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  1. That's 100% true, it depends on your end goals. The Buzzard is cheaper up front and you can call it directly from the CEO menu. The Oppressor is faster and you can call it through the Motorcycle Club menu (or through the Terrorbyte). If you're into grinding all the businesses, you want a Terrorbyte anyways so you can start missions from anywhere, and at that point you may as well start saving for the Oppressor. If you just want to get enough money to buy Heist cars and fire the orbital cannon, I don't think it's as necessary.
  2. OK, after an entire day of matchmaking and experimenting, I am here to report on Black Flag multiplayer, and the best way to check off those pesky multiplayer trophies and get your shiny platinum. This includes the Blackbeard's Wrath DLC trophies for those of you who have it. The important points: 1. A lot of the multiplayer trophies cannot be boosted in private matches. Sacred Land definitely requires a "public" match, and possibly Queen Anne's Revenge and Elevator to the Gallows as well. 2. Public matches are way faster than Wolfpack solo. The servers are still just barely functional enough to do clan matchmaking, and if you can get into a 2v2 game, you'll gain XP at least twice as fast as trying it yourself. We were able to get four players from low levels to 55 in a single ~8 hour session. 3. Private matches have an XP penalty... and clan matches count as public matches! This method exploits the fact that clans haven't been relevant since Quake was released in 1996. With two clans consisting of two people, you are extremely likely to be paired against each other, and once you're in a game you're good to go. Phase 1: Set up your clans - Find your boosting partners and decide on the teams. Everyone join the same PSN party, just to make things easier. - From the main multiplayer menu, one person from each team should hit R1, and select "Manage your clan status" - Invite your partner. - Once they've accepted your invite (in-game, this isn't a PSN clan), go back to the main multiplayer menu and select Custom Match. - Tap the touchpad to group with friends. Pick your new clan member and make sure they're in the same group as you. You want two groups of two people! - If this is all set up, you should be able to set Matchmaking to "Clan", which is exactly what you want. Set the Session Type to Adversarial, and the Mode Preference to Domination. - Select Search Session and cross your fingers. If all goes well, you should get matched up into a game with one clan vs. the other clan. That's actually the hard part! Ironically, much like Abstergo, Ubisoft itself is the real final boss. Step 2: Grind that XP - Domination is basically the "control an area of the map" mode. Each team should grab one checkpoint, and leave the third one blank. This will stop the meter so you have the full 10 minutes. - Find a bench near (but not inside!) one of the checkpoints. Have the "pursuers" sit on the bench (for example, if you find a good bench near checkpoint A, and checkpoint A is white, the white team should sit). The game will tell you whether you're a pursuer or a target. - The other team (the "targets") stands in front of the bench, and lets themselves be killed by the pursuers. With a full focus bar and the bench bonus, you can get 1500 points per kill. - Tap the touchpad to check your score once in a while. Do not score score more than 25000 points in a single match! The game will not actually save your XP progress if you do! - Once the bench sitters hit around 23-24K points, find a similar bench near the other team's checkpoint, and swap roles. The "pursuers" should always be doing the killing, and the "targets" should let themselves get killed. - Repeat until the round is over. If you want to end a game early, have one team capture the third checkpoint. Do not let one team control all three checkpoints, as that will trigger point bonuses that might push you over the 25,000 point limit. - Back at the voting screen, vote for the same map again and ready up. This will net every player between 10,000 and 25,000 XP every round, and a round lasts 10 minutes at max. That's much, much faster than 6000 XP every 20 minutes doing Wolfpack solo, and far less annoying. At the same time, the winning team can get Sacred Land, and other players can coordinate their own abilities and the Copycat perk to check off All-Rounder and the rest of the trophies that depend on specific abilities. Notes on the DLC trophies: - For Queen Anne's Revenge, an acrobatic kill is one where you are crouched on a wall. That means either hanging off the side of a wall, or perched on top of a fence. If you're standing on a roof, that's an aerial kill, which is not the same thing. - For Elevator to the Gallows, you have to be at the top of the lift. Booby trap a lift, ride it up while it's charging, then let your pursuer follow you up. - For Preemptive Strike, make sure whoever you hit with Sabotage actually tries to use an ability after you hit them. - For Sacred Land, you not only have to be the top scorer, but your team has to win. See you in AC: Valhalla! Special thanks to @wolfpack7-1, @DuckFeet-, @Lord_Pece, @AwkwardManc, @Ninanya93, @BulimicZombie, and the rest of the AC4 boosting thread!
  3. 1L9e41ed.png

    Platinum #87 - Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag


    Another one on the list of "games I never thought I'd platinum due to the multiplayer." I have a love-hate relationship with the entire Assassin's Creed series; they're rough and buggy and widely padded with filler content. And yet I play almost every single one to completion. AC4 was right around the point where Ubisoft started to get experimental, and the game has a lot of sailing and not much assassining.


    Verdict: For Assassin's Creed fans only.

  4. 1L3734ec.png


    Platinum #86 - Grand Theft Auto 5.


    A game so expansive and influential (for good and bad), it literally outlasted the entire PS4 generation. Never thought I'd deal with GTA Online to platinum this, but the grind somehow isn't as bad as I thought. Don't get me wrong though, it's still super bad. I'll finish the heists and check in for my free $1M per month, but that's probably it.


    Verdict: You've already played it.

  5. Alright, nearly a month later, I am level 99.5 and working my way through the heists, no AFKing necessary. Here's what I've learned: - The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack hooks you up with a bunch of offices and businesses that help you grind out in-game cash. For $10 it's just OK, but if you can get it on sale for like $5 it's totally worth it. - Earning RP is mostly the same as earning money, and money is all about optimizing time. Buying supplies seems expensive, but stealing supplies takes time that you could be spending on more profitable missions, so it's actually cheaper to pay up front. Buy supplies for your bunker/MC businesses/nightclub, then do CEO import/exports while you wait for supplies to turn into goods, then sell the bunker/MC/nightclub goods, and repeat. - The Buzzard is your #1 best friend, and worth every penny you'll spend on it. - Diversify! Double RP bonuses change every week, and are by far the most effective way to level up. The PVP games aren't great unless you win, but I got a week of 2x RP contact missions, and a week of 2x RP crate sales, and those made up the bulk of my levels. - Get the collectibles! There are 214 total between cards, action figures, signal jammers, and movie props. They add up fast and can be done in a solo session. Peyote gives a whopping 6K RP each, and they regrow every 24 hours. On the same note, do the Red Dead Online tie-in missions for quick cash. - Play in a solo session. Public lobbies are infested with hacked accounts and griefers who fly around the city with jets and hoverbikes with homing missiles. The bonus you get from crowded lobbies isn't worth the stress of losing an entire shipment to a 14 year old with their dad's credit card number.
  6. Someone resurrected an old boosting thread for Grant Theft Auto V (PS4):
  7. Theme looks badass, but we may as well lock this thread before it turns into a complete disaster.
  8. I dunno, lying about getting the 'rona just to pretend to recover and claim immunity is a wild stunt, it's hard to believe he'd consent to spend a weekend in the hospital even as a stunt. It's more likely that he is on incredibly strong drugs and steroids that are letting him operate as normal, or whatever his version of normal is. I don't think he's concerned with ACB at all, he just wants to be holding campaign rallies again to get that sweet sweet dopamine hit.
  9. I wonder if the new disclaimer has to do with PSN being an international service, and different states/countries having different laws around one-party vs. two-party consent in recordings. If I'm in a session with a Twitch streamer, and they record my voice and put it on Twitch, would Sony be liable for providing the recording platform? Or was the streamer supposed to notify me they were recording, like journalists do? Seems like this is just a cover-their-butt, "FYI we can't guarantee the person on the other end isn't recording you" style statement. I guess this is what happens when people don't read the TOS!
  10. 1L909725.png1L2a98c2.png1L362b4b.png


    #81, #83, and #85 - The Trine Trilogy


    This game, and in fact this whole series, never clicked for me. It's a mediocre physics platformer with the thinnest story possible and janky physics. It's very pretty, but often pretty to the point of not being able to tell what's on the screen.


    It wasn't until I read one review that said "looks great in 3D!" that I realized what I was missing. This game was meant for 3D televisions! Remember those? I'm sure if they could actually render their lovingly crafted backgrounds in three actual dimensions, this would be quite the experience. As it is, I do not mourn this trilogy and I won't be getting Trine 4 unless it hits bargain basement prices.


    The sheer hubris of ending Trine 3 with a literal Portal reference, after running out of money and delivering 1/3 of a game... UGH.


    Verdict: Skip, Skip, and Skip with extreme prejudice.

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  11. Well the "movie makers are trying to cash in on games without understanding them" argument has been made, so I'll make a different argument. I think it's because video games as a medium are intrinsically tied to the control mechanisms. The fact that you are controlling the action on the screen creates natural empathy with the player character. When Sonic misses a jump and falls into a pit, you don't say "oh no Sonic died", you say "oh no I died". That's you falling into the pit, fighting those monsters, flying through space, finding that lady's pan. You can't help but feel connected to a person or character you spend hours guiding through the world. As soon as you put the character on screen though, it isn't you anymore; it's someone else, and all that empathy is gone. They go from being a player-character to a non-player-character, because movies don't have a player. Suddenly The Witcher isn't about what I would do if I were Geralt; it's about Geralt, and what someone else thinks he should do, and I just care less about that. I may as well be watching someone else stream the game on Twitch, and as we've all seen, some games are much more suited to streaming than others. This is the same reason why game adaptations of movies are flawed. Movies tell a specific narrative story, and giving the audience any amount of agency over where that story goes undermines it. The Wachowskis said it really well at the end of the Matrix games. Their story requires Neo to martyr himself to save humanity; that works really well in a movie, but it doesn't work at all in a game where you play as Neo and may not feel the need to do so, so they replace it with a huge boss fight instead. And games can fail at this as well; look at the controversy around the endings of Mass Effect 3 and Assassin's Creed 3. The writers had an ending in mind, and they were going to cram you into it regardless of how you felt about it. I think this is why Sonic the Hedgehog worked; it wasn't about Sonic, as much as it was about "what if you dropped a literally mid-90's cartoon video game character into a realistic world?" The audience isn't meant to identify with Sonic, we were meant to identify with Tom, which is much easier as I am not actually a blue hedgehog. Edit: Also the Mortal Kombat movie is awesome, come at me.
  12. The only thing I don't like is that Platinum trophies themselves are now worth a different number of points towards the total. I've been steadily moving up the leaderboard for a long time, nearly cracked the top 50K, and now for the first time I've gone down. This incentivizes people to play games with quick & easy platinums, and avoid games that don't have a platinum at all. It literally makes some games "worth" more than others, and I have no desire to buy a Vita and play shovelware 6 times in a row across multiple regions just for 6 platinums in the lowest amount of time. So at this point I'll never catch up. This is like if every Xbox game could only have 800 points, but you got an extra 200 points if you got the first 800. Better to just have the points be the points; count bronze/silver/gold towards level, and have platinums be worth zero.
  13. This is all great stuff, thanks everyone! Trying to play in freeroam with randoms is exactly as terrible as I thought, so I'm going to focus on the heists & collectibles & cargo drops and hopefully that will get me most of the way there. This is definitely a "drop in and play for like an hour a day" kind of game, rather than a devoted grind.
  14. The comorbidity tracking is "controversial" right now because it's being politically leveraged to change the number of COVID deaths. Say you have a heart attack, caused by inadequate blood flow to the heart, caused by difficultly breathing. If you're obese with asthma and also have COVID, what did you actually die from? Even according to doctors, this is not an easy question to answer! You could say "their obesity and asthma were under control, and this person would not have died if they did not contract COVID, so that counts as a COVID death." Or you could say "this person died of a heart attack, which is entirely unrelated to COVID, so that does not count as a COVID death." The fact that doctors say the first, and politicians/pundits say the second, should tell you everything you need to know. Whether this kind of reporting is consistent with other viruses, I have no idea. But we definitely say "people die from the flu" and understand what that means. The only people saying "most of the people who died from COVID actually died from something else" have a political or financial interest in making the pandemic seem not that bad.
  15. Lol I'm just waiting for Sly to come in and say "These changes are incompatible with how PSNP works so we're taking down the leaderboard & stats until it's fixed" Trophy tracking in the console itself is very nice, it makes me think they actually have changed how developers work with the trophy API. Maybe we'll have fewer glitchy ones?