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  1. As I stated here, this is the type of functionality that will die, as it pertains to Ubis servers, whereas the matchmaking is through PSN. The dailies are no longer being issued, and when the timer for the weekly expires, it'll suffer the same fate.
  2. Rayman is an interesting case. Even if the challenges were hard coded into the game (not issued by the servers), the whole scoring mechanism of the challenges is based on leaderboards. However, we don't know they've set this up. It could very well be that this is hosted on the same platform they host challenges for PS4, Xbox and so on. Rayman had its PC challenges shut down for a few years now, I actually think it's pretty likely that they would have killed PS3 at that point, if it happened to be a separate thing.
  3. It's not unlikely that many of the Ubis will still continue working. Most games strictly use P2P through PSNs own systems, meaning that there essentially are no servers. I'm fairly certain Ubi shut of some of their old UPlay infrastructure (which is where they host the MP on their PC platform), and that only features that would interact with that system would die on console. As an example, I wouldn't be surprised if ShadowNET challenges on Blacklist dies, but the mp itself will continue working. Games with leaderboards and so on, will most likely bite the dust though. Not to say this is definitely the case. It's pretty likely what happened to Batman Arkham Origins, where it "shut down", but only certain features actually died.
  4. While 7 Days to Die may bite the dust, it won't go completely unobtainable, as the online trophy can be done vs a shopkeeper if you go back a few patches on the NA version. This method is actually way faster than boosting it as well. Only downside to not playing it with the servers intact is you lose the ability to duplicate items by trading back and forth with other players.
  5. @Bumperklever queue up with your alt 10 seconds after main, you will be able to rematch
  6. The game doesn't seem to be available in all storefronts, I had to get mine through my NA account. So if you have trouble sourcing it on your region, check elsewhere.
  7. @EdinhoN I'm fairly certain the discs just acts as a license entitling you to the content, similar to how you can still get some delisted games through codes. So long as the content isn't pulled from the servers (P.T situation), it'll probably be all good.
  9. Apparently only the main game (both Train Sim 2020 and Train Sim World 2) are getting totally delisted. All the DLC will be rebranded with TS3 logo, but backwards compatible with the older games. If this is correct, it shouldn't be too much of an issue, maybe outside the second list for TSW2, that has region stacking for some reason.
  10. I recommend you guys take a step back and stop attempting to get this trophy as early as physically possible. I got mine today, and never grinded any contracts. Simply start working on the singleplayer, you'll most likely get Ace from playing through the campaign on Veteran. The game is fairly short, easily beaten in a day.
  11. Fruit Ninja Series: Fruit Ninja vita Fruit Ninja VR
  12. Not the first time, Yakuza 7 had DLC trophies in Asia. I do fear this is the start of them shoveling out DLC though, they've been pretty bad with MTX lately, and now that they've opened the can of worms that is DLC trophies, who knows how many we'll see. For Lost Judgment, expect at least more trophies for Kaito, possibly more low effort stuff like girlfriends also.
  13. Since I never got any kind of response mentioning it previously - I feel like the logical location to have LEGO Rockband is the Rockband series NOT the LEGO series. I think moving it would appease both fanbases here
  14. The pool isn't as bad as people make it sound. It's a problem of framerate AND the deadzone on newer controllers. Do yourself a favor and play it via remoteplay to vita or via another controller like a Hori gamepad. You'll notice it being ALOT better about the shots going everywhere. It is a feature in the ps3 games too, but only if you really go hard to a side.
  15. I think it might be a good idea to move LEGO Rockband from the LEGO Series to the Rockband Series. Seeing as we currently only have the option to have games in 1 series, it makes sense to pick the series that best fits the game.While yes, the game contains LEGO characters, it is undeniably a Rock Band game first and foremost. I suggest shifting it over to have the game fit in the series better suits the gameplay and overall premise of the game