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  1. Same (except it was on Gamecube for me) If I hadn't just dropped £80 on PS+Extra because I had nothing to play I'd be going PSO all day every day!
  2. ShopTo have them in stock atm. Dunno how long they'll last though!
  3. It's there but the only option I get is 'Upgrade to premium to download' Also I went back to RE and I have no option other than the download (which is now 'start') If you still can't get RE I guess EU people got a different version of it on PS+ back in the day? Seem to recall my PS3 saying director's cut in the title but tbh I never actually played it!
  4. Correct. Downloaded it just before making my post
  5. Ah I see, strange. I have PS+ Extra.
  6. Couple of random things. Steins;Gate Elite and Zanki Zero are available for PS+ Extra in UK but not mentioned even on SONYs list, not sure about elsewhere. Also it's letting me download classic RE1 and the only version I had before was the PS+ one on PS3. I saw some other people saying they had to pay again a few days ago so maybe it's 'fixed' now? Worth another look if you want it
  7. Question. Is there a way / place to see which games will leave / join the extra PS+ tier atm. I know they are supposed to have an expiry date if they are due to leave at some point but I don't know how you would find out what that is! Is it just like regular + titles where you press options on the game and go to info? Wasn't gonna bother upgrading but there's actually a lot more I'm interested in than I expected!
  8. Syberia 1 + 2 had a combined disc release and I think the episodic Back to the Future game did too.
  9. Don't forget about the best plus game ever, Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends!
  10. Yeah the UK, and presumably all of EU got it last Friday. The trophy list isn't synched to PSN yet though just fyi!
  11. Looks like a nice list. Can't wait to see which DLC ruins it
  12. They aren't faultless by any means but the only time they are a problem is when you get locked out of 100% and have to do the whole game over. At this point the games in which that can happen and how to avoid it are well documented from what I know. For example don't use the mid stage suspend points to save and quit your game, always save/quit in the hub areas.
  13. If you beat them all first try then a few hrs each for 1 and 2 player. Most of them shouldn't pose any issue for someone who has played god of war before as the games play very similar. The only thing that could cause grief is learning the enemies if you decide you wanna go straight into the trials first without doing the base game. Might wanna play the game for a bit on an alt first if that's the case. Alternitively there is a trial that you have infinite lives / retries for which you could pick as your first one. It's worth noting that along with being more intimidating than actually hard, most of the trickier trials are only that way because of one or two awkward waves, usually with set objectives. (similar to the trials on god of war) A solid 90%+ of the DLC is just spamming the same few attacks and the one OP spell!
  14. Random heads up to anyone that doesn't own any of the DLC (Like me!) You can get the mushroom boi just below the spawn point on the daily today for one of the DLC trophies and it will still unlock!
  15. My F can now be upgraded to Four Sided Fantasy (UR)