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  1. Thanks for writing to them too! Let's just hope the patch is gonna come out soon, I can't wait to continue playing the game...
  2. I could back out in fact but every time I tried to re-open the e-mail it looked exactly like this. I tried continuing from previous autosaves at least 5 times and even reset the game twice to start from the very beginning but... the e-mail keeps looking exactly like that every time. Thanks so much for the tip! I actually sent an e-mail to them via the form on their Simulacra website yesterday. If I don't get a reply from them, imma use the contact form you sent me! thanks for the help anyways! Imma keep you posted whether or not they fixed this. EDIT: Actually, I just checked my mail and got a response from them super quickly! "Hi, Thank you for reaching out to us with the bug. We are fixing it and will be pushing out a patch soon. Hope you can enjoy the rest of the game soon!" So I guess it's gonna be fixed in the next couple of days
  3. Hey guys! Can anyone else not click on the link that's supposed to reset the password to Anna's Jabbr account? I can only see half of the e-mail, the rest is cut off because the "from Jabbr" image in the signature is way too large... Tried clicking every single button but it won't work, can someone help me out?
  4. Alright, thanks! I'll try it out then, let's hope for the best hahah
  5. Since this video is from a year ago and I still haven't played the remastered version so far... does this glitch still work now or did they patch it out? :c Just asking because I thought about playing it again and doing everything the correct way from the beginning thx in advance!
  6. I downloaded the game on the very first day it came out but it still doesn't even show a trophy list for me. Very weird tbh...
  7. thanks so much!! just got it thanks to that tip I did it in the quest mode, so I guess it can be done in story mode too!
  8. Anyone figured out yet how the "no escape" trophy works? <- that one
  9. thanks for the info!!
  10. Ahhh alright, thanks for the info!
  11. Does anyone know when exactly the game will come out? I think it said somewhere it was February 21, but on here it says March 31? I'm reaaaally looking forward to playing it, so I hope it's gonna be out sooner than later 😊
  12. I think I got it in Arendelle, somewhere in the Frozen Wall area! Maybe give that a try?
  13. Thanks a lot for that tip, imma try that out right now! Didn't know there was a way to figure out in which fights you got an A rank and in which you didnt! 😱
  14. Oooohh, I didn't realize there was a specials section too! 😂 Thanks a lot! Haven't done all of the Flanmeister missions yet, so imma check those out now 😊
  15. Vitality and Warrior! Always thought HP and Attack Strength was the most essential for my playstyle 😊