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  1. This is all just rumors, an "article" about a literal forum post. I'm not even sure how they could continue the story given how everything ended. I'm sure it'll get a new-console upglow, but that's way different from new story content.
  2. Platinum #105 - Psychonauts



    The worldbuilding and art style and writing are all top-notch and exactly what you expect from Double Fine. The level design is absolutely incredible; Black Velvetopia, The Milkman Conspiracy, Milla's Dance Party, all so good! The Asylum, Waterloo World, Lungfishopolis, less good.


    The actual gameplay is... just average. Platforming is rough when it's hard to tell what you can and can't stand on, made worse by PS2-era camera and controls. The collectibles are a nightmare, barely visible neon 2D shapes that sometimes require actual physics glitches to grab.


    Verdict: Get it on sale before Psychonauts 2 comes out.

  3. You think the person who flagged your account also set your account to private? Isn't that a PSN-level change? Did you change your PSN username recently or anything?
  4. In for FF7R and Maquette alone, Maquette is exactly my kind of game and I'm happy to play FF7 for free rather than pay $70 for the PS5 upgrade.
  5. HAH this is my new favorite theory. "We'll be announcing March's free games next week, on Feb. 30th!" *intern whispers in ear* "Oh... Oh NO!"
  6. Just beat this, pause buffering seems like the best way to go. You want to time hitting the inventory just as the next target pops up; that lets you figure out where to go next without panicking. Then, in one motion, you hit Circle to cancel out, tap the joystick in the right direction, Square to punch, then inventory again, and repeat. It'll take a few tries to get the timing right. Also, don't stress, there's still a bit of RNG. You may get 5 babies in a row and that ruins the run. Don't exit early in the last few rounds, you can get from 40 to 50 points in like 4 seconds of game time.
  7. Isn't this the only way to hide trophies? Does this site let you hide specific games/trophies separate from PSN? I have a few games hidden because I started them by accident, or didn't enjoy right away and no longer have access to thanks to PS+ expiring. Even the Fs on my profile are games I want to go back to. Having a "1 out of X" on your profile is just as much a statement of how you play than "X out of X."
  8. Platinum #104 - Chasm



    I think the pitch meeting must have gone something like this:


    "OK, we've put all possible game concepts on cards on the wall. Take these three darts, and throw them at the wall, and that's what we'll make!"


    "Pixelart... Procedural... Metroidvania. Done!"


    It's just OK. The procedural nature is a kind of fun gimmick, but the metroidvania aspect means it can't be entirely procedural, as you still have to get specific items at specific times. So it's mostly the same map every time with only small differences, and at that point it's just bland and short. And like all good fantasy games, magic is super duper broken.


    Verdict: Skip it

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    2. DrBloodmoney


      I'm with you on Chasm - it's fine, there's nothing particularly bad about it, but nothing really good or interesting either.


      The biggest thing it has going for it really, is that it runs well on vita, so on a platform with not enough games, it's a decent metroidvania.

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. MidnightDragon
  9. Platinum #103 - Vampyr



    Ugh, I can't remember the last time I played a game with such wasted potential. Spooky post-WWI London! Doctor/vampire trying to solve an epidemic that looks like the Spanish Flu, but maybe isn't! The best way to level up is to permanently kill NPCs, and they all have relationships to each other! This game could have been so good!


    But it isn't; it's actually quite bad. Combat is somehow too chaotic and too slow thanks to the camera. None of your badass vampire powers are as effective as just stun-locking with a big mace, which you can do to literally every enemy in the game except the final boss. The dialogue is stilted and weird and conversations don't flow, and that's a huge problem because the game has so, so, SO much dialogue.


    Everything about this game screams cut content and not enough time for tuning & balancing, and what they kept in is just a mess.


    Verdict: Do not recommend

  10. No joke, I played so much Diablo II back in the day that I bet I could recreate my OG characters from scratch. @GoldenShaka No mods, and I still had a blast grinding bosses over and over for those sweet sweet drops. There was so much item duplication that an entire micro-economy sprang up with Stones of Jordan being the base currency. Can't wait to GIEV SOJ like it's 2001 again, it's going to be very weird to play without power-leveling and without a PvP economy for the first few months.
  11. Platinum #102 - Concrete Genie



    Short and simple, a good palate cleanser in between harder or darker games. Probably a lot more impressive if you play it in VR though.


    Verdict: Just OK

  12. Dear god, I wish I'd checked for this. Going back and trying to find all the collectibles, hints, and other XP I missed is driving me insane, to the point where I wonder if it's faster to start from scratch using this as a guide.
  13. Remember that weird era where lots of video games hired actual movie and television actors to do the voice work? I'm not talking about actors who are known for their voicework; I'd say Mark Hamill is equally known for The Joker as for Luke Skywalker at this point. And obviously video games based on movies and TV shows will get the same people; of course Patrick Stewart voices Professor X and Captain Picard. I mean the ones where the cast list became a selling point for the games. Just look at this nonsense. The Legend of Spyro - Elijah Wood, David Spade, Christina Ricci, Gary Oldman Dishonored 1 & 2 - Vincent D'Onofrio, Rosario Dawson, Sam Rockwell, Pedro Pascal, Chloe Grace-Moretz, Susan Sarandon, the list goes on for this one Sleeping Dogs - Mostly famous Chinese/Hong Kong actors, but they got Emma Stone at the height of her fame to record like a dozen lines! For a throwaway character! Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Ray Liotta, Dennis Hopper, Burt Reynolds, Luis Guzman, Danny Trejo, Gary Busey, and a whole lot more Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - A lot of west-coast rappers, oh, and also Samuel L Jackson because why not Beyond Two Souls - Literally starring the faces and voices of Elliot Page and Willem Dafoe. It's one thing to have one "regular" actor do one voice, but I feel like "our game has actual actors, not just voice actors" is a huge gimmick that always pulls me out of a game. All of these people sound like themselves, they can't disguise their voice, and I know what they look like. So as soon as I hear Ray Liotta's voice coming out of not-Ray-Liotta's face, the spell is broken. Anyone else?
  14. I'd like to get rid of my physical GTA5 disc, which means it's time to finally try and platinum GTA5 itself (not bothering with the DLC). Clearly the multiplayer is still going strong, and I know there's literal free money for playing between now and when it launches on the next console. Are there established ways for ranking up quickly that don't involve getting your account wiped? With years and years worth of DLC and addons, the guides saying "just do stuff and grind" isn't super helpful. What are the best RP-to-time activities if my plan is to get to level 100 and then delete the game entirely?
  15. Platinum #101 - Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered



    Somehow, I managed to skip this one while clearing out all the rest of the AC games. I guess the game takes place in between AC4 and AC3, so it's kind of cool to play as a Templar and see how the Brotherhood was wiped out in North America. More focus on stealth than sailing, which some people will appreciate.


    Verdict: Pick it up on sale if you're into old-school Assassin's Creed.

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    2. MidnightDragon


      @DaivRulesIt takes place after IV, but during III. The Seven Years War is going on at the beginning of III and Rogue fills holes in that time period since it doesn't show much of it.

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  16. Still working as of today; one interesting catch is that the game will not reward you with the "Complete two legendary battles" challenge, but it will reward you with the "Get 100% of total sync" challenge. And since the legendary ships are now gone, you'll be unable to get all 70/70 challenges. If you care about that, you have to beat at least two of the first three legit, without the invincibility cheat.
  17. I just got one off Craigslist to play through all those old PS3 games I still had on my library. And there are still a handful of classics that didn't get re-released, and they're so cheap nowadays. If you can afford it, go for it. Infamous 1 & 2 Metal Gear Solid 1-4 Demon's Souls (if you don't have a PS5 lol) God of War 1, 2, and Ascension Ico Prince of Persia HD All the original Ratchet & Clank games Sly Cooper Collection The PS3 not only predates the PSN store, it predates the entire concept of trophies on PSN. There are some real gems in the library you can probably get for like $5-10 each.
  18. A lot of these have the decency to model the character after the actor, at least. Sylens looks like Lance Reddick, Sam Bridges looks like Norman Reedus. That makes sense. It's when a recognizable voice comes out of a totally different face that I can't stand.
  19. That's a lot of trophies for what I was expecting to be a pretty quick game. The first one was beatable in like an hour, I wasn't aware it was that popular!
  20. 2020 Wrap-up:


    50 Games Played

    44 Platinums

    1799 Trophies

    2059 Total Hours (I'm pretty sure this includes time spent with the game on pause)

    Top game: A whopping 310 hours in Grand Theft Auto Online! No wonder Rockstar keeps making more stuff!

  21. OK, after an entire day of matchmaking and experimenting, I am here to report on Black Flag multiplayer, and the best way to check off those pesky multiplayer trophies and get your shiny platinum. This includes the Blackbeard's Wrath DLC trophies for those of you who have it. The important points: 1. A lot of the multiplayer trophies cannot be boosted in private matches. Sacred Land definitely requires a "public" match, and possibly Queen Anne's Revenge and Elevator to the Gallows as well. 2. Public matches are way faster than Wolfpack solo. The servers are still just barely functional enough to do clan matchmaking, and if you can get into a 2v2 game, you'll gain XP at least twice as fast as trying it yourself. We were able to get four players from low levels to 55 in a single ~8 hour session. 3. Private matches have an XP penalty... and clan matches count as public matches! This method exploits the fact that clans haven't been relevant since Quake was released in 1996. With two clans consisting of two people, you are extremely likely to be paired against each other, and once you're in a game you're good to go. Phase 1: Set up your clans - Find your boosting partners and decide on the teams. Everyone join the same PSN party, just to make things easier. - From the main multiplayer menu, one person from each team should hit R1, and select "Manage your clan status" - Invite your partner. - Once they've accepted your invite (in-game, this isn't a PSN clan), go back to the main multiplayer menu and select Custom Match. - Tap the touchpad to group with friends. Pick your new clan member and make sure they're in the same group as you. You want two groups of two people! - If this is all set up, you should be able to set Matchmaking to "Clan", which is exactly what you want. Set the Session Type to Adversarial, and the Mode Preference to Domination. - Select Search Session and cross your fingers. If all goes well, you should get matched up into a game with one clan vs. the other clan. That's actually the hard part! Ironically, much like Abstergo, Ubisoft itself is the real final boss. Step 2: Grind that XP - Domination is basically the "control an area of the map" mode. Each team should grab one checkpoint, and leave the third one blank. This will stop the meter so you have the full 10 minutes. - Find a bench near (but not inside!) one of the checkpoints. Have the "pursuers" sit on the bench (for example, if you find a good bench near checkpoint A, and checkpoint A is white, the white team should sit). The game will tell you whether you're a pursuer or a target. - The other team (the "targets") stands in front of the bench, and lets themselves be killed by the pursuers. With a full focus bar and the bench bonus, you can get 1500 points per kill. - Tap the touchpad to check your score once in a while. Do not score score more than 25000 points in a single match! The game will not actually save your XP progress if you do! - Once the bench sitters hit around 23-24K points, find a similar bench near the other team's checkpoint, and swap roles. The "pursuers" should always be doing the killing, and the "targets" should let themselves get killed. - Repeat until the round is over. If you want to end a game early, have one team capture the third checkpoint. Do not let one team control all three checkpoints, as that will trigger point bonuses that might push you over the 25,000 point limit. - Back at the voting screen, vote for the same map again and ready up. This will net every player between 10,000 and 25,000 XP every round, and a round lasts 10 minutes at max. That's much, much faster than 6000 XP every 20 minutes doing Wolfpack solo, and far less annoying. At the same time, the winning team can get Sacred Land, and other players can coordinate their own abilities and the Copycat perk to check off All-Rounder and the rest of the trophies that depend on specific abilities. Notes on the DLC trophies: - For Queen Anne's Revenge, an acrobatic kill is one where you are crouched on a wall. That means either hanging off the side of a wall, or perched on top of a fence. If you're standing on a roof, that's an aerial kill, which is not the same thing. - For Elevator to the Gallows, you have to be at the top of the lift. Booby trap a lift, ride it up while it's charging, then let your pursuer follow you up. - For Preemptive Strike, make sure whoever you hit with Sabotage actually tries to use an ability after you hit them. - For Sacred Land, you not only have to be the top scorer, but your team has to win. See you in AC: Valhalla! Special thanks to @wolfpack7-1, @DuckFeet-, @Lord_Pece, @AwkwardManc, @Ninanya93, @BulimicZombie, and the rest of the AC4 boosting thread!
  22. Platinum #100 - The Last of Us Part 2




    I think this will go down as one of the games that defined the current console generation. And it's not because of the gameplay; it's an improvement over Part 1 but nothing to write home about. It's because of the story, whether you love it or hate it. Naughty Dog took a massive swing, and tried to write an emotionally complex story of two broken people locked in a cycle of violence. It's not the story people wanted, but it's the story that had to be told after Part 1. Sorry folks, if you want games to be taken as seriously as movies, you're going to end up with games that tell stories like movies do.


    This is the game version of Requiem for a Dream. It's an incredible piece of work, and I never want to play it again because it's just too depressing.


    Verdict: Must play. 

  23. #99 - Infamous First Light




    Fetch was the best part of Infamous, so this makes sense. The battle arena challenges actually weren't nearly as difficult as I thought, and her power set is hilariously better than Delsin's. A pretty average ending to the franchise, though.


    Verdict: More Infamous, play it if you're into that.

  24. #98 - Infamous Second Son




    Way back in the day, on a different account, this was the first game I ever played on a PS4. It holds up surprisingly well; very player-friendly, a small map with only a small number of collectibles, and it's really easy to traverse. The good vs. evil stories are still laughable; either you're a saint or a literal mass murderer, and in either case the story is basically identical.


    Verdict: Play it, it's not like we'll ever get Infamous 3 :(

  25. Oh wow. OH WOW. Talk about humor not translating well (I think these games are German originally).