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  1. Do not play Kiwami 2 before 0. You'll lose so much of the impact in the Majima Saga
  2. Actually, @PhantomDreams it was later discovered that the parakeet wasn't needed after all, seeing as you can make them extinct
  3. Oooh a thread for me 😀 Add me in! I got 3 plats, 0, Kiwami 1 and 2. Eager to play the third installment later this year
  4. I can confirm that The Witness 1.0 is unplayable. Freezes during the opening cinematics
  5. I need hearts and plays for this level: https://lbp.me/v/q3ngce5 I'll go through the last few pages and heart/play levels this week EDIT: I am now done
  6. @HakoomYou can unlock bombs for all planes, but your best bet is to use the ones that are on Fjell 652, as they already got bombs unlocked. You need to kill the person sitting in either an AA turret or another stationary weapon
  7. @GizMo_The_Great Probably easier to just play the bomber planes on the map Fjell 652, since you don't need to rank them up to get bombs. Main issue for me is that no one actually uses the AAs
  8. I just spent an hour or so trying to get Method 1 to work. All attempts ended in a failed download and a; "NW-31468-2" error code after preparing to download 1%. This problem seems to have resolved itself once I put my PC in the DMZ, so definitely give that a try. I also disabled some network adapters left over from virtual box servers, I have no idea if these had any impact,.
  9. Especially seeing as you can buy 500k kW for 222k gill
  10. @PhantomDreams flying around in the swamp. Super rare, not needed if you do a Guarma bird instead
  11. Not needed, but I swear I found the Fer De Lance there around Thieves Landing. I have no reason to lie about this
  12. @Letenko22 For the big grind, yes. Not for the Hit list trophy and some dlc
  13. @Letenko22As I said, your connection probably is fine, but the way warhawk percieves it is iffy, it's an old game after all. how about hosting a game on your other account and joining with main?
  14. @Letenko22 This usually happens when your internet connectivity is sub par. It might not even be that it is bad, but something about it makes Warhawk annoyed by the looks of it. Have you tried changing NAT type?
  15. Guarma native animals are not needed indeed, at least from what I can gather