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  1. It was a pain the QTE on crushing i agree i suffered a lot but in the end it's doable
  2. It has, and it has issues and it never been fixed hence the 100% is not possible
  3. I'd like to add Reality Fighters on Vita, online is a bit annoying because you need to beat 5 friends in an hour but if you have 5 ready you're good, few other fights need to use some tricks and with that you won't have issues at all, easy platinum overall
  4. What's the point to make another list ?
  5. Yes you do need the online pass, you MUST buy this game NEW, you can't even share it with another account, that sucks balls so bad and the game is expensive.
  6. NOPE, this is not true, now that i got the trophy this tower shows up at least 5 times a year
  7. Ultra rares are cool, but i won't play a game that i am not interested in and it has a lot of URs in it, so to me fun comes first then the URs can be a bonus.
  8. Despite that they are still niche after all these years, some developers still make some trophies extremely hard/grind and that turns off a lot of people but in the same time i do admit trophies on ps4 became easier but still some aren't. and after that hard work you did barely or no one would care and that's sad.
  9. So annoying these kind of trophies, i am keeping an eye on this everyday this will torture us
  10. Pointless for PS fans, but thanks for informing us anyways.
  11. Yeah Taz, so many online trophies and they're pointless i mean the ones with dates what's the point and where is the challenge ? i hope we will get an update on this soon.
  12. 2-3 times a year !!!! SERIOUSLY ??? this game is weird
  13. Anyone tried to contact EA for that problem ? or maybe it's useless
  14. The answer to your question is very easy...illegitimate ways i.e. hacked or game saved, there aren't any other ways. It won't, i even highly doubt it will get a remastered version or the whole series.