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  1. Now this game is out just wondering if anyone has been able to test if any trophies Auto Pop from PS4 to ps5. I know it does not have cross save I can see but wasn't sure if it was able to read it some other way and poo trophies. I assume not which is fine by me.
  2. This worked, absolute legend thank you
  3. As people have mentioned did all the questers in the main map earlier on and late game in Truth Quest you get new activities on the original map which I have done all of. Interesting it took them a month to patch before so just wait on that I guess. On my ps5 the dlc trophies don't even have a name or icon lol. Guess got to give Tripwire time...
  4. Hi everyone just a heads up / word of warning. Went through the dlc today and loved it to bits, kept crashing in the later parts but guessing that will be fixed in a patch but just be aware doing infamy 5 stuff. Completed the dlc 100% but still missing the following trophies. Island Queen, I can handle the truth!, Apex Predator and Perfect Timing. I remember hearing about the main game trophies being glitched early on so assume this is a thing they will patch but just interested to hear if others have issues. I played PS5 version only for Truth Quest so far. As always appreciate if people have help on this topic 🙂
  5. I'm having this same issue, everything else done and on the verge of 100 runs. I read in another forum it could be to do with looking at Patrocolus entry in the codex but swear j have done that a bunch. Will keep trying
  6. As someone who has played a couple hundred hours on switch I would say its a good and fair list, expect at least 80hrs min for plat in my opinion but interested to see what others think.
  7. Looking at the list it seems easy enough, similar to the Phoenix Wright list but not sure how to Trophies like beating the game in all outfits will be?
  8. Legend, had all pop but the two Upgrade trophies so loaded the final chapter and those popped straight away!
  9. Hello, just wondering if anyone has had the chance to play the DLC and earn trophies for the DLC on PS5, then switched to the PS5 version and whether they autopop or whether the dlc has a save transfer and autopops that way? Any answer on this would be highly appreciate.
  10. Playing it atm and useful to know this will help with the grind
  11. Currently battling with biome 2 rng. On 18/20 for the biome and keep trying but still nothing yet. Hopefully one day someone can make a guide with the different room pieces to make this easier on others. Put in close to an equal amount of time so far on this biome alone for this final trophy, just got to keep going
  12. Does anyone know if you can use the remote play script on ps5 or will it only work on PS4. If it won't work then merciless here I come.
  13. See the game has just been updated for Game Pass PC to include first person mode, FOV adjustment and infinite ammo. No announcement of whether these are coming to Xbox Console game pass or just stuck on PC. Really hope PS5 gets something similar. Want infinite ammo dammit! 😂
  14. As OJ_Warrior said would this be a workaround and if so would that mean an autopop, would be intrigued if someone could test this
  15. Glad we finally have an answer, means I ain't touching the ps4 version and will wait. Appreciate everyone posting all the info 😎