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  1. I got it, it's at the peak of the swing.
  2. Has anyone been able to get this trophy? What kind of timing should I be aiming for?
  3. Interested to know this as well. Game looks good but lack of guide and achievers are stopping me lol.
  4. Instead of quest, I should have said the optional boss fight. I'm trying not to spoil anything here. Hope you get what I mean. Normally, if you don't do the optional boss fight, you will get the game over screen after going past the point of no return. Let me know if that's still not clear enough and I will try to explain more lol.
  5. This trophy is currently bugged with the latest patch. You can still pop it by triggering the point of no return without doing the specific quest. This will give you a game over screen usually but it will pop the trophy.
  6. Well what do you know, after watching your video, I got it after a few tries but couldn't do no damage though lol. At least Ronin is done. Please don't tell me Kensei is harder than this lol.
  7. I'm getting my ass kicked by the final boss on ronin mode. The lack of checkpoint between the 2 phases doesn't help either. Anyone have any tips or pointers?
  8. Thanks for this, took me quite a few tries cos sometimes boss just go crazy and swing really fast consecutively and I fail to parry but got it done eventually.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I guess I might do the first playthru on ronin then.
  10. Anyone know if beating kensei will also unlock the ronin trophy? Am thinking of playinf on easy or normal to unlock kensei then jump into it to unlock both kensei and ronin trophies.
  11. Also interested in this game but the lack of a guide is deterring me for now lol.
  12. Anyone know how to pop the survive your first night trophy? I imagine this should pop after getting out of the hospital but a confirmation would be nice. Have tried sleeping to advance time to day as powerpyx said but nothing so far. EDIT: Got it to pop by advancing time to night then standing outside the safe house until the time manually advanced to day again. I guess sleeping in bed doesn't work.
  13. Is this still glitched? I see one person has the 100% now.
  14. I somehow miss the collectible in chapter 1. How bright is the sparkle? I must be blind lol. Nvm it is pretty noticeable. The chapter 1 collectible is at the pool table in case anyone else couldn't find it too.
  15. Nice! Looking forward to it! Will you also be covering where the hidden items are?