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  1. Only bit I really care about is that it supports physical games which is awesome. The specs mean nothing to me because it's like another language lol. Backwards compatibility is cool for those that want it, I won't be giving up my PS4 so again doesn't matter to me.
  2. No missable trophies. Crimes are always popping up and will appear even after you've done them all.
  3. 1. Where are you from? Sydney, Australia. 2. What year were you born? 1990. 3. What is your favorite movie? Tie between It's A Wonderful Life & Rear Window. 4. What is your most favorite video game of all time and why? The Witcher III because it's a true masterpiece. 5. Who is your favorite band/artist? Good Charlotte. 6. Do you own any pets? If so, what? Yes, I have a cat and a dog. 7. Do you smoke? If so, how expensive are cigarettes where you're from? No. Smokes are ridiculously expensive. 8. Do you vape? If so, what flavor of juice is your favorite? No. 9. Do you have a historical figure you idolize/admire? Nah. 10. What's one thing you want to do before you die? Travel overseas.
  4. #48 - [Prototype 2] Thank fuck this shitty game is done.
  5. Looks cool. Keen for E3 when they'll likely show us gameplay.
  6. Lone Survivor is definitely worth getting.
  7. Yes, they're added because you own the game.
  8. Different tastes. I found most of it mind numbingly boring. Only non boring bit was Meridian. It's pretty to look at but there's not much going on underneath the surface.
  9. Looks like something that should've come out in '95 and stayed there forever. Both wrong, 1990 was the best lol.
  10. Hope not. Hopefully people get shitty with this movie and there won't be a new Star Wars til 2122 when it'll be a true story of how Earth fought some stars from another galaxy.
  11. Well then. Can't imagine it would be too long cause they need it to be churning out more money.
  12. Cheers for the links and info. It's all very interesting especially when they said there's people from ND, Guerilla and Sucker Punch in the new studio. So if it is Uncharted 5, it would be in good hands. Add in Naughty Dog sounding like they'll be in a consultant style role and I'm less apprehensive now.