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  1. I'm keen and getting it on Friday but there's still just something that's making me think it's not going to be that great.
  2. Killing time with these until The Outer Worlds releases. PS4 - The Sims 4 Xbox One - MXGP3 and Hitman 2
  3. If you're capable of turning the console on while drunk, are you really drunk? Anyway at least half of my trophies are earned while I'm severely sleep derived.
  4. I definitely don't do schedules. The whole playing this game at this time for a few hours then switching is just too forced.
  5. Lucifer Season 2.
  6. Probably Ghost of Tsushima.
  7. Lol in that case better drop everything and preorder now.
  8. Cool. Keen to see what sort of games it has at launch.
  9. Round the Twist
  10. How dare you give a glitch credit for my superior drunk driving skills.
  11. Rugby League Live 2 - 1.25% Rugby League Live - 1.47% The Sims 4 - 2.37% The Sims 3: Pets - 2.68% The Sims 3 - 3.61%
  12. I'd be interested if they remastered the first game because I've never played it. Also would pretty stoked to see Mafia IV happen.
  13. Already have The Last Of Us Remastered but still cool to see it free for those who haven't played it or haven't got it on PS4. Especially with the announcement of Part II coming out in Feb.
  14. If it's got a fair amount of games you want to play on it then get one.