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  1. I don't think you can get the hostages out of order because one unlocks after another after you save them right?
  2. If I had a nickel for every use of the "in a court of law" statement hahaha
  3. I believe both those trophies don't unlock till the end of the chapter for what ever reason
  4. Please state the reason you were flagged
  5. Thanks for correcting me, I could have sworn it was locked which is why I stuck to the guides for confirmation.
  6. You may be looking at the wrong thing, both linked guides in the posts here say PS3 required two playthroughs while PS4 only needs one. Also, hard and ultra violent are two different difficulty modes and I'm pretty sure that Hard is available from the start but not UV
  7. We are just looking for an explanation from you, the person disputing it. So far you haven't said anything that makes sense (whether it's from misspelling or poor sentence structure) so we have to piece things together ourselves. Please answer @starcrunch061 s question
  8. I'm kinda confused because you get sinister smush on defeating the last boss as you said, I'm not sure how people are doing all three of these trophies together on PS3 expecially because you have to play through the game twice which would mean getting sinister smush on your easy run
  9. Alright calm down, we are telling you that your trophies are too close together if you did two playthroughs, you unlock the final trophy for the campagin and uv minutes apart...
  10. Any one else not get what he's saying? I don't know what method you're talking about but both of the versions of the guide say 2 playthroughs for PS3 version. I guess we should wait to hear what a mod has to say @MMDE
  11. This doesn't help your case because this guide even says you have to play through it again...
  12. The trophies tell a different story, which I'm having trouble understanding tbh, if you played through the game a whole nother time those trophies shouldn't be so close together
  13. I've played both versions of Deadpool and like people have said before you cannot complete the game on ultra violent on the first playthrough and you have UV trophy and the front Gates of evil trophy minutes apart. Not possible on the PS3 version I'm pretty sure
  14. Shouldn't have lied...
  15. I think one thing that people forget when talking about popular games is that everyone has I different experience, I admit I frowned at a couple of people's over rated choices but I'm not gonna call them out. Of course the second I say that monster Hunter world isn't my style of game and say I liked horizon zero Dawn more I'm the bad guy. I think the most over rated game on the PS4 so far is the Witcher 3, I jumped into it at a time when I didn't have time to play games and had to really pick and choose, I ended up not enjoying it and I know that may banish me to hell. Please don't grill me I've heard everything and I'm tired of it tbh