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  1. A new Mass Effect, Witcher, Uncharted, GTA 6 or Fallout 6* would make me get a PS5. *I'll buy an Xbox for Fallout 6 if it's an exclusive.
  2. PS4: Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One: Planet Coaster
  3. Hitman 3 for the Xbox, couldn’t resist
  4. Tough call but here’s mine: 1. AC2 2. Valhalla 3. Odyssey 4. Syndicate 5. Origins 6. Brotherhood 7. Black Flag 8. AC 3 9. Unity 10. Rogue 11. Revelations 12. AC 1
  5. I keep it very simple. Once the story is finished then the game is done and I no longer consider it in the backlog. Can always go back to plat it later. This way just keeps that unfinished number from being ridiculously high.
  6. I didn’t really have that many expectations and was a little wary of it even before it was released. But it’s been fun so definitely lived up to my lack of expectations. I’m enjoying it a lot, it’s a good game. It’s definitely not better than The Witcher III but that game is a masterpiece so it’s hard to beat.
  7. Buy a PS5. It’s the best option in the long run plus saves you money and space. If the PS4 games don’t run well on the PS5 then just play them on your regular PS4. The graphical difference isn’t going to be as if you went from a PS5 to a PS1.
  8. Male Eivor from AC Valhalla
  9. I’ll hit 60 plats and 60 will be Red Dead Redemption II then I’ll retire in a drunk stupor.
  10. PS4: Cyberpunk 2077 and Watch_Dogs Legion Xbox One: Planet Coaster
  11. Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 and Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland
  12. 1. The Witcher III 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 3. Mass Effect 2
  13. I’m playing it on my base PS4 and so far haven’t had any major issues. Right at the start there was a bit of stuttering, but it’s alright now. Main bugs now are the characters’ mouths don’t always move when they’re talking and having to re-enter buildings to get the objective marker to update. Honestly I had more dramas with AC: Valhalla.
  14. Good to see they’re quick with the patches. I’m still waiting for my preorder to get here so hoping the issues are fixed by the time I’m starting.
  15. Pretty keen on the new game. More Mass Effect is always good.