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  1. Check out the Top 15 Games of 2021 video here (or in Podcast form on my podcast Ferret64)!

  2. My favorite video to make every year :) 


    1. IntroPhenom


      An hour and a half video?  That's a lot of time to ask of a viewer.

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Laura Bailey was just brilliant as Abby. And I agree game definitely makes an impect. 

    3. YemmytheFerret


      @IntroPhenom Well it is a podcast episode first, video second.

  3. Today's YemmyCast premieres at 4pm EST so set your reminders Below! I talk about Yoshi's crafted world, DriveClub shutdown, BioWares apology, E3 news, The Mega Drive Classic announcement, and so much more!  Hope to see you there!!

    1. effdeegee



      BioWare’s. I’m quite intoxicated. 

    2. YemmytheFerret


      you are correct

  4. I semi-grudgingly bought New Dawn today for half off on Steam, so far i'm enjoying my time with it but i had the same experience with Farcry 5 and ended up disliking it. We shall see how it goes eh?
  5. New episode of YemmyCast is up now, talked about Sekiro and so much more!  


  6. New episode of Yemmycast up now, changed things up a little on the YouTube side of things! 



  7. New episode of Yemmycast now on Spotify, talked about Free Solo, Anthem, Division 2, and Apex legends! 


  8. Which Resident Evil 2 campaign do you all like the best?  I've played through Leon and Claire's A Stories, and enjoyed Claire's a bit more personally, liked the guns better too

    1. SaltyCat


      I despise how Clair holds one of her guns to the side of her hip, it annoys me, a bit random, yeah-
      I have always liked Claire's story more in RE2, same with the remake.

    2. YemmytheFerret
    3. SaltyCat


      It is a pistol, can't fully remember it

  9. New episode of Yemmycast up today talking about anthem, Reggie, and more! 


  10. Hey everyone, you can now listen to my Video game podcast now on Spotify!  


  11. Do I need to mention that I played the first call of duty back when it first came out so I already knew the levels? Haha x) either way works
  12. hey everyone who may or may not care! New episode of yemmycast out now number 5 give it a watch if you want lots of great news today! 


  13. Hey everyone who has eyes I started up a new podcast on my channel simply called YemmyCast: A Video Game Podcast, releasing every wednesday at 10am EST.  There is usually one bigger topic with several smaller news articles attachted to the episode, check it out if you want, all feedback is appreciated!  here is episode 3