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  1. best advice is to keep searching on matchmaking and hoping you become the host...
  2. This isn't popping for me , does anyone know why?
  3. I don't mean just those for the trophy, I mean any legendary cars at all?
  4. Have any legendary cars returned to the garage so far?
  5. The selling and buyback trick. Does it still work if you leave the trader and come back later, or do you have to wait for the trophy in one session?
  6. Do we know when we're likely to see the Ford Mark IV again?
  7. I'm destined to achieve the platinum. Do I have it?
  8. You're wrong. It being a destiny does not mean it happens. The word is past tense, before the event is completed.
  9. the trophy will be for completing the menu book when it comes
  10. Just to let you know: it's confirmed that some of the menu books were removed prior to launch. The menu books for acquiring cars came in sets of 3, remember. So let's take a chill pill and wait for an endurance update!
  11. If you're playing GT7 for trophies and the legendary car trophy is earnt not bought, is there a real need to farm credits?
  12. What helped me massively improve my time in S10 was to remember to roll in fast-speed corners. This means making sure you've slowed down well in advance because you can only use the brake in straight lines too.
  13. I don't know what's wrong with my game. I accept the privacy policy and after pressing start it says cannot connect and ends up in an infinite loop of the same message