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  1. I'm still at 0% in it lol, so yeah you gotta throw everything and focus on that now
  2. Hey bud, i was kinda thinking about doing this but also was thinking to avoid it ...we are really late on this ..if we started this last year would be good enough
  3. Abo Khashem means The father of nose (or the one with big nose), it's an arabic slang
  4. Servers of Crysis 2 were working perfectly fine for me last month so don't worry, you can self boost this game ONLY if you own 6 ps3s lol
  5. Oh my god people are still talking about the petition ?? and you are telling the guy to get over it ? you're the ones who aren't getting over this petition, one guy made thousands talk about it for several months and i bet for a full year to come
  6. Exactly lol
  7. My friend, your only solution is to do the ribbons all in one shot, without backing out to check if they saved or shot till trophy needs patience but it could be at least a solution
  8. PS3 2 games only ?? Really ??
  9. Hey guys, now i don't know if someone else started this topic before but this topic is really worrying me like a haunting nightmare that one day we won't be able to earn ps3 trophies anymore while i have still at least a 100 ps3 games to platinum because eventually Sony will shutdown ps3 no ? so i thought of sharing this topic with you guys and some of you might be expert about these things so maybe i hear good news that this is kinda still early to happen ?
  10. But when i earn a trophy on ps3 but did not sync it, and then i go to ps4 and sync trophies from there the ones i did not sync on ps3 won't appear if ps3 was shutdown that means i won't be able to add them to my collection I mean ps3 all together, like you won't be sign in from it anymore one day
  11. It's not a bad list, better than several past months at least
  12. Wow that sounds a nice solution, thanks friend, it's been a while hope all is well
  13. One more thing, my vita roughly lasts for an hour + then it starts to tell me it needs to be recharged, is the battery is broken or something or all the vitas are like that ?
  14. Don't know why the developers focus a lot on collectibles, they add nothing to the game but slowing you down, i mean if there were no collectibles would the game be less fun ?
  15. When i said i wanna do DS 3 i meant the online of course coz it has coop online trophies
  16. But when ?? i wanna do Dead Space 3 but what if they shut them down by tomorrow or in 2 days ?
  17. Hi everyone, i felt like sharing some of the simple ideas that pops to my head from time to time and it's for the site so first of all, now this may not be a suggestion but but i wonder why this site doesn't show the real playstation trophy images and shapes ...i mean when we get a platinum it shows only a blue cup not the real image of the platinum. Anyways what i wanna suggest is when we add a game it used to have the real logo of ps3 or ps4 or vita...but now it's just got more simplified like ps3 inside a blue suggestion here is is it a good idea to color that ps3 make it black...ps4 make it dark blue or navy and vita makes it a bit lighter blue than ps4. The last thing i wanna suggest is how about to add to the milestone one more feature and that is the most trophies earned in a today i earned 16 trophy...until that number would be broken it changes...same thing as rarest trophies, fastest platinum...etc. Thanks and regards
  18. As long as Messi plays this never happened ☺️
  19. Sometimes when i post a session i write few rules and conditions and i write them in a strict way so i think when they read it they get more serious
  20. So the remasters still going on even if ps5 is getting close to be launched, my question is whenever they remaster a ps3 game...did someone ask them to do it ?
  21. I'm not against remastering them but why the two games in one pack ? they are two totally different games, yes Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain were in one pack but they are at least the same in gameplay
  22. I prefer not to add that system, they gotta stay different they don't have to copy Microsoft and Sony
  23. The Hart Foundation '97 Evolution Nation of Domination
  24. Woaah thank god my plus will expire on Dec. 2018
  25. Freedom Cry is a DLC not even a full game now i see they are offering less and less ??