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  1. Another fallen trophy hunter, it is indeed sad ☹️ his account will be left for the memories.
  2. Wow, it's that hard ? mein leben there is no way i can beat that, i was playing on i am death incarnate difficulty in The New Order Wolfenstein and i had to use a exploit glitch to beat that mission and even i skipped many enemies because they were so many and they kill you pretty fast so imagine the whole game !!! practice won't make perfect for me on that one, looks like i will be like you the game (AvP) will be maxed at 91% unfortunately. Nice tips right there, thanks man, i will definitely use them, but i won't play that game sooner, i see you platinumed the game which is fantastic job kudos to that.
  3. What do you mean by legit done it ? is there an exploit or a good glitch ? or you mean beating nightmare by chapter select ? i did only the mp portion of the game so i don't know what i am getting into., does nightmare difficulty requires to beat the game in one sitting ? and the chapter select trick is the exploit ?
  4. Nevermind, got the 100%, i think it was some calibration issues.
  5. My condolences, what a horrific way to die, i wish those plane crashes end someday, someone comes up with a solution to those crashes they are %99.9 fatal.
  6. How come this game won awards and it's 2023 and still it has bugs here and there, in the Suit up mission the last collectible to take by the grappling gun you use it to pick up the green box while you are going down by the elevator but that green box is nowhere to be found, also i can't scan the iceberg poster on the wall in Dead End mission, you can but nothing happens...why ? i don't know !!! how am i get the trophy then ?? not sure ☹️
  7. I do also have The Nonary Games, so you definitely recommend me to go for that series, i still don't have the vita title but if it's worth it then i'd look for it.
  8. I'd like to know before i get into this game since i am not into Japanese visual novels, i bought it and i thought it's similar to Telltale games but it seems it's more like a visual novel style, so i thought i am going to enjoy it if it's like Telltale games but if it's not, do you guys think it's better than Telltale games ? or if i am not into visual novels should i stay away from it ?
  9. Nope !!
  10. For me it's always like i am interested in 20% of those plus games and the rest are meh, i am subbed to that service only because of the online, that's how it is when you don't choose the games but someone else.
  11. Smells like Battlefield: Bad Company is next on their shutdown list 😕
  12. Under one condition and it's KSA should lose or draw the other matches and i don't expect them to win the other ones.
  13. It surpassed my expectations to be honest, i bought it back in 2014 and only now i played it and i am pleased of what i saw, it has a deeper story than most of shooter games.
  14. Wow this series is booming.
  15. I'm trying to revive this thread as i don't see many ppl who voted, i'd like to see about a 100 voting so that we can have a definitive opinion which is harder, i myself did not have the balls yet to try but eventually i will.