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  1. No, that would be incorrect. The chart shows you the base PS Plus code (Essential) time conversion. Therefore, if you buy let's say 12 months of Essential, it should extend your Premium by 183 days. That works with codes, however. You won't be able to buy Essential time having Premium on the PS Store.
  2. If you have PS Essential and buy more PS Essential time cards, that will extend your time yes. If you want to upgrade to Extra or Premium however, you will need to pay a fee. Now, if you already upgraded to Extra or Premium, you can still redeem Essential time cards. But the time won't be 1:1. Something similar to how Xbox Gamepass works if you add Xbox Gold time cards. Below is the time conversion table:
  3. If you had both services, you would get Premium and the end date would be the latest of the 2 expiration dates from your old Now/Plus.
  4. It's a known issue. For now, in-guide trophy tracking will only work if the version(s) of the game the guide is written for match(es) the version(s) of the game you're playing. A guide of a PS5 version of a game won't track your trophy progress from a PS4 version game, if they have separate lists. Same in reverse.
  5. Congratulations to everybody! It's been an amazing year 😁
  6. If I understood it correctly, you used an actual PS4 for these trophies & savefiles? Shouldn't you theoretically be able to do this with a PS5 and the base 1.00 disc version?
  7. From Phil Spencer's Twitter.
  8. You can get them out of the laser grid by using gravity calibration, it's upstairs 😉
  9. Think they log your "top score" on occasions. For example, sliding time.
  10. Number of tasks are tracked server-side, so if your stats ever get wiped locally, you won't know at what point you are. The 500 task trophy has no tracking, while the 100 task trophy does, so you're kind of in the dark here.
  11. There's a laptop nearby where you spawn in which you can swap roles. Switch to either impostor or shapeshifter and you'll be able to kill dummies.
  12. This is what just worked for me: you must find a game, and quit mid-game. Then, hop in freeplay and kills will count towards the trophy. You can also earn the trophy for getting 3 kills before an emergency meeting is called this way. Not sure what makes it work or not, or if there's a limit on the amount of kills you can perform per freeplay.
  13. Can confirm what's said before. My save corrupted and my stats reset to 0 locally on the PS4 version after having 500+ tasks. I booted up the PS5 version, did one task, and the 3 task-related trophies popped. Therefore, I'd confidently say account stats are saved server-side.
  14. What .exe are you using though? From the Steam folder itself? I've just tried it for testing and if so, it allows me to connect from only one of the instances - the rest get errors thrown such as "you have been disconnected due to an unknown error". Regardless, it's just maybe an 8-10 hour platinum doing it without boosting. I've sank countless hours into it on PC, and it's a shame that progress can't be carried over from there 😄
  15. I've just tested tasks, and it does work. Stats are saved server-side on your profile (you must therefore log-in). If you have the trophy for completing 500 tasks for example on PS4, when you log in to PS5 with your account and complete a single task, both 3 task-related trophies will unlock on PS5.