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  1. I had this issue a few years back as well. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-Mass-Effect-Games/Galaxy-At-War-Server-Unavailable/m-p/5690257#M42499 Apologies just tried the link that helped me and the answer has gone.
  2. I can confirm Sharing is caring is still available. It also seems that the spawn rate for the social events has increased. I got all three in less than 4 hours (different sessions over that last two days) The stat counts when you connect to servers (happens every 30 seconds)
  3. I think saving the game also resets the hunger timer.
  4. Honestly, I just spent two weeks grinding GTA 3 and it was as good as I remembered. Gameplay and control is the same as the original, flaws and all. Vehicles roll over at the slightest gust, but loved every second again 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Are they still on or not?
  6. I want to play the story again anyway, so might as well get accurate stamps for this things i've done legit. Thanks all the for responses.
  7. I'm replaying the game, but not interested in doing the collectibles again. I assume if I load my ps4 save data it does all trophies and it doesn't ignore the story related ones?
  8. Thanks. One thing I hadn't considered were the PS4 Pro differences (which obviously the PS5 can take advantage of). I'd been playing it on the base PS4. I'll give it a go
  9. Does this game run any better on a PS5? (i'm aware it's emulating PS4, so not expecting much). PS4 version gets a little lagging after so many days and when you've built up a lot on the map.
  10. Amazing game, so much nostalgia and innovation in one "free" package. I was also one of those thinking others were being OTT regarding the DualSense, but wow i'm blown away. Loved the music in GPU Jungle too "Yeah, I'm your GPU, GPU, GPU" listening to it for 10 minutes playing the level, then just by chance seeing the face in the distance singing the song had me howling with laughter. Exactly what gaming is about, this definitely brought joy!
  11. Here is my list, I doubt I'll get many of them do though since I'm on PS4 now. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix (maybe since 1.5 was such a drag) Sly Cooper Trilogy Jak & Daxter 2&3 Ratchet & Clank 2&3 Bioshock 1 & Infinite Mass Effect 2 & 3
  12. It might have been mentioned already, but are they offering the PS5 upgrade for free? If so then this isn't really a big issue IMO, but if they haven't they are going against the backwards compatibility advertised for the PS5.
  13. Mine is showing a love for Star Wars and blink-182. When I first got PSN I was big into KotOR, so it just stuck.
  14. I see the version on PS Now is the GOTY Edition, but are the lists/save data the same for both?