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  1. Add Team Sonic Racing to the Sonic series, it's missing for reason at all
  2. Can confirm, the method above works. The second to last fight of the game is a massive pain tho, I stood no chance solo Got lucky with a group and *ding*
  3. This error has occurred many times previously, and has eventually fixed itself. It's likely we'll get days of actual uptime sometime before closure
  4. Yeah I'm waiting to see if it betters, if not then it's still doable even if it fucks up half the time
  5. @EdinhoNRight now it really isn't worth doing anything unless you can pop it all in one game. When we do get uptime, you should focus on getting missions done, then doing Operations and prepping every multi-match Lore challenge (the ones that require saving of stats)
  6. Yeah it's back to being horrid now. There was a period of a few hours yesterday where everything worked fine for me
  7. The stat message is appearing, but the games are saving right now. I know, as I've gotten multiple trophies and lore challenges done and they've remained finished in the stat pages
  8. My games are saving for the most part right now, get it while it's hot
  9. Do not play Kiwami 2 before 0. You'll lose so much of the impact in the Majima Saga
  10. Actually, @PhantomDreams it was later discovered that the parakeet wasn't needed after all, seeing as you can make them extinct
  11. Oooh a thread for me 😀 Add me in! I got 3 plats, 0, Kiwami 1 and 2. Eager to play the third installment later this year
  12. I can confirm that The Witness 1.0 is unplayable. Freezes during the opening cinematics
  13. I need hearts and plays for this level: https://lbp.me/v/q3ngce5 I'll go through the last few pages and heart/play levels this week EDIT: I am now done
  14. @HakoomYou can unlock bombs for all planes, but your best bet is to use the ones that are on Fjell 652, as they already got bombs unlocked. You need to kill the person sitting in either an AA turret or another stationary weapon
  15. @GizMo_The_Great Probably easier to just play the bomber planes on the map Fjell 652, since you don't need to rank them up to get bombs. Main issue for me is that no one actually uses the AAs