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  1. I wish I had the time and patience to grind this out but alas, it will be a while before I get the plat
  2. We broke up for about 4 hours and I realized that she only fell to the pressure Because I wasn't paying attention to her and what she needed which is why I can confirm it was partially my fault like I said. Also, I should mention that there was no physical contact with the dude they were sending messages to each other and some pictures so it was easier to get past. Everything has been working out since then and we are going on 6 years together now
  3. Nope hopefully I'll never have to learn Have you seen a leprechaun?
  4. With all the talk about loot boxes going around right now, what are your thoughts on the subject?
  5. If it hasn't been said Ready Player One is my all time favorite book and it the future and virtual reality, being made into a movie soon but totally read the book first! Another book I enjoy is fallen angels by Walter Dean Myers, it's about the Vietnam war. Finally, a book I really enjoyed was called pirate latitudes by michael crichton. A great pirate story with a killer ending.
  6. First movie that comes to mind is "baby driver," make it like a need for speed except it's finding different ways to escape the cops. Another one that shot into my mind was the movie "John wick" just a seriously bloody movie that could be an fps And I know the assassin's Creed series is a game first but the movie sucked so bad...I would like to see the Spanish Inquisition in video game form though
  7. was cheated on a while ago but we have worked things out. I know people have said that the other tries to pin it on you for them cheating but this was totally partially my fault, I was too busy with trophy hunting so I've taken a step back and mostly play games for fun again. You have to figure out if you truely love the person your with it if you feel fine moving on, I figured that once I improved myself it'll all work out and it has. The only thing that still bothers me is the thought of how the guy must have felt getting my girlfriend to cheat on me. Turns my stomach around like someone punched me in the gut with a steak knife. It's getting better but sometimes the thought won't go away.
  8. Can assassin's Creed 3 technically fit here? I know a majority of the game is becoming an assassin and fighting the revolutionary war but a good portion is also finding your father
  9. Best buy sent out an ad that said $25
  10. I loved the Deadpool video game, I dont know where the "less than stellar reviews" comes from
  11. I've broken two headsets due to me stepping on the chord when going to stand up, it's no fun. Best investment ever was getting a wireless. I have a turtle Beach earforce stealth 420x for PS4 of course. Charges pretty quickly and I get about 2 full days of gaming before having to charge them. Now, I don't have many PSN friends so I don't use it a ton but it's a quality headset
  12. Yeah Would you shake hands with Edward scissorhands?
  13. I've taken a step back from trophy hunting but video games will always be a big part of my life
  14. Bioshock infinite 100%, now that's impressive
  15. 83 sneezing sharks out of 15 unused plastic bags
  16. Didn't rockstar say they were working on a Superman game? I still want a plastic man game even though that'll never happen Just think about it, a whole game where he fights...the kite gang? I think having another Deadpool style game would be great and plastic man is just the guy to do it.
  17. I've been pretty lenient on loot boxes and what not but this has me seriously thinking of not buying the game
  18. Superman? Meh, give me an plastic man game then I'll be impressed
  19. How do you delete other people's posts?
  20. I'll eventually pick it up again, thanks for the info!
  21. That wall running one with Lucio made me rage quit the game
  22. There was a pretty big update last night for me so that may be why it stopped working
  23. 7 kids screaming PICkLE RICk out of 5 Minecraft let's players watching Minecraft porn
  24. No Would you lick guy fieri's head?