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  1. Witcher 3 Complete might be flaggable for a totally different reason; the player hit all mutagens and level 35 as some of their first trophies, before any of the plot-based trophies. Unless the game lets you import a base-game Geralt into the complete edition (and according to CDPR, you can't), that's a bizarre enough trophy order to be suspicious.
  2. So it sounds like after almost 4 years, there is still no consistency around what actually makes this trophy pop: - Some people got it with the host having 5 artifacts of any combo, some people needed 5 of each size, some people needed 5 for each player. - Some people report 1 medium and 4 large specifically doesn't count. - Some people say having codex skills prevents the game from registering medium artifacts, some say it doesn't. - Some people report that it only popped for one player. Combining this with a 10-day, 20-artifact run seems insane, considering you can only have 4 challenges active at once per co-op run.
  3. So BLM are the bullies? Picking on targets that can't stand up for themselves, like... professional sports teams and their billionaire owners? If you don't see the difference between that and a literal racial slur...
  4. From their website: "Is it safe to do the payment on your website? Of course. All payment methods are safe here. You can email us to STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS if you have any questions." I mean, I'm really sorry you lost that money, but holy smokes. There are probably dozens of exact copies of this site out there, all running the exact same scam. A "store" that only takes payment via PayPal is already a huge red flag; real stores take credit cards, fake stores don't because CC companies will go after them in a way PayPal won't. Going to your bank is 100% the right call, hope you get your money back.
  5. There's no way this is the first discussion about changing the team name. Whoever commented on money speaking is likely right; in the past, the cost of re-merchandising and re-branding likely didn't justify the benefit. Now that they're losing both ticket sales and sponsors, changing the team name is finally profitable.
  6. Lengthwise, you already said yourself. You dug 155ft at 1ft depth total, and another 70ft at 18in depth total. If you want cubic feet (the amount of dirt & clay you dug up), you'd need to know the width of the trench, or the diameter of the PVC. (155 * 1 * w) + (70 * 1.5 * w) = 260w cubic feet
  7. You seem angry. I know that many many PC games manage to find a way to run multiplayer servers without players paying a monthly cost. So I don't think it's my responsibility to explain why PS+ costs what it does, I think it's Sony's responsibility. And yeah, I don't want to spend. I buy the console, I buy the games, I give Sony a lot of money already. You say it like wanting to save money is a bad thing.
  8. Years later I am still unable to beat Pawnee Level 6; I just do not have the thumb coordination to keep both the L and R in sync as they're both moving independently and I can't tell which one is which! "Just get a second person" Never mind the quarantine, how on earth am I going to explain this to another person? "Yeah, just keep the blue R in the blue circle and don't ask questions, I'll buy you a pizza or something." Edit: As always, complaining on the Internet was the trick to success.
  9. It's 2020, and we know so much more about how much it actually costs to host online multiplayer servers. And it definitely doesn't cost $60 per year per player. New service: PSMax. Keep online multiplayer, keep the streaming games. Drop the PS+ store discounts, drop the PS+ free games (with streaming you don't need them). Reduce the amount of cloud storage, no one needs 10GB for save game data. Figure out a way to include DLC in streamed games. Boom, that's a service I'd sign up for today at full price.
  10. $700 is a lot of money after so many people being unemployed or underemployed for months, and they still haven't announced any PS5 exclusive launch titles that would sell the entire console. I think this is going to be a slower launch than the PS4 or 3.
  11. Add this to the list of "things I never thought I'd see happen"
  12. Nah, it's not just you, I always take a day or two after a platinum to figure out what to play through next. I try to group them into high-level goals I can put in order: - Play through my physical games so I can re-sell them. - Play through The Last of Us 2 so I can stop avoiding spoilers. - Play something lighter to cleanse my palate after The Last of Us 2. - Turn some of the Bs and As on my profile into Ss. - Try to alternate formats for variety, and play series in sequential order. - Most importantly, don't add anything to the backlog until you've done these (unless it's super cheap or literally free). That way, instead of having to choose from my entire list, I only have to choose from like 4-5 games at once, and that makes it much easier. And I save a lot of money by only buying games I'm going to play right away. Edit: You could literally create a "Backlog" folder and rearrange all your games within it, then just play whatever's at the front of the list without needing to think about it.
  13. Jeez I know there are still a few months left before release, but this does not look finished at all. I'm honestly surprised they were willing to show off the dialogue and character models in that state. Releasing in the same week as Cyberpunk seems insane!
  14. Watch Dogs 1 took itself way too seriously and was just OK. Watch Dogs 2 decided to have some fun with the setting and was a lot more fun. This looks like they've completely disregarded reality, so I'm hopeful! And London is a perfect setting for surveillance-state shenanigans.
  15. There's still no question? What exactly are you asking?