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  1. @dernop was correct, I used only dash and didn't have one crash.
  2. I believe counter sniping is just killing some one else using a sniper rifle with a sniper rifle
  3. Compared to yooka laylee, a hat in time is the 3d platformer rebirth we needed. It's fun, it's made with care, and it's got really great level design. It is a bit over priced though but I think it's worth it
  4. A person can have a wrong opinion, can they not?
  5. Thanks I'll have to try that
  6. I had final fantasy xv but I didn't play too much of it, the over all style of the game wasn't for me. oh well
  7. Actually it's pretty short, the first recording was about 1 hr 15ish. I mean i could have made it ten minutes where i just quickly list off the games but that's not my style. I love games and I want to give each of these games the time of day to try and sell them as their respective numbers and why they deserve the spot
  8. ah, well I will have to remember that for next year I am adding Time stamps, hopefully that helps
  9. Not sure what you mean, that's exactly what I did
  10. Your opinion sure but You are wrong Very wrong
  11. Some took well into the scene to be fully rendered and sounds to be there as well. For a game that is literally a movie it should be done perfectly in all honesty, you shouldn't be giving this a pass
  12. It's a movie there should be no trouble rendering scenes that literally are the same every time you play it. this should bother you
  13. I gave it a 3 in my review, short review: story was boring, choices only matter at the end of the game, graphics take too long to render for cut scenes (a lot of scenes start looking like playdough then get better while rendering), bad voice acting, and unlike 'late shift' which is a narrative movie game that came out earlier this year I didn't enjoy playing the last frontier Here's my video review of it if you want more details:
  14. Bionka is definitely slower
  15. Good review over all but you gotta work on that sentence structure; lots of run on sentences and a lot of repeated or Misplaced words. I suggest reading what you write out loud and hearing what It sounds like so simple mistakes like these can be found and rewritten/fixed. Example: The game problems the game has can be summed up with the bad choice of where you get the "Good karma" points, in the game you get ether a white or black flash, the black is for bad and the white good, the game has a bad time showing if you done enough good or bad, as the good ones pop up if you look about the place and or if you get to a random dead end with nothing but a dead body with nothing there at all. That is all one sentence with a lot of commas making it hard to read along with the first part of the sentence not making much sense.
  16. Has some very nice rare plats
  17. Rouge trooper redux #41 Super hot #15 Deformers #30 That's it for now
  18. Sorry not happening to me, have you tried syncing your trophies after you start up the game?
  19. No problem, I'm gonna go ahead and give ya a sub, you're a nice dude
  20. I'd go with a beanie, always liked them better than caps
  22. Hey bud, every time you update this post I usually click on the latest video but I'm not a let's play fan so I'm not gonna subscribe or anything; I do have one critique and I hope you don't take offense to it. You gotta take that light that shines directly on your scalp and either dim it or turn it off. The shine from your forehead is very distracting and maybe it's just me but idk. I've been on YouTube for a while now and I can say that you are on a good path, keep doing what you do and the subscribers will come! Hit me up if you wanna play some rocket league sometime
  23. I grew up with 3D platformers and they are still one of my favorite genres in gaming and I was just wondering what are your favorite genres and favorite games in that genre? Mines easy, banjo kazooie 64 is my all time favorite game ever, love it to death. I also liked psyconauts in the platformer genre. For open world games I still enjoy red dead redemption, I'm really looking forward to the new one. So have at it, post as many genre/game combo you want! If there's already a post like this sorry, I did a search and nothing came up
  24. Your best bet is to hold off on completing stage 6 and send your orcs into the pits to level up, you may also want to level up more yourself