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  1. Doing stranger missions and letting the timer go down to about half then finishing it gets you the max xp for it. Hunting, fishing challenges and resetting the buckles are the better non grindy ways of getting to 50.
  2. Yes how dare the game have a story and voiced characters, the audacity of Rockstar in 2018. Definitely should go back to voiceless blocks shooting circles, true masterpiece games.
  3. The leaks and pre-E3 announcement are making it less relevant. Think if more companies skip it like Sony did then it'll be gone within the next 3 years.
  4. Definitely agree with you about those damn Screwball challenges, what a pain in the arse they are. I found playing it on Ultimate with NG+ pretty easy and really fun. Those snipers & the damn flying Sable guys are a pain especially in that mission where you've gotta protect the police stations. But web blossom is a life saver in that.
  5. Nah the real sheep will be too busy playing CoD 864.
  6. Payback's story was alright. They're just trying anything to get more people to play it.
  7. I might've liked it if I hadn't been into GTA first. The sweet spot then mention your dildo, this is just too much Doc lol. Clear how it won you over
  8. Saints Row has never done much for me, just too over the top.
  9. Looks like what Rivals should've been, so I'm liking it.
  10. Rugby League Live 3. Just can't get the stupid training drills gold. So now it sits there on it's 90% taunting me. It is the Homer to my Mr Burns:
  11. Well that's what happens when you rush things and worry about getting collectibles done after 5 mins of playing instead of enjoying the game. The challenges aren't supposed to be done asap. Hence why you can't complete Herbalist challenge 10 (and a few others) until after you've finished the story.
  12. Yeah this happened to me the other day, I used the steps in this topic to fix it:
  13. Going off the OP's definition I'm definitely a casual and that suits me just fine.
  14. Lol! Definitely as fun as this.