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  1. 9 different games. Rugby League Live Rugby League Live 2 Red Dead Redemption II The Sims 3 The Sims 3 Pets The Sims 4 SSX Lone Survivor Grand Theft Auto IV
  2. Any shit games or ones meant for kids.
  3. Still chipping away and I'm actually really enjoying it. Even going for the gold medals isn't that terrible, thanks to having the official guide.
  4. Yeah Christmas is a different story and it's a public holiday unlike this shit. Only crazy people wouldn't love an excuse to get drunk plus it's a must when you're forced to hang out with family & in laws.
  5. Carried on like normal because it's just another day.
  6. It's usually always dipshits that are the cause of these fires. One bushfire up here was started by some idiot burning rubbish in a drum. Summer has been alright up here, yesterday was the hottest day we've had. Holy shit, 47 is mental I'd be dying too. Ah fair enough, overseas has made you tough hey lol.
  7. It was bloody hot today (41℃) with smoke all around from the bushfires. But fortunately a cool change has arrived and it's alright now.
  8. Of course it was. A pirate's life is bloody fun.
  9. Lol true enough but luckily my agent set it up so there's always rum in my trailer and it looks like a sponsor deal or some shit. Disney provides because they like the money I bring them.
  10. Got it for free cause I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy?
  11. It's a bit weird going back to it but definitely not a chore. PS3 is still as fun as ever was for me. If you're not enjoying it then stop.
  12. I don't really see the appeal in getting plats just for playing a game for an hour. Doesn't sound like much fun. But each to their own, if that's you enjoy then go for it. Your enjoyment should matter more than what others think of your plat collection.
  13. NG+ has the become the partication trophy of gaming, every game gets one. Odyssey didn't need it at all.
  14. With rum, of course. I don't usually try and get a specific trophy. Only times I did were 3,500 & 4,000 trophies. Reason why I don't is it forces me to play 1 game to aim at 1 trophy and it's just not fun. Plus the planning is a pain.
  15. I'm old school using a book to keep track of my backlog. But I quite like this idea especially with it being separate from other stats.