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  1. Glad we finally have an answer, means I ain't touching the ps4 version and will wait. Appreciate everyone posting all the info 😎
  2. Interesting that XBOX transfer didn't pop trophies as this may be the same with other Ubi games going forward so thank you for checking.. If someone is able to test ps4 to ps5 to see if trophies unlock that would be great.
  3. Agreed that it's odd nobody has covered this. Hopefully in coming days when a lot of PSNProfiles community gets hold of them the questions will be answered.
  4. Hello, as someone in the UK I will not get a PS5 till the 19th. If anyone who has both the PS4 and PS5 versions if you were to transfer your save to the new console will the trophies auto pop? Would be great if someone could let me know as then I will hold off playing till the 19th when the new console arrives
  5. Anyone got a take on how long these will take, could be a grind?
  6. @ObsiEez would definitely be that Superhot VR plat. Mad respect as that game is tough!
  7. Silly question, what is the coop mode?
  8. -Your brothers death in INFAMOUS Second Son -Drake Surviving Uncharted 4 -Ending of Last Of Us
  9. Timesplitters Trilogy, and the missing Ape Escape games. I would literally pay thousands for this
  10. Any one have an idea of this, I have looked online and can't see a date at all.
  11. So is this game out super soon? Had a search online and never seen any release date mentioned. Looks cools though