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  1. If you move your multiplayer save game into single player, does that then count if you load it in singleplayer? I ask because I've done a decent amount online, and i want to continue with the same game but earn the trophies now.
  2. yep. It's not a given that it would work by any means. The mileage counter could quite easily be based on passing a lap of track (i.e. the game multiplies the number of laps by the length of the track). It is quite possible it is counted that way, actually, because the lap length is the only time you see any mention of distance anywhere in the game!
  3. Does mileage increase the XP you receive at the end? I haven't reach level 99 yet, so I guess we could check the miles are counting [by rubberbanding doughnuts] if I got an uber amount of XP?
  4. Yep this strategy is the best - thank you
  5. Does that mean you’ll be releasing the two other games by this developer on PS4?
  6. What about being banned from leaderboards. If you change your name will you appear again?
  7. I couldn’t get this method to work. I wonder if the update on Friday changed things? There’s also no longer an instruction to hold the touch pad to go to the call for help map (as far as I can see). but I got the trophy, this is how: 1. Join a psn party with someone 2. Go outside the BoO 3. One person click call for help from the map 4. The other person sees someone is calling for help and is ready to go from the ‘answer the call’ matchmaking in the map 5. You should now be together 6. The person who called will down themselves with a nade 7. The other person revives 8. Trophy I think the only reason this normal process works because it’s quite rare now that people request help. fyi I was T5 and my friend was T4 so that doesn’t matter. We are also in the same country so that might be a factor in the matchmaking hope this helps those who are still struggling
  8. ... or do they disappear once you’ve completed them??!
  9. I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding something but I can go to the map and select bounties and all of those shown in the list above are available to select and replay maybe it’s a new feature?!
  10. How do you reactivate the bounty?
  11. If I have liberated a safe house then resupplied the office but NOT bothered with the timed bounty, how do I restart this for the trophy progress?
  12. It was supposed to be the 11th but there was an issue with Sony.
  13. What’s the first trophy to get and I’ll test if the free weekend gives trophies ? edit: trophies do not pop
  14. All the insanity points equal 600, and there’s more insanity points later in the game than at the beginning. So for max insanity trophy, 400, you’ll probably not see it until Act 5 (albeit I don’t have the one myself yet; but I’ve finally figured out how the system works)
  15. How can they publish trophies for a game which is still in development ?