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  1. And no collect all cards trophy so that's a plus
  2. Destiny poo
  3. I'm not saying spend a whole episode on the walking dead telltale game but I think people would appreciate some banter about easier platinums. I would definitely think about doing very* rare and above. That way you encompass more and aren't tied down to Ultras. On that note if you need someone to talk about the for honor, rock band 4 or guitar hero live platinum I'm your man.
  4. First video game I played was an archade cabinet of metal slug at a local bowling alley, use to play it every Saturday for 25 cents. Then the following Christmas I got an N64 and Diddy Kong racing was the first console game I ever played. So that was probably around 1999 when I started gaming
  5. It's a good idea, I think focusing only on difficult games will limit your content, I think including a multitude of games including easy to difficult would be preferable because it will include the people less into trophy hunting. You don't gotta bring in a guest for the easier games but I I'm sorry I got busy at work and I don't remember what I was gonna say after that. Anyways, I kick myself because I had a similar idea but a little more broader with video games to incompass more gamers. I think the point I was trying to make is if you limit yourself to only difficult games you are also limiting your viewer base. Maybe, I don't know I'm not a professional
  6. Been waiting on death of the outsider, may pick it up
  7. Oh hell yeah im the self proclaimed Scrabble king (but not really because I lose every time) Would you eat a red hot chili peppers' pepper?
  8. 10 Hitler mustaches getting burned off by hellfire out of 8 mice who are pirates sailing on a miniature version of the Queen Anne's Revenge
  9. It's all about status I got the Platinum first so I'm the best When in actuality We all lose Because the ending of LOST sucked
  10. Wish it was me!
  11. PS4 version has no multiplayer For the guy above me: final fantasy XV
  12. It's really not hot trash, the game is decent for a cod game. The campaign is well put together, the multiplayer is alright, and the zombies mode is decent. It's better than all the cods after bo2 to be honest. I'm personally enjoying the game, yes even the multiplayer. Just my input Edit: also headquarters is confusing? I don't even know what to say...
  13. Oh man infinite warfare 100% Legendary
  14. #82 rogue trooper redux Difficulty: 2/10 for some grind Enjoyment: 4/10 A simple game with a simple list, a little grinding in there but over all not bad. Buy it on a sale
  15. Stories: paths of destinies