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  1. Showing off alert !!!
  2. How can you control the nuke with one hand and the other you need to aim at the nuke, it's impossible !!! the maximum thing i can do is i will fire blindly at the nuke and i will have only like 2 seconds to fire at it so it will be like 1% chance to hit it. I don't understand how can you self boost this trophy, it truly needs 2 real players doing things at the exact same time
  3. That's not true, you MUST NOT kill anyone because i tried it and i killed just one and i let the others kill few more than me but the trophy did not pop then i tried again and i did not kill anyone and the trophy popped so please edit this otherwise you will confuse the people.
  4. Ok i understand that the game was available to obtain its online trophies for several years but man i have been boosting games for the past 2 years game after game after game it's just too many games to do so as for me i wasn't slacking but it's just i did not expect that Twisted Metal will shutdown that soon and in a short time and it was on my soon to do game but i got unlucky with this announcement.
  5. That step is not necessary by the way, i skipped it many times the glitch still works.
  6. Yeah but i have 6 ps3s i will use 5 of them 5 x 2 = 10 and the rest is on Taz so we can be 16 i have the game on digital and physical twice
  7. We have enough controllers, and if we don't i will buy more it's not an issue, the issue is we will risk this now taking 10 days off from the original date is a lot
  8. Actually me and him wanna do it i have 6 ps3s we were intending to lock the lobby so we can boost this all day non stop
  9. Yeah but what about this ?
  10. Yeah i will try to contact them and i hope some others will do also, goddamn it man i hate that stress, now i know some people will tell me why you did not do it years ago and the answer is i was boosting other online games man too many games out there you know
  11. I haven't started the online yet trying to finish the campaign, now i am sooooooooo confused man
  12. UPDATE: bad news guys Sony shortened the shutdown date from 25th to 15th October, THIS IS PURE DICK MOVE BY SONY
  13. Yeah i do all of these things but i fire the purple rockets it's also strong and now i made it with gold pheeeeeeew
  14. Read again i edited my message you can turn it off
  15. Hmmmmm i'll try that thanks Sergen and by the way i am stuck on the racing event called Desert Twisted Race - Diablo Pass, i am having a real hard time in it because of the Crimson Fury car, now all i know is i have to destroy it to make the race easier but that alone is not easy at all because that car is super fast so any tips ?