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  1. I kept used giant bat. I didn't realize I was going about it the stupid way.
  2. The omnipotent dark king trophy for getting all the souls in aria of sorrow hasnt popped for me. I have 112 souls and in the enemy section it says 100%. After it didn't pop originally I closed the game and loaded my save with 111 souls and killed the same poison worm for half an hour again until I got its soul but still didn't have any luck... Am I missing a hidden soul or something or did I just get the short end of stick. I'm really disgusted right now because I had the same thing happen to me in tails of iron last week and I had to rebeat the game for the buggy trophy to pop and get the platinum. Thanks in advance I figured it out and got the trophy. I was missing the hippograph high jump move. The trophy popped once I picked up the high jump while I was cleaning up the map to 100%.
  3. I luckily got the trophy tonight. I redownloaded the game and started a new game. But once I hit Moletown before doing any of the arena quests I uploaded my save to the cloud. Just in case if it didn't pop I'd only have to replay the last hour or two once its patched. But ultimately once I finished the last arena quest with the stalker the trophy popped. I actually didn't mind replaying it and it took less than half the time of my first play through. So starting a new game is my only advice and worked for me.
  4. Yeah it is too easy. Shoot em ups have been a favorite genre of mine since the turbografx 16. But I got the platinum trophy while on the second level of the game.
  5. Has anyone else completed the arena quests but didn't have the trophy pop? I've done all seven. The last one I did was the waves of enemies that finishes with a stalker. I've done it multiple times now, downloaded a previous save and deleted and reinstalled the game with no luck. Hopefully they fix it or I'm missing a quest or something. Because I'm really annoyed I'm gonna miss out on a platinum because a trophy doesn't want to pop
  6. I played an hour or two yesterday without a crash. The frame rate still randomly drops quite a bit. PSA turn off auto sync for your save I've had my save corrupted 3 times. Luckily after the first time I turned it off and started uploading my save every couple races. Especially when I only needed one more throw down and before finishing the last race for chapter 5.
  7. It's a painful trophy but I finally got it today after 3 years haha. Set your fuel to 1800 and go for the x5 or x4 landing spots. Until you hit 700 points then for your last landing hit the x2 spot which is much larger and easier to hit. Which is beneficial bc you'll probably be low on fuel by the 4th landing.
  8. Has anyone else had an issue with this trophy? I just got my fifth treasure hoard treasure but no trophy....I loaded an auto save from right before I picked up the fifth. So I'm gonna come back to it later and hopefully itll pop.
  9. I literally just spent 7 hours straight to finish this trophy for the platinum. I had exactly half when I started this afternoon. There's no trick really just go from area to area trading.
  10. I finally got large luna last night. I had the worse luck it took a week to find her.
  11. I'm 450 hours in iceborne. I need one more crown large luna. Then I have to fo the pictures and treasures still. The grind is real but the game is awesome.
  12. I finally got large coral pukei. After 27 kills and roughly 50 measurements. On the other hand I got a small gold crown the 2nd time i killed rajang the smaller mini crown the 4th kill and a large on the 6th kill without doing any measurements and i prob don't need them for the trophys. RNG makes me bitter sometimes.
  13. I have the mini crown its 737.91 hope it helps you out.
  14. I spent 4 hours yesterday just working on the endemic life and observation trophies. It only took me a little over an hour to get both mole trophies. But I couldn't get the rare mole to spawn any where besides the coral region which I have at level 7. I have the forest and wildspire at level 5 then the rotten region at level 1. I caught moles 3 and 4 times in the forest/wildspire but none were the rare fluffy ones. They may spawn at level 5 and I was just unlucky. But I think you have a better chance at higher levels because the second time one spawned in the highland it was the rare one I needed. Hope it helps good luck
  15. I was holding out hope I didn't need lunesta. Because I'm not a hugh fan of her fight. I got both the crowns for deviljho before the event quest became available. But I still haven't gotten either crown for lunastra and I've slayed roughly 50. So the RNG is not on my side for her.