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  1. Yeah it's usually pretty good, well fingers crossed. That's the downside of these sales being this time of year, there's lots of new games that might not get that big of a discount. I'm hoping Hitman 2 is a good price along with We Happy Few.
  2. Depends on what's in the Boxing Day sales and how cheap. Otherwise I won't be getting anything.
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2, AC Odyssey, Marvel's Spider-Man and Detroit Become Human. Would add Shadow of the Tomb Raider but I haven't finished it yet.
  4. Looks like it's finally time to start the other games.
  5. I wouldn't even notice if someone deleted me on PSN. Only look at my friends list to see who's online but that's very occasionally.
  6. The stables and camp upgrade prices are still the same.
  7. Seems OLED has become the new Plasma.
  8. You'll get it. The announcement says if you joined in to play at any point through midnight PST today. Probably but not sure.
  9. It's unlikely that they will. But yeah can't blame you, stuff slogging through it again to get back to where you are. I'm holding off doing too much online just in case.
  10. Exactly, why torture myself.
  11. Probably not, the game just kinda irritated me. At this point would rather play the games in my backlog that I'm more likely to enjoy than a series that's left a bad taste in my mouth for 11+ years.
  12. I wouldn't be worrying about trying to hit rank 50 until multiplayer is officially released because there will be more variety with missions making the grind less. Plus if they have to reset stats it would suck if you at rank 35 or 40 when it happened.
  13. Lucky they stuffed fishing then so you don't need to worry about worms anymore. Rockstar is only going to reset stats if there is a game breaking glitch. They are not Bethesda. But hey don't let fact get in the way of the massive shit attack you're enjoying there.
  14. Patience. They've only just rolled out this update, give them some time to refund you and everyone else that's in the same boat.
  15. It will be right once multiplayer is actually released and not just the Beta.