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  1. I finally decided to play one of these games and I was having fun until I got to this race and trophy.
  2. I've been doing the daily grind for the truly awesome trophy and this happened to me for the first time yesterday. So i redid them and ended with a diamond and gold cup. But this morning when I started the game I only got 10 points for the gold and nothing for the diamond. I'm hoping it doesn't keep happening but I'll see what happens when today's challenges end.
  3. 1. Skyrim 2. Deadly tower of monsters 3. Stories the path of destinies 4. Tales from the borderlands 5. Game of thrones 6. Crash bandicoot 2 7. Crash bandicoot 3 8. Assassians creed syndicate 9. Assassians creed black flag 10. Assassians creed 2 11. Dungeon punks 12. Knack 2 13. Life is strange 14. Jak and daxter 15. Assassians creed origins 16. Guacamelle 17. Horizon zero dawn And I won't make it by the 2017 deadline but I'm one trophy away from the rayman legends plat. And 6 S ranks for games that don't have platinums.
  4. I didn't think this was a hard platinum. Old habits is a bit of a grind. But even that wasn't that bad because i loved exploring egypt. And no where near as painful or a grind as black flag platinum.
  5. That's a bummer. Thanks for the quick reply.
  6. I keep looking for the trophy list on here and can't find it. So I was wondering if the PlayStation now version of oblivion has a trophy list. Thanks in advance
  7. I don't know which trophy I'll get first. I have 560,000 lums and I'm 1841 experience points away from awesomeness level 11. Either way they are both painful grinds.
  8. which bugs did you see? I thought it was glitched because I saw the locust and it didn't pop and I'd been trying 45 minutes. The next day i saw the mirage with the beetles then it popped.
  9. I go with gamestop because if its damaged you can exchange it at the store.
  10. I liked the two original bubsy games for the genesis/ super Nintendo. They were no Super Mario world but i didn't think they were awful. I made the mistake of buying bubsy 3d when I picked up my PlayStation one. Thank goodness I had enough money pick up crash bandicoot too otherwise I would have been stuck bubsy 3d until Christmas rolled around that year.
  11. I got impatient when I only needed one more legendary bows. So I went on the Ubisoft store and used the points they give you for completing random tasks to get my last legendary bow.
  12. I got mine at the royal palace. Just hanging from the wall working my way around. Whistle and wait for the guard to come investigate.
  13. For mortals like me yes. I still haven't even gotten to 100 for the jump rope I've never hated a trophy so much I don't even want to play ff9 anymore.
  14. I didn't remember this from when I was 14 but I dug out the strategy guide for this game when I downloaded it this week. But it seems pretty worthless because you have to go online and enter codes from the guide to get any in-depth information.
  15. That would make me rage. I didn't have an issue with the chapter.