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  1. Solid lineup. Already own both games so I’ll continue on with the backlog.
  2. PS4: Ghost of Tsushima and Mad Max Xbox One: Shadow of the Tomb Raider and NFS Heat
  3. Played it on Xbox. It’s a good game, had a lot of fun with it. Reminded me a bit of Carbon, story wise.
  4. The remaster was already unnecessary but the butchery of Peter is a whole new level of unnecessary. He looks like they shoved a kid's head on an adult's body.
  5. Purchase Date: 30/9/2020 Title: Mafia: Definitive Edition Platform: PS4 Cost: $39.99
  6. It took me about 90 hours to 100% Origins. Whereas Odyssey took 130+ hours. Origins is quicker to 100% because it doesn’t have as much DLC and general running around.
  7. Yeah not very often though. Lately I seem to look at people’s profiles if they’re just shitting on a game to see how far they actually got with it.
  8. Based on the fact that I love Fallout and the hope that Fallout 5 would be more like 4 rather than 76. I had no problems with Fallout 4 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't say much about 76. Dishonoured 2 was awesome and not sure that Prey needed a sequel anyway. All I can hope is they learnt a lot from 76 and think "yeah let's not do that shit again." I'll have to take your word for it there because I haven't played Doom or Wolfenstein. The amount Microsoft spent getting them you'd expect them to demand quality so fingers crossed it returns. Yeah true, unfortunately it's all wait and see atm. Hopefully their future games won't be exclusives and will be awesome as they were in the past. Who knows maybe Microsoft buying them will be the best thing to happen to Bethesda and get them back on track.
  9. Same. If there comes a day Bethesda makes Fallout 5 an Xbox exclusive then I buy an Xbox Series X immediately.
  10. PS1 - Crash Bandicoot PS2 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS3 - Fallout 3 PS4 - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt PS Vita - Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  11. Interesting. If Microsoft makes all Bethesda’s games exclusives then that’s a good win for them.
  12. Probably Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  13. This is pretty cool for new people or those switching from Xbox. Buy a PS5 and get a nice collection of games immediately.
  14. Well guess it’s time to finally play this. Lol there is no 31st of September. Least you misread it being less time rather than more.
  15. No matter when the pre-orders became available this would’ve happened. It’s the same as getting tickets for a concert. People know if you wait, you miss out. The only fault Sony has in this is making a console that people want.