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  1. PS4 - Red Dead Online and The Sims 4 Xbox One - Mortal Kombat X and Call of Cthulhu
  2. For me this gen has been the best with masterpieces like The Witcher III and RDR2 etc. Of course there are some shit things as there always has been and always will be.
  3. Probably a few missables in there, hard to say. But it looks good and should be fun. Ridiculously keen to play this game.
  4. I was pretty satisfied with these:
  5. Exactly, seems like Square has taken a huge backwards step. Wouldn't be surprised if they're using these voice actors to get people in and cover up the flaws of the game.
  6. Usually do one playthrough then move on to something else unless really into the game or close to the plat. But if the plat takes ages or is pretty hard then I'll do as much as I feel like for now and leave it for a bit.
  7. It looks ok but didn't set my world on fire. I was surprised that Nolan North is Iron Man and Troy Baker is Hulk which was the about the only bit of excitement the reveal gave me. So I'll keep an eye on it because it has time to improve and be great but not rushing out to pre-order.
  8. Wasn't that great. You can tell Bethesda and Ubi are in a holding pattern waiting for the new consoles. Which made them not show their most anticipated games. Microsoft was alright, nothing too flash. Thought Square's show was boring as and the Avengers game doesn't look fantastic but still I'll keep an eye on it. I'm expecting that next year's E3 will be one to watch with new the Xbox being shown off more and launch titles announced. Hopefully Sony will be there to do the same for the PS5.
  9. Now that we know when Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out I won't be jumping to next gen for a while. Which is cool because I've still got a decent PS3 backlog that needs attention. Besides think it's best to wait so if there's any problems with the consoles they'll be fixed by the time I'm looking at buying.
  10. Yeah but you know how people are. I get what you mean because I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. Plus as you said they've learnt their lesson, well hopefully lol.
  11. Watch Dogs 1 E3 reveal is why people are either negative or wary. They promised a lot and what we got didn't live up to that. So a bit of caution is smart.
  12. Ahh I see, cheers. Running on an hour of sleep messes with the mind.
  13. Is it horror though? I thought the chick said yesterday that it wasn't but could be wrong. Anyway it looks interesting, definitely keeping an eye on it.