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  1. I could never get the timing right on the draw attacks, so I went with an older dual swords + kusarigami build. Hit your opponent with sloth & weakness, run behind them, windstorm attack until dead, repeat. It made mincemeat of the main game, but I was getting wrecked in the DLC. The thing about Nioh is that _so_ much of it depends on grinding and crafting the right bonuses onto your equipment. The right skills and points, with bad equipment bonuses, will do a lot less damage than you see in the YouTube videos.
  2. This definitely sounds like the trophies will auto-pop. A lot of the Hitman 1 and 2 trophies are tied to specific challenges/feats in the game, so if those carry over, the conditions for trophy popping would be met as well. Worst case, you have to re-play the Hitman 1 and 2 levels once each so the game registers that you've already hit level 20 or whatever, that seems fine.
  3. Redeem might be the wrong word. What I mean is, after purchasing both Hitman 1 and 2, the Legacy Pack wasn't listed as purchased on the PSN store. In order to get it without re-buying it, I had to start the download from inside Hitman 1. So even if you played Hitman 2 but no longer own it, you still may need to use Hitman 2 to load the Hitman 2 maps into Hitman 3. Then again, it's a totally different console, and this time IOI has posted about carrying over progress, not just the missions themselves. I dunno, they make this so confusing. A lot of people are going to accidentally buy H1 and H2 twice.
  4. Assuming it works the same as before... - If you own Hitman 2 (and its DLC), you will be able to download the matching Hitman 2 Legacy Pack for free. - If you do not own Hitman 2, you will be able to purchase the Hitman 2 Legacy Pack separately. - There will be separate DLCs for the main Hitman 2 missions (6 standard maps + 1 sniper maps) and Hitman 2's expansion (2 standard maps + 2 sniper maps). - You'll likely have to redeem the free DLC from within Hitman 2, so you'll have to find that physical version again.
  5. For whatever it's worth, this kind of thing messes up men's self esteem and impressions of themselves as well, even if you're saying it "as a joke." If you're having an open conversation about how you feel when he watches women on Twitch, you may want to be ready for him to share how he feels when you talk about celebrities you find hot. That's a good thing, for both of you.
  6. This has never been how it worked. The missions carry over, but the progress you make in each game is entirely independent, so you'll likely have to re-play each of the Hitman 2 maps within Hitman 3 to get the 100%. That's going to add up to a _lot_ of Hitman, I'm going to wait for a while I think.
  7. Ugh, really not sure I want to play through Hitman 1 for the third time, and Hitman 2 for the second time, for the 100%. Not surprising they did it this way, but still.
  8. This is the first indication I've seen that, once again, the missions from Hitman 1 and 2 will be available in Hitman 3. No word on whether they'll have their own trophy lists again or not, but it's definitely more likely than before.
  9. I can't believe people have such different rankings, weird. 1) Brotherhood 2) Odyssey 3) Black Flag 4) Syndicate 5) Origins 6) Revelations 7) Unity 8) AC2 9) Liberation 10) AC3 Haven't played Rogue or Valhalla yet (or, somehow, AC1).
  10. Are you sure about this? This is the exact opposite of how the equivalent trophy in The Last of Us 1 worked. You could avoid all the listen mode upgrades during your first playthrough, then upgrade the rest during your second grounded playthrough, and the trophy would still pop.
  11. While this is still a civilized thread, I totally get it. Depressing movies are established, and we accept that not every movie has to have a happy ending, or even a clean resolution. But video games are still a young art form, and games that try the "maybe you were the bad guy all along?" twist aren't always accepted super well. I've written about this before, and how embodying the protagonist makes us relate to the actions they take more than we do when watching a movie. So when those actions are questioned by the game itself, we take it more personally. I don't mind the Lev/Yara storyline because I see it as AnthonyCaliber put it best: "It's not a fun story, but it's the story they needed to tell"
  12. Erm, how many PS5s did you buy?
  13. I originally came here to say "modern times, modern assassins", but I like this answer a lot more.
  14. There's no functional difference between being an ironic bigot and being an actual bigot.
  15. Yeah, post your images that got you banned from the Discord here in the actual moderated forums, see how that goes lol. Alternately, find better Discord servers.