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  1. Here is my list, I doubt I'll get many of them do though since I'm on PS4 now. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix (maybe since 1.5 was such a drag) Sly Cooper Trilogy Jak & Daxter 2&3 Ratchet & Clank 2&3 Bioshock 1 & Infinite Mass Effect 2 & 3
  2. It might have been mentioned already, but are they offering the PS5 upgrade for free? If so then this isn't really a big issue IMO, but if they haven't they are going against the backwards compatibility advertised for the PS5.
  3. Mine is showing a love for Star Wars and blink-182. When I first got PSN I was big into KotOR, so it just stuck.
  4. I see the version on PS Now is the GOTY Edition, but are the lists/save data the same for both?
  5. Total Games Played: 34 Top Games: 1. Batman Return To Arkham - Arkham City (75 hours) 2. Marvels Spiderman (43 hours) 3. AC Odyssey (37 hours) Top Genre: Action/Adventure -478 hours Total Hours of Gameplay: 1235 (1213 local, 22 online) Days Played in 2020: 147 Top Day of the Week: Sunday Afternoons Total Trophies Earned 2020: 527 (11, 32, 109, 375) Top game played online: Star Wars Battlefront 2
  6. Listening to The Wall - Pink Floyd. I have a book called 1001 albums to listen to before you die, so i'm making some random selections.
  7. Yeh and I wasted my money on the season pass and was gonna do a month of PS Now to finish it 😂😂🙈
  8. You don't create your own character, so it's a no from me.
  9. Just to confirm, I am unable to unlock Lifer now servers are closed, I was already part of a club. I thought id done all Online related trophies, but alas I havent 😔
  10. I have tried to connect with other players on several occasions, but 9 times out of 10 it says session unavailable and I cant join their session. Does anybody else have this problem? If it helps I also can't see Friends currently playing from the in game section.
  11. Maybe, but its stuff people probably wouldn't buy at full price.
  12. I've tried it and no it doesn't work with my EU Version
  13. Red Alert 3 - 11 Years and 10 Months 😂😂