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  1. It can still be done but you might need to buy a move controller if you don't have one. One of the DLC maps won't load if you're using a dualshock for some regions. Some were patched, some weren't!
  2. I think I read somewhere that wi-fi dropping can cause trophies to stop popping until you restart the game / console. Probably that I guess!
  3. From my understanding what you said is correct. If not then I just wasted a tenner buying it physical
  4. Yeah I tried the same thing when I started out and literally couldn't gain a single extra point. Quitting the match when self boosting is so quick I don't think it'd be worth it anyway
  5. I did the multiplayer fairly recently and did not experience this. To the OP just keep doing what you are doing. The XP is based on the rank of your opponent so boosting against an alt will slowly decrease the XP you get until it hits 1 per match. It's a shame but in all honesty it takes less than a minute to find and complete a match if no other players are online. You can literally do it without looking using sound after a while so it's easy to watch a film or something and rack up points!
  6. https://platinumgod.co.uk/ is good for item details. I made my own mini spreadsheet for secrets using the wiki as most of them are X boss/mode/difficulty with each character.
  7. Man every new post in here makes me want the game less! Shame too I really liked the first one.
  8. Would that mean the stuff you buy isn't even 'technically' tied to your account? Like it's only tied to that save file or something. I'm curious now if another account on the same console could actually access the DLC at all!
  9. Yeah that sounds really off to me haha! I mean real early PS3 games like dragon age had the store accessible from the title screen but the whole buying a currency to buy something just doesn't sit right with me. Hopefully the new Doom comes through without too much 'new Bethesda' in it
  10. Now that's a trailer I can get behind. No edgy plot nonsense, or backstory no-one really cares about. Just heavy metal and guns. Never expected see anything of worth when I opened this post hahaha!
  11. I don't have and have never seen the game before but that sounds shady as hell!
  12. Same
  13. The plot thickens I think at this point I'm just gonna wait till I've done the 30 daily challenges and see what happens! Fingers crossed EDIT: The 30 daily challenges was all I needed for the 1.000.000% to pop so I guess 547 is the 'real' total and anything else is a bug that thankfully, doesn't matter!