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  1. Random heads up to anyone that doesn't own any of the DLC (Like me!) You can get the mushroom boi just below the spawn point on the daily today for one of the DLC trophies and it will still unlock!
  2. My F can now be upgraded to Four Sided Fantasy (UR)
  3. Anyone know if this is fixed. Don't feel like buying something that literally doesn't work!
  4. You will not get flagged. The reason that happens normally is if someone uploads a late game save to the cloud, then uses that on a new console without synching trophies from the old one. (so the first trophies they get are late game, then they get the early ones later after starting a new save)
  5. No need to follow a guide in playthrough 1. Just make sure you have all your social stats maxed by the end of your blind playthrough and you're golden. (no pun intended) Also the more miscellaneous things you can do the better just so it's one less thing to think about. The only difficult trophy has no real in-game time frame applied to it as it's done inside dungeons and can be done essentially at your leisure Only thing to be aware of is overlevelling can cause you to miss voice lines that you may need so on playthrough 2 just run from all battles and trash bosses with OP personas!
  6. Updated list! #10 Second Ninja X (UR) Anodyne (UR) Big Sky Infinity (UR) Cubixx HD (UR) Double Dragon Neon (UR) Element4l (UR) Flashback Gunhouse (UR) Hoard (UR) Iconoclasts (UR) Joe Danger 2: The Movie (UR) Knytt Underground (UR) Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West (UR) Marvel Pinball (UR) Neon Chrome (UR) Outland (UR) Pain (UR) Quantum Conundrum (UR) Ricochet HD (UR) Sky Fighter (UR) Tank Battles (UR) Uncanny Valley Voodoo Dice (UR) Wakeboarding HD (UR) Xeodrifter (UR) (EU PS4. Some other versions are not UR) Y Z Anyone got any suggestions for good UR games for F U Y or Z?
  7. I think the best option most will give for the second game is to skip it, cause it's very bad Don't know anything about the third. I was trying to get hold of the signature edition many many years ago to save on DLC costs but ended up getting the regular version and buying the DLC on sale. As that option is gone you will probably just have to suck it up and pay the full asking price on PSN. I'm almost certain DA:O is old enough that the ultimate edition has all the DLC on disc, not download codes so you could look for a cheap pre-owned copy on eBay or something. edit: Just chucked my copy of the Ultimate edition into the PS3. It does indeed have all DLC on disc. (Everything needed for trophies + the 'Feastday combo pack' and the 'Blood Dragon Armor')
  8. I think we all know those days are long gone
  9. You will not lose progress on kills etc if you reset a diamond. I did the Warlord glitch last so I had to reset once before I got the field manual trophy so the glitch was still possible
  10. I'm actually not sure if everyone needs to restart or just the host. When I did it I self boosted using my two PS3's plus my dads console so I just restarted all 3 every time!
  11. I'd just restart the game every 4 matches rather than chancing the server issue and then trying to figure out how to get back on track. It's simpler that way. Fastest way to restart is to enter the additional content > exclusive content option on the main menu (which should try and open a webpage or something if I recall but it fails and just reboots the game instead)
  12. I would assume you need to be on inferno to get that but I never got the DLC so I couldn't say for sure!
  13. Either or. Think the physical version is literally a download code in a box anyway! The new stuff is just an update (patch) not a separate thing to get in the store.
  14. For what it's worth this is the final big update to the game so it is very unlikely that it will ever get more trophies. Also the new ones can be done in literally 10mins if you have the stuff to make the zenith (or someone to give it to you)
  15. So many people are reporting crashes every time they try to do something post update and my game is working just fine. (other than this trophy of course) It's really wierd. Don't know how simple it is to dupe but as a side note you can just turn off autosave after getting some lacewings and then quit to dashboard after using them if you wanted to farm attempts for the trophy My favourite thing about the whole update is how it only takes a couple seconds to load my game now!