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  1. Thank you guys for your contributions. If anyone is in the same spot I'd love to hear from them.
  2. Hello, my friends (who are all max level, BiS, etc.) want to get me into FFXIV cause they're missing couple players for raids. I'll have to buy Story/Job skip to catch up quickly and I was wondering what impact that would have on the trophies. I tried googling here and there and didn't find any answers. Thank you.
  3. Bumping thread again. Just did it again with Pip, didn't use counter shield, didn't get damaged. Didn't pop. I call bullshit on you @Beskosty amigo.
  4. For the no damage one what did you use? Did you use sword+shield and counterattacked?
  5. Shall we write down the 50 challenges available in the game so we can get onto them ASAP? Since they only unlock when you have already unlocked some challenges already. These are the ones I unlocked so far: Snail Race - Feed snails 15 golden berries Cast 10 team spells Win 5 Brawls on a team as Ruby Defeat 40 enemies as Tuck using a Sword in a single game Break 50 barrels as Pip Win 3 Brawls Spend 10,000 Magic Pyre Conquest - Get a score of atleast 400 and win Reach Treasure Time 50 times (Reward Ruby) Reach Treasure Time 20 times as Ruby Win 10 Brawls with a Sword Win a Brawl with a Legendary item Defeat 500 enemies Equip de Legendary Lute Defeat 150 Skellies Complete Tower Crawl Mode Win a Brawl with a Common Staff in Free-for-All Defeat 5 Slime Knights with Daggers Defeat Olek with 10 seconds or less remaining Reach Treasure Time 10 times in a single game Defeat 100 Slimes Defeat 30 enemies as Bartles using a Staff in a single game
  6. So we need around 80 OVR in each position before upgrading anything on the Skill Tree and finishing the story/tournaments/etc. is NOT necessary. Let's see how it plays out.
  7. Have you guys tried playing quick matches inside VOLTA? I'm not yet in level 82-83 so don't know if it won't work when I reach that level. EDIT: Got to OVR 81 and got a pop-up saying I will no longer obtain any more skill-point from completing games... and my skill tree is not full ??? weird
  8. I believe it is for either unlocking or completing the last stage of 5 different sets of skill games. Don't know for sure, but it does explain why the % is different.
  9. Have you finished VOLTA Story, Tour, etc? Or you just been playing quick matches
  10. This is gonna be quite the grind, sadly. Finished volta story with 77 myself... got a LOOONG way to go. I'll share any tips if I find a quick way to level up. Cheers.
  11. It's a FIFA. It essentially hasn't changed in the past 20 years.
  12. I selected "Online" campaign and I only had 2 people trying to join my lobby but left about 10s after. I have been playing alone so far. Solo it looks quite hard, won't lie. I don't know if matchmaking isn't really working, there are no players, or I did something wrong. Can't speak for the co-op experience, but for sure it will be better than Solo due to the amount of enemies you have to deal with. Also, games are always more fun when having a laugh on a voice group chat!
  13. Add me on PSN if anyone wants to co-op too, same name!
  14. Thanks for this!