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  1. I'm currently playing Fall Guys again on PS5, and I can affirm that so far: My progress on PS4 has been carried over Fulfilling the requirements for any new trophy immediately pops it
  2. Today there was a season change (S10 > S11). Started playing two days ago and had 96 kills during S10, next match the 100 kills trophy popped. I seem to have 0 issues with tracking on PS5 currently, it pops instantly and without issues. I previously did the EU stack too and never had any issues with trophy tracking, it's weird.
  3. Can confirm that this is no longer the case. On a PS5, I am abe to play online multiplayer and obtain the corresponding trophies.
  4. Most of the trophies have built-in achievement tracking, which is fantastic. Won't pick it up by launch but surely in the following months. Nothing looks too grindy, so I hope that the game turns out nicely and they don't pull an Anthem 😁
  5. Would love to be considered for the position as well. I've written few guides on the site and would love to keep contributing to PSNProfiles! While English is not my mother tongue, I constantly try to improve & use it daily more than any other to communicate with my friends and my partner, all of which don't speak my language (Spanish). As for preferred requirements, Discord is my main messaging platform so that's nice. I also know enough to defend myself in image editing (Photoshop) and HTML basics. Good luck to everyone 😁
  6. I know this game is a few years old, but I just got ahold of it again a week ago and finished it. I enjoyed it a lot and I thought it would be nice to share some information and tips about what I've encountered. First of all, it took me 55 hours in-game time. I think about 35-40h for the story, and 15-20 for the chests/mirages/board mastering/miniventures/murkrifts/hidden areas cleanup. Here's the link for the checklists!3I8iyYhA!B_aDNRPILrMhtY9w4w-Esg There's one for chests, mirages, miniventures, hidden areas and murkrifts. For the mirage boards, I just added a // MASTERED myself at the end, I suggest doing something similar. For miniventures/mirages I recommend double-checking in the in-game adventure log and mirage's encyclopedia in the Twin's Room. I recommend using some text editor like Notepad++ for the checklists instead of Windows Notepad due to being able to have multiple files open on the same instance of the app (otherwise you will have 5 different Windows Notepads open). And here are my tips: Mantain a checklist of your progress - specially chests. You will avoid unecessarily re-checking all towns, regions and dungeons for these few missed chests (there's no in-game counter or anything) and other collectibles. Try to do as many miniventures as you can along the way, in the end-game some will be tedious because spawns are rare. For the Mirage Hunter one (12 quests total), just wait until you have all the mirages and do them all at once with the help of Seraphones. Capture mirages as you go, but don't overdo it. One mirage for each family is enough - for example a Minichocobo will be able to be transformed into a Chocobo, Dark Chocobo, Hyperion and Mecha Chocobo. Once you progress through the mirage board, you will be able to transfigurate it to the other families and it will be easier to see in your collection which families are you missing to master the boards in the end-game. You can try murkrifts as you go if you have enough level, but otherwise just leave them for the end when you re-trace missing miscellaneous trophies. You will have to re-visit some dungeons even if you keep track of the chests due to some hidden areas being unlocked later on. The first "ending" is doable at around level 50 of your party. The "true ending" is doable around 60-65 and for the XG boss in the EX Dungeon Z I would go past level 80-85. It's doable earlier, but it'll take too much time compared to grinding for an extra hour or two, which you will need to do anyways. When you are capturing the "seven of the Pleiad" for the true ending it's possible that in the coliseum you kill Ramuh, Shiva or Ifrit. Don't panic when you don't find them (I did, and I searched for them like crazy). For them to re-appear on the Coliseum I believe you need to make sure you also finished all the interventions and then you need to beat the "true ending" bosses once. The trohpy for the true ending won't pop, but don't panic again. The "true ending" trophy won't pop unless you 1) finished all the interventions and 2) have captured the 7 of the Pleiad. Then to post-game, to grind levels go to EX Dungeon Z and reach the last room where you find a save point and the purple crystal to teleport to the final boss XG. Equip EXP Boost Mirajewels, use the same 6-team to keep the damage steady and keep switching out the 6 other mirages at the save point when you are able to master the board of one. There are about 200 mirages and you basically need to level up all of them except 5-10 to be able to get the trophy for mastering 100 mirage boards. After level +80 you should be able to oneshot most of enemies in the area. Just the Behemoth stack and the Buer will need few extra hits. When you are collecting the last mirages from the Coliseum, you will probably be missing 2 of them atleast - Ultima Weapon and Master Tonberry. The most easy way to get them is to level up Bahamut* around level 60 and use it in combat. Summon the mega mirage, leave it to 1AP and low HP and use megaflare. It should take 1/2 of their HP and you should be able to catch them easy. If you overlevel Bahamut* to 80+ it may prove tricky to find the balance between dealing enough damage and just 1 shotting them. If you're missing more, just check what's the condition to trigger the capture and check which mirages inflict the condition if necessary - Evasion down, Defense down, etc. Oh, and if you're missing the Master Cactuar it's pretty much impossible to hit him with attacks - most if not all will miss. Sleep him first. Then everything works. Stonks. Find some good series/documentaries on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, YouTube, whatever streaming service of your choice. The grind to mastering the 100 mirage boards will be tedious. As for my stack setups I pretty much used the same for the whole game (I doub't its very optimized, but it works). Bablizz/Reynn/Behemoth, Tama/Lann/Red Dragon. Strong physical damage, one was focused in water/ice attacks, the other in fire attacks. Put Bashinra in both boards (it will be very very useful), some healing and you're good to go. Use the defense action to restore AP quicker and protect your stacks from breaking. Cheers and good luck with the platinum!
  7. Save. Quit the game. Load. Fixed. I had this happen to me unintentionally TWICE during regular gameplay.
  8. Hello! So I'm wondering what's the easiest way to get worlds to Pure White on my first playthrough - besides killing the bosses and dying on nexus to constantly be in soul form. I've been invaded after a boss and I believe I cannot get PWWT on my first playthrough anymore (?) not sure. Could boost this with a friend if killing him while invading me gives % towards white world/character tendency. Thanks.
  9. I can confirm this is boostable. We just went to 1-2 Archstone (after Tower Guardian), walked back past to the first tower of the dragon bridge and invaded each other. Used cloud saves not to lose any/souls progress and were able to boost both character & world tendencies to pure white in 3 invades. I don't know if there wasn't any people online or if password works for invades too, but we invaded each other every single time.
  10. Please no. I don't want to be stuck with PS4 BC graphics when I get the PS5 just for the trophies... If it even works that way, which I'm not sure.
  11. The only difference I can see is the Savior/Saviour trophy (US and UK terminations). Maybe its NA / EU?
  12. Took me 43 in-game hours to 100% the game and platinum it, for anyone wondering.
  13. I finished Dark Souls 1 just days before starting Sekiro, and for me it's completely different. You don't need previous souls-like experience because the combat is just completely different. The combat reminded me more of TERA Online because of the deflect system (similar to Perfect Block there). Amazing game, beautiful setting, gorgeous combat, fantastic bosses. 100%d in 3 days so yeah I'd definetely recommend it! 😁
  14. I went for Squad FPP
  15. Start of the game
  16. Platinum popped at total 1,219 kills, 1,047 kills on Solo-FPP. I'd focus on a single mode and style (TPP or FPP) and just play it all there. From what I've read online that might have something to do with it. Good luck guys.
  17. Just reached 1,005 kills and trophy didn't pop. Will update you guys when it actually does with the final kill count. UPDATE: 1,200+ kills and nothing yet. 1,000+ kills on Solo-FPP this season only as well, if it matters.
  18. Did you start playing a long time ago? I heard trophies used to be bugged a lot in the past.
  19. Just hit 250 kills between SMG + Shotguns + Pistols, so I'll see soon if you need to have these 200 kills in a single category or with a single weapon. Or what. Got the trophy, it popped when MP5K+UMP45 kills were 200 according to Mastery>Weapons
  20. Marksman Master is definetely bugged too in the good way. You don't need to kill from 100m away at all...
  21. Take a break, I see you've been grinding the game for 3 days non-stop 😂😂 The bots won't go anywhere. Have you exited any match before it was completed by the way? As in menu>quit the game
  22. How was the Apocalypse difficulty?
  23. No, I barely reached 400 kills overall.
  24. Mine popped at around 120 games played
  25. I've definetely encountered you too few times 😂😂 Good luck everyone with the trophies! Hope they don't bug out... the grenade one seems bugged for me as for now.