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  1. I've tried it and no it doesn't work with my EU Version
  2. Red Alert 3 - 11 Years and 10 Months 😂😂
  3. Just to confirm this again NAT1 is really the only way to get this working correctly. Ferruccio and I managed to get everything done in co-op using NAT 1.
  4. I had already changed in every category, Trophy didn't unlock until I happened to change one in each category in one go.
  5. Easy enough list, love the Trophy Icons too 😂
  6. Probably all except "Embrace the Dark Side"
  7. Playing 200 matches with One player in Ultimate Team seems excessive though tbh, I only played 100 matches on this years game lol and I feel like I played it a lot.
  8. Not exactly hard work to qualify for the weekend league though tbh, it's easy. Time consuming if you aren't very good though. Would've just been a nice thank you from EA (the in game rewards are pretty good for competing in the Weekend League). Really they shouldn't create any time limited Trophies. This is also not a Server closure, the game hasn't been running even a year yet and they are making a trophy unobtainable, Most other Server Closures people have had a lot of time to get the Trophies if they were really bothered.
  9. Unfortunately you need to redeem the token for the Trophy to unlock. EA should allow all to participate in the final week which would unlock for all involved.
  10. Only if you are winning 😂😂
  11. Are we sure the ability to qualify for it wont still be there? After all it is only a points tally. Surely you can still qualify to play by earning enough points.
  12. I'm a Titan for this, only missing Ascension and God Of War (2018)
  13. Completed the Last of Us 4.6 times (the .6 is progressing to upgrade all weapons). Gonna do two more for grounded mode, cant wait!
  14. doing Duo-hedgeidecimal Deserves a full round of Applause and a Guard of Honour on it's own...the only trophy stopping me from Platinum on Fifa 09. I Platinumed Fifa 10, 13, 14, 15, 18. Very close to finishing 17 atm too ;).
  15. Only Arkham Origins has Multiplayer (and avoid that game like the plague)