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  1. Factions was like my comfort food. It was the only multiplayer I play, and essentially why I kept subscribing to Plus for so long. There's nothing that hooked me as much as this did. The reason why I anticipated TLoU 2 so much was for Factions, and with me playing over 1000 hours on the original I considered it integral to the series. TLoU just isn't TLoU without it. It was considered underrated and was revered by its players, and knowing they've confirmed it for Part 2 back in 2018, and were even hiring new people to work on the MP specifically, this news is legit really disheartening and steered me from a day one purchase to waiting for a discount or potential remaster for PS5.
  2. I just did the workaround trick yesterday by playing the "Home Improvement for Beginners" mission and still got the trophy, so I can confirm this exploit is still valid. It essentially made this a 10 seconds trophy.
  3. Bought a brand new PS4 Pro for 50$ off two months ago. Some might say it's a little too late to grab a PS4 at this stage of the generation, and I also won't deny the PS5 is a few steps away. I'm just expecting that the Pro will keep me busy until the inevitable PS5 Pro.
  4. Technically, the Last of Us, as it came with the console, but I actually bought my PS4 for Megadimension Nep and all future Nepper adventures.
  5. Turns out I'm actually a dorodere. You pretend to be loving and caring on the outside, but on the inside you're rather twisted. Unlike the Yandere and Yangire, you don't act on your tendencies. You're rather grim and morbid. You're not necessarily cold, but your mind goes in insane directions... For the most part, the thoughts stay as thoughts, but they're still very dark. You may laugh at things that other's may find rather saddening or anger inducing. However, I actually see myself more as a kuudere-type.
  6. The Last of Us' platinum trophy. Have it on PS4, doing it on PS3 now. The multiplayer grind is demoralizing. One screw-up and you can lose >10 hours of progress.
  7. I'm kind of glad Rockstar hasn't forgetten to add a new heist after the initial five, but man, it's been over seven months after my getting 100%, and I'm already kind of burned out just by thinking of having to go back to the game and collect more trophies. How much time did I spend, 200 hours? Not that I hated it, mind you, but having to talk and recruit people to work on heists with was so excruciatingly painful and laborious, and the idea of having to do that again completely steers me away from getting the new trophies. Maaaaaybe I'll get the first five and leave the last three alone. As far as my knowledge goes, to get the Obliteration trophy, you'll need to personally purchase: - A facility (minimum $1.25 million) - Orbital cannon add-on ($900,000) - Just to use the cannon ($750,000 for a guaranteed kill)
  8. Whenever an NPC shoots a weapon, it actually adds to your Bullets Fired stat. It doesn't matter whether it shoots towards you or another NPC, it still adds to your total. I've learned this the hard way when I was shooting the white crates with 100 bullets after collecting all 80 packages, and finding in the stats page I somehow fired 62 bullets instead. I had to start a new game over again, and spent two hours on absolutely nothing. Some places you should really take caution: Little Havana, Little Haiti, Airport, Police Station Make sure you all keep multiple save files handy in case a gang member or a cop shoots towards you, and occasionally check your stats page to verify if it's exactly at zero. Good luck!
  9. That's what we used to call NX users back then (believe me, it's even on Urban Dictionary), because practically everyone was on mesos equipment. They were as elusive as unicorns—newbies would spot one, and they'd promptly jump up on them for the opportunity to plead for spare mesos and free NX. Y'all got it easy today, because Nexon gives away NX items like freaking candy. You'd never imagine that in '06. I quit playing as a level 42 Swordsman. How much does that convert to? I think like, over 5982 hours, and a whole lot of regrets and bad school grades lol.
  10. Used to play around '06 to '08 before shifting my gaming time to Xbox and Halo 3. After school, I always ran back home just to grind more on mushrooms and whatnot. I left the computer on all day just to avoid waiting for the game and computer to boot. Nowadays, I just hang around private servers pre-v0.62. Modern MapleStory is like an entirely different entity—I don't even recognize anything at all. Everyone's a freaking "NX wh0re," for god's sake.
  11. This hits harder than P.T. >.<