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  1. There is no ticket. After the 5th time she just invites you in the text box that shows up.
  2. You need 5 item prizes not 4 If you have a jetpack / hoverpack / vlad cape you can hide on a rope in the corner and not get melted. The rope will but the top bit of it stays. It's a little luck dependent though as the layout can still get you killed. One example is if there is a building next to the corner the roof will deflect the lava at you.
  3. I too thought it wouldn't be too bad having done the first one but was quickly put in my place! Feels like it's gonna take as long a the first game for things to click fully so I'm predicting my first full run will take over 1k deaths. Loving it though
  4. I gave up on the 100% after the last big update that had trophies because my game kept crashing. Not really a big deal but annoying enough to put me off. Will go back someday and check out the last big update for sure. PSO farming sounds like my kinda stream. Put so many hours into that game during my childhood. I remember my buddy's Force was Oran and he got that Agito drop your friend needs by dumb luck, I was mad jealous. He also got the sorcerer arm like a day later but I already had that myself
  5. In all honesty I started the majority of waves activating the magic if I could. The hardest part of fights in this game for me was getting swarmed so being able to thin out the numbers / pick off the problem targets easily at the start made things easier all around. There was only a couple times I can recall a wave where you pretty much HAD to have the armor (due to getting one-shotted by mages) and the game is pretty generous about giving hp/mp drops when you need them. If you haven't already done it and wanted a chance to practice moves and stuff I recommend the long trial you get infinite lives for. That was the first thing I did when I went back to this game and by the time I was done with it I was good to go for the rest (with dante at least!)
  6. I think I mostly just bunched enemies up and used regular square attacks. There's also a spin attack i'm pretty sure (L2 and square maybe?) that is good. From what I recall lucia has no issue with these but dante can be a bit of a pain because of enemies dying. For health drain it depends on what you're fighting really. Small enemies can be grab killed for health. Also the divine armor magic gives health regen. If it's bigger enemies something to note, that helps with the combat overall, is that the heavy strikes (the ones where your scythe glows) do a ton of damage compared to other weapon hits so chuck on divine armor and spam the hell out of them. It's those strong hits you really wanna avoid on the combo challenges.
  7. They are not difficult at all. After doing them earlier this year I came to the conclusion the reason most everyone thinks they are hard and abandoned the trophy 8 or so years ago (myself included) is because the plat can be obtained by basically mashing or hold/releasing O the whole game and none of us learned how to play it properly. As an fyi to anyone I went back into the trials with no memory of any controls or anything, looked up a few basic tips on the guide on this site and beat all of the trials (single player and co-op) within 3 tries each. Most of them took 1 try only.
  8. They would need to know how to play the game to some degree. If you did super good then you could beat some of them with player two running around but certain rounds are timed challenges and such so the other player needs to actively help.
  9. Just for a bit of clarity if the servers do come back, you cannot co-op with yourself for the EA trials because both players need to be active AND survive. (if one dies you both fail the round)
  10. I wonder how many people seeing this for the first time don't think it's an actual in game move and not a mod
  11. Loud fans have been a common thing with DOOM on regular PS4s since launch so I guess PS4 pro is the same?
  12. Ah. I thought maybe anything that's been on plus might be affected even if it's been purchased but the only DLC I recall being on Plus was one of the killzone 3 packs back in the real early days.
  13. I recognize most of the games on the OPs list as PS+ games I've had over the years. Maybe it has something to do with Plus subs not being recognized?
  14. Yeah too fast was the reason. I actually forgot that motorstorm and big sky infinity even had a vita version so when I saw my own timestamps I thought I had been hacked and someone had overwritten them to make me look like a cheater lmao! Not surprised that people wouldn't know about the autopop though. As far as I recall only like 10 games have it.