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  1. I've been always wondering which platinum is harder because both got the same idea where you gotta beat the game in one freaking sitting permadeath, even though the plat rarity is a bit different, so for the ones who experienced those difficulties please vote which is harder, i created a poll for that, i will do both games but i am not expecting that i'll be successful but i won't miss playing good games because of trophies unless if they were online with shutdown servers.
  2. And it also glitched for me as of June 30th, and sadly not a single workaround would work despite all these years, no escape from a 2nd playthrough ☹️
  3. I stand by this statement, over the years and the more time passed by i started to see it that way, i know this is a trophy site and you all love trophies and i am a trophy hunter myself but i am being honest here, but why i see it that way because: - Online trophies: Things like reach max level (level 50 or whatever) or get 1000s of kills can't be more boring by doing the same thing over and over, Games like Far Cry 2, Crysis 2, Inversion, Red Faction Guerrilla and many others and what comes out of it is another issue and it's boosting with new people that they either turn friends or assholes (by them not following the rules of boosting and make it harder and more tedious). Or that the servers go down and ruin your platinum and your 100% profile. - Difficulty trophies: Some of these trophies are just ridiculous and bullshit, i am talking about games like Max Payne 3 and Wolfenstein II (Mein Leben) you can't tell me this is fun when games are meant to be for fun. - Multiple playthroughs: These type of trophies alone are enough to make me hate even my favorite game, example is Metal Gear Solid 4 i must beat this game 8 times, ok i love this game but i don't wanna play it 8 times this is insane !! or also a game called Way of the Samurai 3 i think you need to beat this game 7 times ....really no comment !!! - Glitched trophies: How unfair they are right ? especially those trophies that pop at the end of the game but they don't because they glitched on you and its developers don't give a shit about fixing them. - Playing shit games: I gotta admit trophies made my game collection a 100x bigger vs me as a casual gamer, the endless greed of wanting more and more trophies that made us stir away from playing good or better games, i even don't play Ratalaika games or any others like them and yet i feel like i thrown myself into a swamp, my entire life is not enough for me to finish the backlog, therefore because of trophies our gaming budget became 10x more than usual because of non stop buying games we may think they are good but they aren't and the DLCs and season passes and you know how greedy those companies became the day microtransaction was born. Might be unpopular topic here but i felt i wanna let it out of my system, i could talk more and more about this if you people started commenting so what do you guys think ?
  4. LOL 😆
  5. VirtualNight as well, i agree, they are still modest ppl, i do push myself despite that the idea of a digital image trophy in my head to test myself, sometimes i fail sometimes i succeed.
  6. One more thing i’d like to add regarding the hard trophies, yes they are a test of skills and all but in the end was it worth it going out of your way with the hard work toward one or two trophies ? Because some trophies do require hard work/practice more than you usually do , No one will acknowledge your hard work you won’t get paid or anything for it, no one will care because it’s just a virtual trophies but sadly the devs make it that way they make it like it’s a real gold trophy.
  7. It’s on me yes it is on me because i am the one who created this topic and i am speaking my mind and that’s how i see it, you disagree with it that’s fine i am not expecting a lot to agree with me, hence a lot of ppl quit trophies because they are a drag and became casual gamers again, as for me sometimes i think of quitting and sometimes i change my mind and try to continue but as of now for sure i don’t love trophies like i used to and slightly i am becoming casual with them, if i enjoy a game and then few trophies left for the platinum the moment i see them ruining the experience (which it proves my point) i stop and jump to another game. And for the ones who tell me that i complain from hard trophies well look at my profile i have a lot of tough plats so i still go for that challenge but sometimes there are ridiculously hard trophies that should not be in games, that’s all i wanted to say about it.
  8. I'd like to talk about the skills we have when we play games, each player's skill isn't the same as the other one therefor you see others got tough platinums while others can't get those same tough platinums, as for me there are some games that i really couldn't plat or 100% such as Mad Max because of its racings, Driveclub series, the first MotoGPs because i suck at racing games, also Front Mission Evolved, 007 Bloodstone again because of the car mission and Red Faction Guerrilla. My point here is i don't believe in practice, your skills got a roof and limits that you're born with, i've tried and tried and tried but i just couldn't and i can't be stuck with those games eventually you have to move on to play other games. One example is 007 Bloodstone that chasing mission in Istanbul really broke me, i spent 10 straight days trying and trying but in the end i gave up especially when i thought i was doing my best but yet no trophy and from there i was like ok this is the best i can, no trophy then that's it what can i do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So what do you guys think ? share me your experience on that subject like did you struggle with a trophy and you thought that's it ? or maybe a little practice that made it work ? Let me know.
  9. Respect to that, it would be nice also to see more players play games before trophy support such as Resistance fall of man, Army of Two, F.E.A.R., Assassin’s Creed, etc.
  10. Didn't they fix Splinter Cell Blacklist after one guy kept spamming them with tickets and tweets right ? or the servers fixed themselves maybe ?
  11. Exactly my point, thanks for understanding it, hence why there are players like Messi and Ronaldo and there are tons of other players who aren't as talented as they are despite that they go to training almost everyday, we have millions of players but only handful of legends. As for fighting games, trust me, i've tried and tried and tried to master those combos and i failed at the normal ones let alone the hard ones lol, no practice would help me get them, i gotta be gifted with some talent, yes some games do need practice because you are close and you know it will work eventually but some other games you don't see the light so from there you know you're wasting your time.
  12. Yep, with 137 platinums and almost 700 URs, imagine if trophies were for me what would have i done ? I don't want easy trophies ? my only problem is Rataliaka games, if it's a good game with easy trophies i would warm welcome that, hard trophies are ok unless if they became super ridiculous.
  13. Yeah that might have been exaggerated but sometimes for me even with practice i still suck, i am talking about games here.
  14. Sometimes the problem with my practice or attempts toward beating any challenge is the lack of knowledge i mean i might be doing something wrong and i don't know any other way of doing it, and in cases like these i tend to give up because i will always do the same thing over and over as i don't know any other trick or other ways. Since all of you believe that there is no impossible then maybe that's the reason of making me feel my skills are not good enough to beat whatever is in my way.
  15. Wow that's impressive, only you got that trophy lol, good job but wait, no one got the platinum yet i am afraid it is glitched and the developers won't bother fix it.
  16. Yeah man couldn't said that right, life is too short, so we better play the best of the best games out there.
  17. Ah ok, thanks for the correction now i know why, nonetheless i did not bother to do those games.
  18. Yep it all started with my name is mayo but 1000 top rated caused Sony to delist that game from the ps store due to its incredibly short. And what about shitty trophy list on a good game ? While you love to go for them it will ruin the fun experience of a good game, no one wants to admit that not caring about trophies when they are shit makes you a casual gamer not a trophy hunter. Maybe i should have made the title trophies ruined games for trophy hunters.
  19. Well to miss on a trophy because of a shutdown that never happened to me yet, but i am talking in general here. It all started with 1000 top rated or something and Sony took that down but they kept making such games so i guess Sony dropped the ball, i try to avoid many games that i believe they're not for me i am working on that, i've fallen into that trap at the beginning but now i am trying to fix whatever fixable.
  20. Regarding the i had plenty of time to do the online, how did you know that i do ? You don’t know my life or what i’m going through, we work hard to get paid to be able to buy their games, i constantly priortise online trophies over offline, but so many games got online trophies and most of them are lengthy so it’s not an easy task, so yeah if those servers were up from 2 to 5 or 7 years that doesn’t mean i have all the time in the world, i work from 8 to 12 hours a day and when i get back home i am beat and life is not trophies only you know as for that i made them ruined the gaming well, trophies made to be completed (100%) so i work accordingly just like any casual gamer who intends to beat the story mode till the end. If you don’t care about reaching that 100% then you don’t care about trophies. In the beginning of trophies experience it was fun i admit but it went out of hand later on, i gotta admit that i made some mistakes here and there by going for lesser and lesser games in quality of the same genre that i love.
  21. So at least you agree with me because it seems nobody agreed with me if you read the comments, i see it as two different worlds, trophies and gaming, and like i said it did affect my purchase now i am buying more games but as of now i am trying to squeeze as much as possible and make it limited.
  22. The real games that truly aren’t for me are the racing games, i fell into the trap of Driveclub, a lot of trophy hunters went for it so i thought to myself why not me i think i can do it but oh man….despite that it isn’t a hard racing game for many players but it was too difficult for me and beyond my abilities plus it was rich with trophies so i got tempted and it’s a big title so all of this lead into this mess i’m in, same shit with motogp 09/10 everyone hopped on it so i thought i will have a very special thing on my profile but first of all the game was bad because it’s old i understand and again too hard for me i couldn’t win a single race in it lol, so yeah racing games aren’t for me despite that i platinumed few of them but those are easy anyways. Regarding the permadeath mode to be honest i haven’t tried them yet but i know my skills i am just medium average player so i am sure they will be nearly impossible for me.
  23. Thanks bro i appreciate it, we go way back, boosting many games we had good times and bad times. What i succumbed to is i am lost between a swamp of hundreds of games, i only have mayo as an EZPZ but at the time it was something new so i tried it but that’s it no more of the same.
  24. The other problem i am facing here is, forget about the trophies now but what i mean is, whenever i see a game or just the title and i check the gameplay on youtube it mostly make me think hmmmm that’s an interesting game so i go ahead and pick it up but when the time comes to play it and try it MYSELF it turns out not exactly what i expected and that’s disappointing, so i either i get stuck when i pop a trophy or i just avoid it before a trophy pops, because of that i have several games that i don’t wanna deal with them so probably they will be left incomplete forever.
  25. If you check my profile you’d notice that i’ve been playing casually for fun and whenever the game gets harder or i get stuck i stop and move to another one, i’m talking about the most recent games played on my profile.