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  1. I literally just spent 7 hours straight to finish this trophy for the platinum. I had exactly half when I started this afternoon. There's no trick really just go from area to area trading.
  2. I finally got large luna last night. I had the worse luck it took a week to find her.
  3. I'm 450 hours in iceborne. I need one more crown large luna. Then I have to fo the pictures and treasures still. The grind is real but the game is awesome.
  4. I finally got large coral pukei. After 27 kills and roughly 50 measurements. On the other hand I got a small gold crown the 2nd time i killed rajang the smaller mini crown the 4th kill and a large on the 6th kill without doing any measurements and i prob don't need them for the trophys. RNG makes me bitter sometimes.
  5. I have the mini crown its 737.91 hope it helps you out.
  6. I spent 4 hours yesterday just working on the endemic life and observation trophies. It only took me a little over an hour to get both mole trophies. But I couldn't get the rare mole to spawn any where besides the coral region which I have at level 7. I have the forest and wildspire at level 5 then the rotten region at level 1. I caught moles 3 and 4 times in the forest/wildspire but none were the rare fluffy ones. They may spawn at level 5 and I was just unlucky. But I think you have a better chance at higher levels because the second time one spawned in the highland it was the rare one I needed. Hope it helps good luck
  7. I was holding out hope I didn't need lunesta. Because I'm not a hugh fan of her fight. I got both the crowns for deviljho before the event quest became available. But I still haven't gotten either crown for lunastra and I've slayed roughly 50. So the RNG is not on my side for her.
  8. I'll remember that. I've only leveled up the forest so far to hunt for yian and zinogre. I'm not a huge fan of the gathering locations in the guiding lands because they don't show up on the map and I feel like i end up missing more than i see.
  9. You were right both of them were in the fishing area off section 7. Thank you
  10. I just started leveling up some of the region's in the guiding lands. So now I've gathered at enough places in the forest for a giant bonepile and mining outcrop to show up. But I cant find either for the life of me. Does anyone know if thur location is random or the zone they show up in for the forest region. Thanks in advance.
  11. #29 until dawn #30 bubsy paws on fire. I'm disappointed with this one. The one they released a year ago was short but fun. The new one is a mario run clone. Which I didn't realize until I booted it up.
  12. Im loving it gets a platinum trophy. I can't wait. Four hours until launch her on the east coast. Let the grind begin.
  13. If I had to get all 150 orbs in each level I wouldn't be getting the platinum. I loooove platformers but I'm not digging this Mario run style game.
  14. You are right. When I finished the chapter and got to the doctor's office two trophies popped. Then the next trophy I got popped right as I completed the required task. So idk if there is any rhyme or reason to when the trophies pop or not.
  15. I actually have fond memories of bubsy on the genesis and super Nintendo. Not so fond memories of bubsy on psone. I liked the first ps4 bubsy. It was short but I thought ehhh I only paid $15 and it kept me entertained for a couple hours. But I hate the Mario run direction this one took.