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  1. Sounds interesting, I'll have to keep an eye on it.
  2. AC Odyssey
  3. Yes I pre-order games because the collector's edition of a game I wanted anyway has appealed to me. Nearly always in store. Only pre-ordered 3 games online because the edition wasn't available anywhere else.
  4. Cheers for the heads up, definitely changing my privacy settings until this is fixed.
  5. AC: Odyssey - Finished the story last night. Now working on getting all the underwater locations done and levelling up to 50.
  6. Ha ha ha ha you sick bastard, I'm keen lol.
  7. No, I'm happy with it as is.
  8. Ha ha ha ha, you'd just have everyone getting around on stumps. Clearly the leg market must be worth millions hence this diagnosis.
  9. Only you would go to such extremes to help me cosplay, what a friend. Also explains why you hacked off part of my legs.
  10. They are helpful for swimming in the giant rum barrels. Still doesn't explain why I have this tail, it's useless as a rudder.
  11. Pay the employees. While it would be nice to give the fans the final episodes, the employees need their severance.
  12. Damn your flawless logic A second liver would've been nice.
  13. Lol you know my priorities. Although this doesn't explain the missing kidney, it's not a useless body part
  14. Ha ha ha ha perhaps but the fact you didn't take any rum is pretty shady.
  15. I only have my real name on Facebook. The difference is I know everyone I'm friends with on FB because they're my real life friends and family. As for PSN, I know none of my friends on there in real life. Don't want a bunch of strangers knowing my name. They might be cool to play games with but I don't know what they're really like. Could be psychos or serial killers especially that @Dr_Mayus guy. Always been suss of him lol jk.