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  1. Yeah it really was, words don’t do them justice. I wasn’t even sure it would be that good, just went because my brother wanted me to and Brian May is the shit. Nice, I’ll have to watch that doco.
  2. Queen and Adam Lambert, 13th of February 2020 just a few weeks before the shit hit the fan. They were fucking fantastic and Adam Lambert killed it. I’m hoping my state gets its shit together soon so I can go to my next concert in November.
  3. Bloody stoked about The Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 announcements so that made it for me. Also Forspoken looks pretty cool and Ghostwire Tokyo definitely seems worth keeping an eye on. Even Gran Turismo 7 got my attention. So it was a pretty solid showcase.
  4. Yeah Oh well that’s alright then. Nice! Small steps are best, keeps you from burning out. You’re welcome
  5. Sounds like you’ve got a slog ahead of you with both games. Hopefully the skinning and studying trophies don’t give you too much grief. Good luck mate. They do stack.
  6. Lol yeah, they’re torturous bastards those medals. I’m dragging my feet on getting them.
  7. The Witcher III - Death March is no joke. @baboon_overlord Don’t let online hold you back from that RDR2 plat. Online isn’t too bad and those trophies are easy as to knock out especially now with all the new content.
  8. Xbox - Mass Effect Legendary and Twelve Minutes PC - Mini Motorways
  9. I hope this is true because these are my 3 favourite GTA games. They’re what got me in GTA and made me take notice of Rockstar. Would be awesome to take them for a spin on the PS5.
  10. Watching sports/tv in general, hanging out with the family and dribbling insane amounts of shit on Twitter.
  11. My first play was #571, Heavy Rain.
  12. 5 hours to rob 4 homesteads sounds like a you problem not an RDR2 problem.
  13. 101, well it could be worse but still shit.
  14. 65%. I like my ceiling low and reachable. This is is most likely best number since I’ve got some unobtainable trophies and games that I just can’t be bothered with.