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  1. Second on Shank 2 and the Deathspank trilogy
  2. Double Dragon Neon assuming it hasn't been delisted already!
  3. Could be worse! https://psprices.com/region-gb/game/731238/black-knight-sword
  4. I got my first win on the daily using the Watcher (before I had unlocked them) and it unlocked ascension mode for them with all 20 levels available. Didn't realize that it had bugged out until I read online that you have to unlock each stage 1 at a time. (haven't actually tried it yet) At some point though the bug fixed itself so now I can only select level 1 again. At least I got a little preview at how mean it gets!
  5. Or if it's like skyrim, you will load into a completely different location to the one you were saved in, and every npc will be in their underwear. At least that's what happened to me!
  6. So I just earned another trophy now at 11:58am UK time, which that is the time displayed on my console and on the timestamps here on PSNP. But the other trophies I have on Aegis Rim were earned before the daylight savings change took effect and they still show the same timestamps they did back then. So what you're saying is correct but you actually have to look at the trophies in date order on site to notice the extra hour gained from daylight savings. That's actually pretty badass, albeit kinda confusing Good to know though! (To anyone reading this who's still confused if you look at my aegis rim trophies in date order you will see I got the Yakushiji's Prologue Cleared and the Amiguchi's Prologue Cleared with timestamps 10 hours, 14 minutes and 59 seconds apart but the site says +11 hours, 14 minutes, 59 seconds because that is how much actual real time passed between the two!)
  7. I guess that would mean that daylight savings stuff is purely cosmetic so to speak? As in it's only there on our end and for SONY it's just X trophy obtained X time after previous trophy? I should just earn another trophy now and see what timestamp PSNP has after I sync it. Maybe that will shift everything by an hour for me. (or say that I got the trophy an hour from now hahaha )
  8. More specifically when the clocks go back an hour, as they just have in the UK. Managed to avoid any potential issues up till now what with it happening at 2am but it's something I've always been curious about. I know on PS3 if you change the daylight savings option in the settings, the timestamps on your console get 1hr added or taken off to reflect the change. However I just noticed today that it doesn't happen after the auto time update on PS4. That means if I had carried on playing tonight and earned another trophy on Aegis Rim it would have been out of order on my console and therefore out of order on here too? Or am I missing something?
  9. 504000 seconds is 2hrs 20mins edit: I'm an idiot lol. 2hrs 20mins is 8400 seconds, which times 60 again is 504000.
  10. I also obsessively delete notifications so that could be important. The 'others' section is at the bottom of applications. As in you click on apps and then scroll below all your games, just incase you didn't already know that
  11. Weird. I just checked mine and my 'other' only totals 101mb. I have 5 pieces of DLC for cold steel III pending install so I guess that's what mine is. Do you have any alt accounts? Maybe it's something tied to one of them? No idea what it could be though...
  12. I deleted some stuff yesterday to be safe but none of the larger games like DOOM I still have downloaded have changed. Also the game mentioned before was the borderlands collection, (which I chose to delete as I don't even have PS+ to access it anymore anyway) but I noticed that for me it was 41gb not 60. Not sure if the person who posted that was guesstimating the old filesize or if there's something strange with that game in particular!
  13. The PSN status page had gaming and social at yellow this morning and now it's green so I guess things are sorted. Doing my update now... Edit: All seems fine for me.
  14. Might as well. Doesn't seem like anyone can play online even after updating so what's the point in risking it really?
  15. Not that they'll ever tell us but I'd laugh so hard if the reason the update is fucked is something to do with the trophy level changes that just rolled out. Also I find it strange that they haven't actually pulled the update when it seems like literally no-one is having any benefit from it.