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  1. I have to have a light on at night when gaming, I get migraines if it's dark and I'm looking at a bright screen (same when I'm at my computer as for tv)
  2. The police sergeant is unimportant? Okay hahaha everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I think you went into this game wanting to hate it because everyone else Love's it, I may be wrong but it's just a hunch (it's happened to me before tbh) I'd say give the game a chance but I think you've already made up your mind
  3. Hey everyone, this is the first game i've gotten a free key for that I was able to review! Huge thanks to the devs for gifting me this game and I really had a good amount of fun with it! Let me know what you guys think, is freaky awesome a pile of mutant excrement or doe it mutate into a beautiful flower?!
  4. EHEM, spoilers people. Burly Men At Sea is a interesting narrative driven game based on old folklore brought to life by Brian&Brian. The soothing music and colorful characters will make this multi-playthrough platinum a breeze. I am going to list all of the different paths you must take in order to obtain the platinum trophy, some you will have to repeat up to 4 times but the game is fast paced and goes by quickly. Note that only Three things can happen before the Creature at the end shows up EX) Whale, Rock dude, Storm, Creature Playthrough (PT) 1: Start your journey by pressing X on your boat, it will proceed to sail right and get eaten - Unlocks Great Barnacled one (Bronze) You have three choices here, stay, get barrels, or no barrels. Choose stay first, to do this just talk to the blue figures again and wait for the screen to go black - Unlocks the Path of Waiting (Bronze) Once you have exited the whale you will come to an island, journey up and click on the odd looking mountain, the mountain guy will go get flowers, walk back to your boat and he will stop you and give you flowers, click on the flowers - unlocks QUITE GOOD AT FLOWERS (Silver) You will sail off into a storm and mermaids will start singing, press\hold L2 to sink the boat - Unlocks She's a gonner Now you will meet the ending creature, meeting her the first time will unlock ...bearded Travelers (Gold) After everytime you see the creature you will be transported to an island with animals, hold L2 until you get to a red house with a door. Enter the door to start a new quest line (or playthrough). The cool thing about the game is that you can buy each adventure\quest line in book form by entering the codes on the books at their website, i wouldn't buy one but it is a nice thought. So now you will start to see a lot of "DO EVERYTHING THE SAME," this means to follow the last playthrough to the letter until there is a change, if you don't do this you may end up re-doing the same quest line\adventure which will get you NOTHING, YOU LOSE! Anyways, to start a new playthrough simply press on your boat again (it will be safely docked, just walk past the boy with the flute) PT 2: DO EVERYTHING THE SAME except for when you get to the mermaids HOLD R2 to continue your journey right, unlocks Womanfolk in the water (Silver) PT3: DO EVERYTHING THE SAME up to the rock dude, when he goes to get the flowers go to your boat once again but this time when he sets down the 'flowers' click on your boat. Unlocks QUITE GOOD AT THROWING (Silver) you will now be on a branch and a monster will come up underneath you to try and eat you, hold L2 to unlock Foilded by the Tree (silver) you will meet the end creature once again and unlock Well Met... (Gold) PT4: DO EVERYTHING THE SAME except HOLD R2 at the Monster from beneath to unlock Poor Beastie (Silver), ending creature appears PT5: Time to change it up, get eaten by the whale but this time go all the way to the left to get the barrels, put them on and exit through center door, pull uvula to exit - Unlocks Wooden Trousers (Bronze) you will find yourself in a race with the Grim Reaper, hold X on the Grim Reaper to Win the race and unlock The long way (Silver) note that the next part has had a few things added because when I did it myself I wasn't paying close attention to what I was doing, it has been updated with correct notes After a while you will be sucked into a vortex, hold L2 while burly men are at the top until vortex disappears - Unlocks Out of the Deepening Darkness (Silver) End creature will appear PT6: DO EVERYTHING THE SAME except at the vortex hold R2 until it is skinny (this makes this scene go faster) and then hold L2 to widen it before it gets too skinny, have the men sucked into the depths DO NOT DO THIS WHILE THE MEN ARE AT THE TOP OF THE SCREEN, Unlocks Into the Deepening Darkness (Silver) PT7: DO EVERTHING THE SAME up to the grim reaper, now hold X on the lead Burly man to lose the race - Unlocks Complimentary Trip to the afterlife (Silver) he will take you to a cave where a blue light will appear, go all the way to the right until there are two doors, press L2 to choose the Left door - Unlocks Getting your beards wet (Silver) Creature shows up PT8: DO EVERYTHING THE SAME until the Flame lights up the two passage ways, press R2 to go down the right door - Unlocks The Back Door (Silver) Creature shows up PT9: These last few playthroughs are a bit more involved which is why i saved them for last. So, enter the whale and leave through center door without barrels Unlocks Fountain of the Faithless (Bronze) you will come across a green island that turns out to be a giant jellyfish, let it get frustrated by pressing x on a tentacle when he grabs a burly man , he will then capture all the men and take you down to the depths - Unlocks Vengeance Satisfied (Silver) Now some seals who turn you into seals, do not stay together (hold R2 until spell is broken) unlocks In need of assistance (Silver) Creature at end shows up PT10: DO EVERYTHING THE SAME except stick together while turned into seals (hold R2 for a bit then let go, hold R2 for a bit and let go) if done correctly the men should reach a small rock island - Unlocks Nice Day (Silver) Creature arrives PT11: DO EVERYTHING THE SAME until the jellyfish battle, this time when it tries to grab a burly man and misses hold X on the tentacle, a man will come over and grab it. Repeat for other tentacle - unlocks A bargain to make (Silver) Now you will be transported to a waterfall, open the waterfall with L2 and speak to the old man. Once the waterfalls close again hold L2 to open them up again - unlocks Thus is thy fate sealed (Silver) Creature will show up PT12: DO EVERYTHING THE SAME except this time after you talk to the old man the 1st time click on the RAFT to leave - Unlocks Begone! (Silver) Once last trophy unlocks you will also unlock Ye've done it (Platinum) Creature will show up with Different dialogue Old man will also have different dialogue END GAME There you go guys, it took me about 2 hours without a guide so it really wasn't that bad, it just took some time to figure out the Jellyfish fight. Hope this guide is useful -Muskratateer-
  5. Hey all I upload a review of Halloween Forever on my YouTube channel, I'd appreciate any feedback!  


  6. Check out my soundcloud for podcast listening on the go!  


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  7. I'd recommend Halloween forever

  8. Hey guys I wanted to share my podcast with you all, the most recent one was with Cronocyde! I usually interview/talk with other small YouTubers.  No obligation to listen just thought I'd throw it out there! Ferret Business Podcast:

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  9. I'm pretty sure he's dead right?
  10. I don't think you can get the hostages out of order because one unlocks after another after you save them right?
  11. If I had a nickel for every use of the "in a court of law" statement hahaha
  12. I believe both those trophies don't unlock till the end of the chapter for what ever reason
  13. Please state the reason you were flagged
  14. Thanks for correcting me, I could have sworn it was locked which is why I stuck to the guides for confirmation.
  15. You may be looking at the wrong thing, both linked guides in the posts here say PS3 required two playthroughs while PS4 only needs one. Also, hard and ultra violent are two different difficulty modes and I'm pretty sure that Hard is available from the start but not UV
  16. We are just looking for an explanation from you, the person disputing it. So far you haven't said anything that makes sense (whether it's from misspelling or poor sentence structure) so we have to piece things together ourselves. Please answer @starcrunch061 s question
  17. I'm kinda confused because you get sinister smush on defeating the last boss as you said, I'm not sure how people are doing all three of these trophies together on PS3 expecially because you have to play through the game twice which would mean getting sinister smush on your easy run
  18. Alright calm down, we are telling you that your trophies are too close together if you did two playthroughs, you unlock the final trophy for the campagin and uv minutes apart...
  19. Any one else not get what he's saying? I don't know what method you're talking about but both of the versions of the guide say 2 playthroughs for PS3 version. I guess we should wait to hear what a mod has to say @MMDE
  20. This doesn't help your case because this guide even says you have to play through it again...
  21. The trophies tell a different story, which I'm having trouble understanding tbh, if you played through the game a whole nother time those trophies shouldn't be so close together
  22. I've played both versions of Deadpool and like people have said before you cannot complete the game on ultra violent on the first playthrough and you have UV trophy and the front Gates of evil trophy minutes apart. Not possible on the PS3 version I'm pretty sure
  23. Shouldn't have lied...
  24. I think one thing that people forget when talking about popular games is that everyone has I different experience, I admit I frowned at a couple of people's over rated choices but I'm not gonna call them out. Of course the second I say that monster Hunter world isn't my style of game and say I liked horizon zero Dawn more I'm the bad guy. I think the most over rated game on the PS4 so far is the Witcher 3, I jumped into it at a time when I didn't have time to play games and had to really pick and choose, I ended up not enjoying it and I know that may banish me to hell. Please don't grill me I've heard everything and I'm tired of it tbh