - Glitched trophies: How unfair they are right ? especially those trophies that pop at the end of the game but they don't because they glitched on you and its developers don't give a shit about fixing them. - Playing shit games: I gotta admit trophies made my game collection a 100x bigger vs me as a casual gamer, the endless greed of wanting more and more trophies that made us stir away from playing good or better games, i even don't play Ratalaika games or any others like them and yet i feel like i thrown myself into a swamp, my entire life is not enough for me to finish the backlog, therefore because of trophies our gaming budget became 10x more than usual because of non stop buying games we may think they are good but they aren't and the DLCs and season passes and you know how greedy those companies became the day microtransaction was born. Might be unpopular topic here but i felt i wanna let it out of my system, i could talk more and more about this if you people started commenting so what do you guys think ?
  11. Is it possible to create a custom leaderboards ? like i create a leaderboards that contains only my friends or the ones i choose to add, this was suggested on this site long ago btw.
  12. Now it's Blang !! But because of how hard/long ps3 plats are, i will never be done with it even if i spent another 10 years trying to beat them.
  13. Usually the people who criticize those who want an unobtainable trophy they have that specific trophy themselves and why they criticize because they want this trophy to remain unobtainable so that it becomes exclusive to them and become more UR, kind of selfish but i understand how they feel.
  14. What you mean what i said is not true ? i am talking about PS4 games btw, PS3 yes you need a new copy but we buy new copies for PS4 games and yet we need to pay for the plus as well in order to play online.
  15. And you think they fixed this terrible idea by forcing us pay for the plus ? it is another terrible idea in my opinion, we paid for the disc NEW we have the right to play online because it is part of the game, DLC is another story but online comes with the game.