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  1. Can you only use the app for 1 controller? Can I install the app on 2 phones and then only need 2 PS5 controllers?
  2. Still a long way to go then!
  3. I am at Hillcrest on NG+ and the workbench only allows me to upgrade 5 weapons. How do I access the other 5 I need to upgrade for the trophy?
  4. how do you load your ps5 profile on ps4?
  5. Does anyone know if this method still works for Tasks? I am going back to the menu to check my stats and they are not updating for Tasks? I assume it's 'tasks completed' and 'all tasks completed' because they are 88 and 17 on my stats and I already have the 100 task trophy? EDIT: Trophy popped. There's just no way to tack the 500 tasks after you've received the 100 tasks trophy. The way I did the tasks fast was clearing the garbage on the 2nd map.
  6. Sorry, with this method, am I using the PC to 'host' and 'online' game? Then just joining with the code from my PS5?
  7. Is there any quick way to produce cotton?
  8. This is incomplete and a work in progress. I am not a guide-writer so please excuse any mistakes in this. But this thread is to highlight my experiences with the game and to make a guide for anyone starting out. Note: This is purely about gaining trophies in the most efficient way possible. This is not a guide about how to play the game in the most authentic and/or enjoyable way. I have also not platinum'd the game yet, so I will make additions and adjustments when I can. Please feel free to add corrections and I will edit this post with updates. Step 1 - Collectibles i) start a new game, select New Farmer, select Elmcreek, jump in the pickup and use this guide to find the 100 collectibles in the map ii) start a new game, select New Farmer, select Haut-Beyleron, jump in the pickup and use this guide to find the 20 collectibles in the map iii) start a new game, select New Farmer, select Erlengrat, jump in the pickup and use this guide to find the 10 collectibles in the map Trophies: Pretty colourful, Game on, Cheese it Step 2 - Shopping i) start a new game, select Farm-Manager, select Elmcreek, follow this guide of saving/entering MP/buying farms/saving/enter SP : repeat, to attain 30M in cash. You only need 10M for the trophy but will need more in the following steps. Continue in single-player. ii) Buy all the fields iii) Buy vehicles in all categories and continue to buy more vehicles until the Vehicle Fleet trophy pops (60 vehicles). You might find it easier to sell them back again and buy the vehicles when you need them (you will have plenty of money). It just becomes a bit annoying to have so many vehicles on the map. iv) Buy buildings: make sure this includes factories and all of the most expensive animal barns (including 15 of the biggest bee hives, chickens, and a dog house) Trophies: Hard work pays off, All out of Land, Well-Oiled Machine, I like to switch it up, This is just my weekend vehicle, Vehicle fleet, Bringing in the Honey Step 3 - AFK (optional - will probably pop naturally given enough time) i) Drive with your pickup truck on a field for 99 kilometers. This can be achieved by entering cruise control and making your left thumbstick auto turn the car in circles. Just make sure the circles don't cross a road and are totally in a field (otherwise it will take longer and you may hit another vehicle) ii) Buy a horse and let it auto-run (a bit different than a vehicle because here you press X to gallop). It doesn't matter where you do this but somewhere quiet is best. This takes about 90 minutes. Before you go AFK, continue to rapidly jump until 2 trophies pop. iii) Drive 50kms with an articulated truck. Follow the process above. iv) Drive a tractor for a certain distance. It's not clear how long this should be, but I believe it's longer than the others. You could well complete this naturally over time and that might be the better strategy. v) Play the game for 10 hours is a trophy that will likely pop during these AFK trophies. Trophies: Road Trip, Field Trip, Long Haul, It's just the beginning, Giddy-up !, Thoroughbred!, You are not a kangaroo, Allez hopp Step 4 - Mod (easy mode) i) back at the game's main menu (before loading your save game), enter the mod section and buy 'multifruit buying station', then load the game (with the mod ticked) and buy the station and place 1 somewhere near Johnson's farmer market and another somewhere near the supermarket. ii) Visit your station with a big trailer and buy olives - sell them to Johnsons' farmer market. It will take a few trips. iii) Visit your station with a big trailer and buy sorghum - sell them to Johnsons' farmer market. It will take a few trips. iv) Visit your station with a grape trailer and buy grapes - sell them to the Supermarket. It will take a few trips. v) visit your station will a big trailer and fill it with stones - crush them at the debris crusher. Should only take one trip. Trophies: Olea europaea, Raisin the stakes, Original grain, Rock on Step 5 - Quick wins i) buy a chain saw and chop down 25 trees ii) visit the dog house and pet the dog iii) Bring your old vehicle to a mechanic, repair it, get it repainted (the mechanic next to the shop on Elmcreek should be used). Vehicles need to be repaired a further 24 times for another trophy. Trophies: It just fell off, Fix me up, van Gogh, Ultimutt Pawesomeness Step 6 - Animals coming soon Step 7 - Contracts coming soon Step 8 - Misc clean up coming soon
  9. You can also use this new mod station to get the Rock On trophy by filling up with stones and taking them to the debris crusher.
  10. Clucky Streak is 120 or less baby chicks.
  11. Set the time to 'real time' whilst you buy the pens and animals. Assuming you have plenty of money, buy the most expensive pens then you will not need water. Buy a load of older animals (the ones that cost more) but do not fill the pens. You will probably need 3 pens for each animal type. Buy big bags of feed. For cows and pigs, you will need quite a few and you will need to resupply. The sheep need grass, which you can also buy, and the sheep generally need less food than cows and pigs. Once you have set yourself up move the time to x120 and make sure 1 month is 1 day in the settings too. It would take a few in-game days (which in turn is in-game months) so you just need to monitor the food levels are not zero.
  12. when loading pallets of wool to sell onto a trailer, is there an easier way than using a forklift?
  13. do the pigs need straw to reproduce for the related trophy?
  14. For the Van Gogh trophy, i have bought a vehicle workshop and I can repair, but i can't see a way to improve the paint condition? EDIT: For some reason you can't repaint from a workshop that you buy, but it can be done from the ready-made mechanic, which in Elmcreek is right next door to the shop on the right-side of the map.
  15. well-oiled machine popped for me after buying an oil mill. May have been coincidence.