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  1. The police sergeant is unimportant? Okay hahaha everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I think you went into this game wanting to hate it because everyone else Love's it, I may be wrong but it's just a hunch (it's happened to me before tbh) I'd say give the game a chance but I think you've already made up your mind


  2. Hey everyone, this is the first game i've gotten a free key for that I was able to review!  Huge thanks to the devs for gifting me this game and I really had a good amount of fun with it!  Let me know what you guys think, is freaky awesome a pile of mutant excrement or doe it mutate into a beautiful flower?!


  3. 2 hours ago, Snokes said:


    I wasn't trying to defend the OP in any way, and I'm well aware of the inconsistencies and question dodging throughout the whole thread. It's just that people were saying that completing Ultra-Violence! on your first run was downright impossible on PS3. If this case were to be used as any sort of precedent, then a lot of innocent people could potentially be flagged in the future. It seemed that nobody making any claims on this still had a copy of the game, so I just took it upon myself to verify since I still had mine sitting on my shelf.


    If you ask me, this dispute is all bunco, especially with those BioShock timestamps brought into light (I too am a BioShock fan). I just personally wasn't comfortable with falsities being used as facts.

    Thanks for correcting me, I could have sworn it was locked which is why I stuck to the guides for confirmation. 


  4. 3 minutes ago, Senor_T_Dub said:

    If he is claiming that he played on easy and then UV there is no way his timestamps are possible. That said, UV is selectable from the beginning on the PS3 version, I only did one playthrough and got the UV difficulty trophy 1 minute after the Sinister Smush trophy. I think the trophy guide on is incorrect, even within the thread someone raises the question about when UV is available. The guide here on psnprofiles says “if you want to reduce the number of playthroughs, start on hard difficulty (ultra violence).” Also the guide on says only 1 playthrough is needed. Also, while not entirely applicable, the Xbox360 guides I saw also show a need for only one playthrough. I don’t have a copy of the game, but could acquire one and boot it up without a save if needed.

    You may be looking at the wrong thing, both linked guides in the posts here say PS3 required two playthroughs while PS4 only needs one.  Also, hard and ultra violent are two different difficulty modes and I'm pretty sure that Hard is available from the start but not UV


  5. 14 minutes ago, UTKA_BLACK said:

    You're saying it's impossible because you played the game differently. You need to find someone who was also someone you can trust.

    We are just looking for an explanation from you, the person disputing it.  So far you haven't said anything that makes sense (whether it's from misspelling or poor sentence structure) so we have to piece things together ourselves.  Please answer @starcrunch061 s question


  6. 17 minutes ago, MMDE said:


    What you say don't reflect your trophy list.




    You get A Sinister smush when you defeat the last boss.


    I will check how common this is.



    I checked the last 50 achievers, and 14 of them had the same pattern as UTKA_BLACK, and another 16 on page 2. So that's 30 out of the last 100...

    I'm kinda confused because you get sinister smush on defeating the last boss as you said, I'm not sure how people are doing all three of these trophies together on PS3 expecially because you have to play through the game twice which would mean getting sinister smush on your easy run


  7. 3 minutes ago, UTKA_BLACK said:



    complete on EASY---unlock uv-diff!!


    And go on UV-Difficulty

    Alright calm down, we are telling you that your trophies are too close together if you did two playthroughs, you unlock the final trophy for the campagin and uv minutes apart...


  8. 1 minute ago, UTKA_BLACK said:

    And what?

    It doesn't prove anything. Pass on easy , and then witness would open this uv-diff..i not alone with this method !!  

    Any one else not get what he's saying? 

    I don't know what method you're talking about but both of the versions of the guide say 2 playthroughs for PS3 version.  I guess we should wait to hear what a mod has to say @MMDE

    3 minutes ago, UTKA_BLACK said:



  9. 1 minute ago, UTKA_BLACK said:

    Yon complete on easy, and opened uv-dificulty.. and do all upgrade , and after complete uv-dv

    The trophies tell a different story, which I'm having trouble understanding tbh, if you played through the game a whole nother time those trophies shouldn't be so close together