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  1. I like it but I also like my ultra rare platinum and I feel it slipping away because all the crown events. But other wise it brought me back to the game and I'm stilldigging it
  2. Monster Hunter world. The satisfaction is real it is a time sink hole and frustrating when hunting for the final crowns but overall I loved it.
  3. Oops wrong thread
  4. I hated arena when I started too. Just send out a text asking if anyone wants to do some. Someone usually still needs the 50 quest trophy. There actually fun with someone else.
  5. 330 hours and just got my last crown. After 6 hours of nothing but kusha. Now I have to do 26 more arena quests for the platinum. Then I'll prob never play a monster Hunter again this platinum is a grind monster. But over all I've enjoyed it
  6. I do feel your pain. It does suck to fail a quest because someone isn't prepared. But it happens I've been the dude that bites it when the monster is almost dead. If it's a 1 faint quest or I think the monster is a crown I need I don't fire an SOS. It's cut down on my frustrations at least.
  7. 1 giant crown to go kushala daora. Hopefully today will be the day because I've had enough of his kind flying all over the new world like he owns the place. While I pray he's 19 lbs bigger than my largest so I can stop this digital slaughter.
  8. That is pretty good I think. 50 hours ahead of me and I've still got another crown and 15 arena quests. Congrats
  9. 321 hours and 55 of 56 crowns I found my giant black diablos fairly quickly but still need giant kusha. I got both Kirin in 9 kills, nerg in 31, teo in 19, vaal in 33 and I have already killed almost 60 kusha my luck seems to have run out and the grind will go on at least one more day.
  10. 318.5 hours in and I have 54 of 56 crowns. I just got mini black diablos and picked up the mini crown master trophy. Now I'm left with giant black diablos and giant kushala.
  11. Lava was a nightmare for me. Him, great girros and dodogama are the only monsters I had to kill more than 80 to get both crowns. But at least girros and dodo you can kill in under 4 minutes. It almost takes longer for everything to load 😑
  12. I vote that thru make an event quest with a mini and giant black diablos playing with a giant kusha so I can stop grinding for my last 3 crowns 😐
  13. Sure I'm down. I'll be on tonight
  14. I asked the same question about dodo and girros. Because i couldn't get a giant crown for either. But can confirm now you can get them from 6 star single quest. The way I did it was shock trap and set a mega barrel bomb between the front and back legs. If they taller than the bomb kill them. The dodo isn't a guarantee but it at least let's you know if it's close or not.
  15. 53 of 56. I've had the luckiest weekish ever with 20 crowns in 10 days. Last night I finally got giant great girros after 155 kills. Then in the next investigation giant vaal. The investigative after that I got mini nerg. Then an investigation with nothing. Then the following investigating was mini kusha. All I have left is giant kusha and black diablos. So does anyone have tips for black diablos measurements?