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  1. I am afraid you guys are fighting a losing battle here, it's a ps3 game and it's 6 years old now so i am not surprised it's neglected, i would like it to be fixed though but i guess we're too late.
  2. I bought the game US on disc back in 2014 only to end up buying the complete edition on sale from EU psn store and that offer itself was even cheaper than the DLC alone
  3. Nah, so unnecessary i am good with the ps3 ones
  4. Well i just bought all dlcs last month thinking i am done lol
  5. Yes you can get it by changing the clock don't worry
  6. Guys i wanna ask and it might be a bit irrelevant to the thread but which game is harder Max Payne 3 or Wolfenstein 2 on Mein Leben ?
  7. I am sure this won't last, they need to update their rules about that game.
  8. On the contrary, of course they will
  9. I agree with you on that one, Sound Shapes in my opinion is a hard platinum that will make your hands worked up to the max but the good thing about it is it becomes doable with practice
  10. Yep that's true but i wonder why the ps4 version is not, aren't they exactly the same difficulty ?
  11. Then how about Batman the Arkham games ? i find them really hard purely skill dependent and yet they are not UR plats except for Arkham Origins because of the online trophies.
  12. It is yeah it's something like this 😆
  13. Hey guys, i've seen threads talking about ultra rare trophies or rare trophies so this kind of inspired me to inquire about pretty difficult games that are not ultra rares and what comes in mind games like Spec Ops: The Line or Dead Space 2, i guess also some COD games, because you may think ah this platinum is %6 it shouldn't be that hard but it turns out it's difficult so let's see what you guys know about that topic ☺️
  14. I can't access my profile it says bad gateway 502
  15. Does that mean some of TT games that has 1 episode on disc and the rest in the store won't be platinumable ? if that's true then this is gonna be a big rip off