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    Platinum #92 - Owlboy


    Based on the reviews, you'd expect this to be the second coming of pixel games. But ignore the hype; it isn't. It's just another developer dealing with his depression by spending way too long making a mediocre Metroidvania. The graphics are cute and the music is great, but for a game about flying and exploration, the controls are sloppy and the world is too tiny to explore. The fact that they still had to cut content from this game after working on it for 10 years makes me think it was either that, or never ship it at all.


    Verdict: Skip it.

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Good to know. Was thinking about picking this up myself sometime, but was on the fence because I heard similar reviews from others. This helps me lean towards no.


      Anyways, congrats! Hopefully, your next game will be better.

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. PhyrxianLibrarin


      @Beyondthegrave07 I cannot explain why every "gaming journalist" fell over each other to give this a glowing review. The creators clearly cared about making a beautiful pixely world with unique character designs and music, and they did that. They just had no idea how to turn that world into an actual functional game.