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  1. Are there any specific setups I should use or avoid in order to get the trophy for killing 2 enemies in 1 shot? Whatever I try doesn't work and it doesn't even look like the shots go through the first enemy?!
  2. I don't mean just those for the trophy, I mean any legendary cars at all?
  3. Have any legendary cars returned to the garage so far?
  4. The selling and buyback trick. Does it still work if you leave the trader and come back later, or do you have to wait for the trophy in one session?
  5. Do we know when we're likely to see the Ford Mark IV again?
  6. I'm destined to achieve the platinum. Do I have it?
  7. You're wrong. It being a destiny does not mean it happens. The word is past tense, before the event is completed.
  8. the trophy will be for completing the menu book when it comes
  9. Just to let you know: it's confirmed that some of the menu books were removed prior to launch. The menu books for acquiring cars came in sets of 3, remember. So let's take a chill pill and wait for an endurance update!
  10. If you're playing GT7 for trophies and the legendary car trophy is earnt not bought, is there a real need to farm credits?
  11. What helped me massively improve my time in S10 was to remember to roll in fast-speed corners. This means making sure you've slowed down well in advance because you can only use the brake in straight lines too.
  12. I don't know what's wrong with my game. I accept the privacy policy and after pressing start it says cannot connect and ends up in an infinite loop of the same message
  13. Do you have to connect to Epic outside of the game before you start it?
  14. I keep getting 'failed to connect' and nothing autopops
  15. I can't get the game to start, it looks the servers are down but others are popping trophies?
  16. How is it different to the more common suggestion that we have to wait X weeks for the car to come into rotation?
  17. Up to 12 M using this method. Thank you
  18. does this mean a script could be written to pass a license test on gold?!
  19. My last Watson Gig is 'freedom of the press' and it says job failed. This must be the problem for me, but how can I restart it?
  20. Came here to ask the same question but for me it's stuck on 18/22 and there's no markers to do anything (literally anywhere). If I speak to Regina she has a yellow chat option which usually means it leads to a quest, but nothing happens.
  21. Is there a way to track which items i have already collected? How do I find the container with Johnny's car when it's not marked on the map?
  22. If you loot a cyberdeck from a psycho is it supposed to be in my inventory? I've looted one and I can't see it anywhere? Ok it seems like a bug where your inventory is empty but they appear as owned when you visit a ripperdoc
  23. 12 hours in on PS5 and I haven't noticed any problems. Trophy set doesn't appear to be spread evenly throughout the game, I've only popped 2 or 3 so far. I don't know if any have glitched.