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  1. #63 - Sherlock Holmes Chapter One
  2. I’ve still got a fair amount of PS3 games to play is why. I haven’t played it much recently but that will change very soon.
  3. Stoked to hear because I love the Mafia games. Even happier that it’s a prequel so they can get back to the early gangster era.
  4. Cheers mate 👍 Same, although I've heard the DLC kinda sucks.
  5. Prey
  6. #62 - Rugby League Live 4
  7. Good old emo Bruce Wayne lol So good had to see it again
  8. Fuckin awesome movie, a real treat to watch.
  9. Rare. It has a lot of my favourites such as Uncharted and Fallout
  10. I’m 800 so I don’t know what NFTs are. It’s pure gibberish to me.
  11. Lucifer - Season 4, episode 6.
  12. Starfield
  13. Lol it’s claimed some souls. Love RDR2 but I agree with you about Fallout 76.
  14. If I cared about my completion rate I’d have to plat Dead Rising 2 and I’m not into that kind of torture.