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  1. The only difficult parts for me during my platinum run were the bike chase, and getting all the emblems; specifically the Chicken emblem. I hate trophies that are linked to playtime, because it means having to leave the console on for an unattended period of time. MGS4 is also a short game if you skip all the cutscenes. MGS2 is definitely the hardest MGS platinum because of Extreme/European Extreme difficulty and having to beat all the annoying VR missions.
  2. I've never played it on my fat PS3s (both are dead), but if a game is stuttering or freezing constantly on your fat PS3, then your PS3 may be close to dying. How loud is your PS3's fan?
  3. The frames drop dramatically once your save file reaches above 5MB or so. From then on, the game will freeze much more often so try to make manual saves as much as possible. My worst experiences occurred whenever I played the DLC content. Accessing the DLC areas made my game freeze nearly every minute. My opinion is the same for New Vegas and Skyrim. If you really want the platinums for Bethesda games on PS3, you'll have to be as patient as possible.