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  1. I recommend you guys take a step back and stop attempting to get this trophy as early as physically possible. I got mine today, and never grinded any contracts. Simply start working on the singleplayer, you'll most likely get Ace from playing through the campaign on Veteran. The game is fairly short, easily beaten in a day.
  2. Fruit Ninja Series: Fruit Ninja vita Fruit Ninja VR
  3. Not the first time, Yakuza 7 had DLC trophies in Asia. I do fear this is the start of them shoveling out DLC though, they've been pretty bad with MTX lately, and now that they've opened the can of worms that is DLC trophies, who knows how many we'll see. For Lost Judgment, expect at least more trophies for Kaito, possibly more low effort stuff like girlfriends also.
  4. Since I never got any kind of response mentioning it previously - I feel like the logical location to have LEGO Rockband is the Rockband series NOT the LEGO series. I think moving it would appease both fanbases here
  5. The pool isn't as bad as people make it sound. It's a problem of framerate AND the deadzone on newer controllers. Do yourself a favor and play it via remoteplay to vita or via another controller like a Hori gamepad. You'll notice it being ALOT better about the shots going everywhere. It is a feature in the ps3 games too, but only if you really go hard to a side.
  6. I think it might be a good idea to move LEGO Rockband from the LEGO Series to the Rockband Series. Seeing as we currently only have the option to have games in 1 series, it makes sense to pick the series that best fits the game.While yes, the game contains LEGO characters, it is undeniably a Rock Band game first and foremost. I suggest shifting it over to have the game fit in the series better suits the gameplay and overall premise of the game
  7. I've been having the same problem on one of my systems. I even changed password, then it worked to log in once, but failed immediately the second time I think it's just another hickup and eventually you'll get going. This, alongside no purchase button and long stretches of 80710016 errors (which you can bypass if you continue to attempt logins for a while) shows some pretty scary neglect of the platform
  8. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/12791-judgment Needs adding into:https://psnprofiles.com/series/127-yakuza/
  9. Oh neat, more Yakuza series discussion πŸ˜… I noticed the order was changed to place 0 after 5 and realised something must have gone down here. I thought I'd chime in: I keep seeing this argument for separating 1/2 with the Kiwamis. Although I know the differences very well, I don't agree with them being separated. Why? Mostly clutter tbh. They're different sure, but the Kiwami games were made to allow new fans (from 0) to follow the games chronologically without pulling out an old dusty PS2. I think it's a shame we didn't get the HD collection in the west, but I don't agree with the notion that we should tell everyone to play the moonrune version here. Normal people looking to play the games for story won't do that. This somewhat ties into why I disagree with having 0 after 5 in the order. 0 (with kiwamis) was made to give new players a change to jump in on a series which otherwise would seem very intimidating based on the numbered entries and multiple platforms. 0 is surely considered the intended starting point at this point. However much/little you agree to it personally. Which raises the question, what's the logic behind the ordering of the stages? Is it the order games should be played? Chronological? Release date? Either way, I'm not trying to be pedantic, I just think it's wise to set a precedent on these matters, so we don't get these pointless arguments every other week. I believe most people use the series stages to plot out what game to do first, and as such I would personally like to see the ordering change reverted. At the end of the day, I think this should be the purpose of the feature, and that we shouldn't nitpick it too much.
  10. Something weird happened to Yakuza 5 PS3 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1746-ιΎγŒε¦‚γ5-ε€’εΆγˆγ—θ€…/ This is a shared list across all regions, and used to be it didn't have the AS region marking. Now it does. Previously it would default to English language for the trophies (everywhere except the guide). Don't know what's up here, but it shouldn't have a regional stack marker either way.
  11. Yeah painite is terrible atm. I've been doing Robigo passenger missions for a while now. It's very slow, but dependable. Currently at 3.4B credits. I recommend making it into a daily grind, because it's very tedious, I do 100M per day myself
  12. I know it's been brought up before (alongside with a slew of other suggestions for the series), but I really think Judgement and its region stack should be included in the Yakuza series. Although not connected through characters and story, they share the same gameplay, the same world. They are much more connected than tons of other games that have been bundled into their own series, and right now Judgement is just a standalone list with no series to call home 😞 I've seen other people suggest Fist of the North Star for the series as well, which I personally disagree with. It's similar, like Judgement, yes. But it slots in nicely with the other Fist games in their respective series imo. Anyways I hope you guys take it into consideration. I don't think there's any fans out there that would argue against having Judgement in the "No Stage" portion of the series πŸ˜„
  13. Thank you! This makes a lot more sense
  14. Requesting a revision on the Middle-earth series: https://psnprofiles.com/series/33-middle-earth/EliasR991 Recently, Guardians of Middle-earth was added, for no apparent reason other than having a similar name. This game has nothing to to with the Talion games, and I find its addition to be pointless, it's just not the same series. I suggest either reverting the decision, adding Guardians to the already established LOTR series: https://psnprofiles.com/series/630-the-lord-of-the-rings/RBK_94 OR Removing the Middle-earth series entirely, adding all the games to the LOTR series mentioned above. Hopefully we get this sorted πŸ˜„
  15. Currently no Burnout series. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1060-burnout-crash alongside Paradise: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/483-burnout-paradise https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7364-burnout-paradise-remastered https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7363-burnout-paradise-remastered