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  1. It is totally random You can obtain the token after one sacrifice or five ! Same for Athena token.
  2. I'm not really good with the grabclaw, that my problem XD But thanks for the tips. I play with Anna and the max I got is 9 hearts. I'm so close. Just need patience. Good luck for Sad Eggs. With Ming it's okay
  3. I play in Easy all the time (don't remember the number of dots). Played many runs to got Rugged Tenacity (that I still don't have... I'll become crazy !!) and I got sad Eggs only with Ming (and without used this ability). I think this trophy can be unlock only with Ming...
  4. I confirm : cumulative statistics are taken into account for the 3 saves.
  5. Hey, Many trophies in this game are buggy and don't always fall on the first try... You can obtain all of them in Easy (except those in Abyssal). No problem with this. You'll fight against Argus in each Level 5, so don't worry about the trophy. At worst, try in a new file save.
  6. I confirm : Ming ability does not help pour this trophy. Get the trophy randomly during a run with him... I think he is buggy.
  7. "Run" means you pass the white portail and go back to the bar.
  8. Hey ! What's the best way to get this trophy? I tried to play in Easy with Anna or Saya (4 hearts) but I finished my runs with 8 hearts max. Thanks !
  9. Ok, I will do this after obtain the others trophies. 999 times... It's insane
  10. Hey ! Is it possible to farm the trophy Abyss Veteran ? Can we spam "Quick Start" or need to go back in the bar each time ? Thanks !
  11. You need to finish the game on Hard with 5 dots.
  12. Hey ! You can take pickups like shields, keys, grenades, etc. Just don't take weapons and items. You can make this one in Easy.
  13. Ok thanks a lot. This trophy will make me nuts.
  14. Ok... I tried this one during 3 hours but it's very frustrating... Any tips for this trophy ? Is it possible to play in Easy (I tried in Normal) ?
  15. Whoa ok ! Thanks a lot. I think is more easier to try this one in a new file (less levels) ?