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  1. I really enjoyed Rush of Blood and shoot fruit personally. Rush if blood was a bit of a challenge and so is shooty fruit
  2. Hey everyone, I'm doing a little research for a video I'm recording and wanted to get a poll going on what was the best call of duty game you played, I think we all know the worst tbh. Also, call of duty haters I'll do your job for you right now "cod sucks, it's the same every year, I like mozzarella cheese sticks" I also want to factor in which games you can go back and play with no problems.
  3. Top: 1: mass effect 2 2: red dead redemption 3: fallout 3 4: assassin's Creed brotherhood 5: modern warfare 2 6: uncharted 2 among thieves 7: assassin's Creed black flag 8: elder scrolls V: Skyrim 9: Batman Arkham city 10: guacamelee! Flops 1: mortal Kombat vs DC 2: PlayStation all stars battle royale 3: guitar hero Metallica 4: Batman Arkham origins 5: God of war : Ascension
  4. Just started up a new YouTube channel, any support is of course appreciated
  5. To anyone who sees this or have interacted with me on the forum: I have stopped trophy hunting for the foreseeable future, I will still lurk around the forums and play video games of course but I cannot trophy hunt anymore. It was ruining games for me and instead of enjoying them I was getting frustrated. I will still be making content on my YouTube channel of course : if you want to check it out

    1. Lorajet


      I can relate to this.  I love being involved in the competitions on this fine site, but find I'm playing games that I'd probably rather put on the shelf.  I'm also doing more speed running than I'd like to.  I have a few games (very long ones) that I haven't played because of the time constraints. 

    2. starcrunch061


      If you have to do it, you have to do it. Hope you start enjoying your games again!

    3. Phil


      Yup. That'll happen when you put trophies over gaming. I know a few people who have been burnt out on it. I barely trophy hunt, so it works for me.

  6. Is it safe to say he was scarred by what he almost did and what did happen enough to send him into depression thus giving him a more cynical look at the Universe/the force?
  7. Wasn't batman season 1 already PlayStation plus?
  8. Film was shot beautifully expecially the third act on the mining planet. Loved the movie, very few scenes I would have changed
  9. Release the drone
  10. Good post, good point, and good presentation. Just to show you are right about the state of things my favorite games this year were death of the outsider, a hat in time, steamworld dig 2, shadow of war, hand of fate 2, horizon zero Dawn, and day of infamy. Look at that only 1 multiplayer game. EA doesn't know what it's doing anymore and I'm hesitant to buy any of their games now adays even if the trophy list is easy
  11. Might give me some insensitive to earn a trophy everyday
  12. Snipping tool, it's on most windows computers
  13. Yeah I got the Platinum last night only using dash and drop kick, not one single crash reported
  14. #85: squareboy vs Bullies arena edition Difficulty 2/10, game crashes a lot I am working on the guide for it now