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  1. The plot thickens I think at this point I'm just gonna wait till I've done the 30 daily challenges and see what happens! Fingers crossed
  2. Damn!
  3. Ah I see, thanks. Hopefully I won't need those too then! Went straight from vanilla release to afterbirth+ so I have no clue how many item packs and such there have been
  4. I know this thread is kinda old but what was your final item total? The wiki says there are 547 items as shown on the collection screen but my stats say I have 549... Not expecting the trophy to unlock for me yet anyway as I have the secret for daily challenges still to do but still weird nonetheless!
  5. Similar thing for me. I had a 100% save from the vita release which I transferred when I got afterbirth+ on PS4. None of the secrets I already had changed but check marks were given to me for Lilith same as the screenshot above even though I hadn't unlocked her yet. (also the keeper once I unlocked him) I would assume the trophies popped for you as the game uses the check marks on the character select to decide if conditions have been met and probably slapped a bunch of chest / dark room clears on characters you hadn't actually done it with yet... Fortunately having check marks you shouldn't have doesn't screw up unlocks when you actually beat the required bosses, at least it hasn't for me yet!
  6. Second! Plus the DLC is on disk and not a stupid one time code \ /
  7. Yeah, I've never even seen the debug room! You can get very OP very quickly if you know what you are doing. Main thing to be aware of / abuse the heck out of is the fact that you can up your damage output at the cost of one healing feather. I strongly suggest doing this for all but 1 feather for basically the whole game. Every time you find an extra feather capacity, throw it straight on damage. (You can change them back and forth at no cost whenever you want anyway) If the speedrun trophy concerns you btw be aware that you have literally 2hrs of leeway if you know what to do / where to go. My first run did it in 2hrs and 29mins and I got walled on a boss because I was impatient.
  8. If you follow the various recommendations dotted around the net for what class to use, strats for the heroic boss fights and abuse cloud saves in case you waste items it's not too bad at all. Maybe a 5/10 at most. Without those things you could easily give it an 8 or 9. The heroic fights are the sole reason for that btw, the main game and the speedrun are not hard at all once you are familiar with it.
  9. In no particular order: 1. Jet Set Radio - Never had a dreamcast as everything I wanted on it got ported to Gamecube or GBA. Don't have the nostalgia factor. Found it highly annoying and clunky to control. 2. Wanted Corp. - PS+ trash that crashes if you try to load the tutorial... Had other less major bugs too. 3. Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic - Also PS+ trash. There are no words to describe this. 4. Pain - There might be words to describe this, but I don't know what they are. Seriously what even is this game! 5. Draw Slasher - The most aggravating PS+ of all time. Does not control well and requires 100% touchscreen. The anti-dream for me. Dis-Honorable mentions! Gunhouse (Game loops after 30 stages but you have to do 300 for plat) Journey (I don't get the appeal either) Space Overlords (Many hours of loading screens in between not playing the game) King Oddball (....................)
  10. I don't know anything about this for sure but I had a popup when my wi-fi cut out that if I chose to continue the mission offline challenges wouldn't unlock so maybe you had a blip with your net / don't have a great connection in general and that's related to stuff not unlocking. Like you don't disconnect from servers entirely but the game struggles to keep track while you're playing. Pretty dumb if that is the reason but it's all I can come up with...
  11. Echo what Jason has said here. I tried to line up unlocking the PS4 and Vita Plats at the same time after using the 100k trophy for reference and it took another 3hrs for the Vita plat to unlock after the PS4 for no reason... Edit: Couple of other things: I had buildings to the side on one console and directly under me on the other so that doesn't matter. I used the kill all but one building and restart setup. You HAVE to finish the stage for the game to save which I know cause I had a crash after a bunch of farming and lost it all...
  12. Yep, exactly that. The servers for PS4 aren't down but the whole online system is very jank. There are no lobbies or options to search for joinable public games and joining a friend via invite only seems to work if you do it from the main menu, not while already in the multiplayer menu. Also if you try to connect to someone and fail sometimes you will have to reboot the game to get it working properly again, as brianna mentioned. Baffling indeed but thankfully once in a game there doesn't seem to be any issues. Got the last of the multiplayer stuff done today.
  13. Second Alienation, or go with dead nation by the same devs I believe. Both great games. As a fanboy of the series I've gotta suggest Earth Defense Force, or EDF as it's better known. Any of the games are good but 4.1 is your best shout as you have PS4s. Get into those games and you have easily a couple hundred hrs of gameplay per game right there. Plus EDF5 is scheduled for a December release
  14. Damn everyone's getting on the jrpg remaster train. Gonna pass on this, FFCC, Last Remnant etc as I've pretty much given up on buying games I already own but highly recommend RoF for those that never played it. Great game!
  15. So I decided to try and plat this game on Vita and PS4 as I got it for free and as the main time-sink, the farming, can be done with minimal attention and effort. The plan was to create all the custom planets needed, then farm the 1000 kills of the larger buildings before starting story mode on PS4 while farming kills on vita in the background. Now for the interesting part. The trophy for 3000 kills popped on PS4 over 1000 kills early. I'd have thought that this was a glitched requirement under normal circumstances (especially as this game is not programmed well at all!) but instead of unlocking when I destroyed a building, it did so on the select planet screen. This has lead me to think that kills are somehow shared between consoles if both are switched on / you are signed in at the same time. No idea how that would happen without cross-save but then this game is a mystery to begin with... Edit: 30k trophy just popped at 26591. I've had more than 3k kills on vita since booting up the PS4 so I'm very confused right now! Maybe big buildings are worth double but the game doesn't tell you. Onwards to 50K! Edit 2: 50k trophy popped at... 50k. I don't get it lol. Sure seems like this whole thing has been a blow out though. I'm willing to bet there's a way to cheat the system somehow though, but hell if I'm gonna be the one to keep making alt accounts to test stuff on this piece of shit One piece of advice I can give to make this thread not totally pointless is to back out to the main menu every now and again when farming. Restarts will NOT save your progress and the game can crash, shocking no-one!