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  1. Yeah man i'd be interested in those ps3 games before trophy patch especially Assassin's Creed 1, every trophy hunter and creed fan wants this but instead they give us useless stuff.
  2. I highly doubt anyone asked for it, i wonder who would and yet they go ahead and port it but they won't care they just want the cash grab.
  3. I for one agree with him, i didn't like Silent Hills it's too much not silent hill and i prefer third person view in horror games.
  4. Yep those sick people "try hards" are still there, in capture the flag mode i noticed they weren't going for the flag but only for me to kill me or ruin my kill streak, morons
  5. I renewed my ps plus membership for 1 month after i let it expire for years, all the past downloaded games are gone even the ps4 ones, you guys are having issues with the ps3/vita games but for me it's everything !!!
  6. My name is mayo & Mr.Massagy, if i can delete them i would.
  7. No thanks, will pass
  8. Yeah pretty weird, even if it's dated, we've seen so many older games got remastered but i know you are speaking about Ubisoft, they should've been done AC 1 remastered on ps4 honestly along with all AC games.
  9. Not completely against the idea, i'd love to see AC1 remastered because of the trophies experience, but i always wanted something new to the series rather than the same games we played before.
  10. Yeah but many people say i can't wait to play them again, that's what actually i meant. Remakes are better in my opinion, it's different than remastereds, remastered games are just the same exact game with a bit better visuals. The only remastereds that i would love to see is AC 1 and Resistance 1 because of trophies honestly and why because with trophies you will have a bit of different experience, it adds something to the original game.
  11. Why you guys are hyped on every single remastered game whether they announce or rumored rather than a sequel of that series ? we all have played them already so i always look forward for a new game rather than something i've already seen and experienced. it seems like companies are running out of ideas nowadays, like come on we all paid for a new console to play a ps3/ps2 game ?
  12. So we'll call this game Operation7 Shutdown 😜
  13. As they say where there is smoke there is fire, i mean what caused this rumor ? this might be a sign of things to come, the next thing we know in a year is Sony will shutdown the access of psn on those consoles and the day this happens is the day i retire from trophies.
  14. I leveled up to 50 and leveled up most of the parts to 10 but i still fail in those two trophies, for those who beat the game to 100% do they have any helpful tips ? there is no guide whatsoever for this game.
  15. Right now whenever i see sales on psn i just focus on DLCs and season passes to get cheaper, not really waiting to find a cheap game to buy.