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  1. I'm going through my first play through and hit chapter 5. Im playing as mike I put my hand in the bear trap and cut off my finger but the trophy hasn't popped. Anyone else have this problem or are there any other buggy trophies.
  2. Omfg MHW has become one of my favorite games of all time. I went through the massive grind to get the platinum in it but I was not mentally prepared for another 50 trophies and another platinum trophy.
  3. Distance are the easiest ones. I can get 15-20k in living dead world ones and 5-10k in the tower. Keep at it and muscle memory starts to take over.
  4. I finally got this trophy and the platinum this year after picking it up when it was new years ago. It took almost 3 months doing the challenges daily. Spend the time and practice to get diamond cups as much as possible. I ended up getting really good at the go as far as you can tower and living dead world. Speed challenges were tough for me I couldn't get good enough for diamondsin those.
  5. I just tried the queen for the first time and it's painful. But 40% got the trophy so I need to go back to the work shop and upgrade my stuff a lil more turn just practice. But she's an evil bitch for sure
  6. I'm in the same boat. I got the platinum in March and I'm still playing almost daily and have 620 hours of game play. While God of war sits on the shelf waiting to be played.
  7. This isn't the trophy to worry about. The truly awesome one is the grind. It took me longer to get that one trophy than the monster Hunter world platinum.
  8. Maybe I'll practice on the genesis for the next couple weeks. Sega genesis is my largest collection at 480ish maybe I'll get the plat this time around.
  9. I would love to pick this up. I had the genesis collection on ps3 but couldn't get the platinum for the life of me because of mean bean machine 😠
  10. I like it but I also like my ultra rare platinum and I feel it slipping away because all the crown events. But other wise it brought me back to the game and I'm stilldigging it
  11. Monster Hunter world. The satisfaction is real it is a time sink hole and frustrating when hunting for the final crowns but overall I loved it.
  12. I hated arena when I started too. Just send out a text asking if anyone wants to do some. Someone usually still needs the 50 quest trophy. There actually fun with someone else.
  13. 330 hours and just got my last crown. After 6 hours of nothing but kusha. Now I have to do 26 more arena quests for the platinum. Then I'll prob never play a monster Hunter again this platinum is a grind monster. But over all I've enjoyed it
  14. I do feel your pain. It does suck to fail a quest because someone isn't prepared. But it happens I've been the dude that bites it when the monster is almost dead. If it's a 1 faint quest or I think the monster is a crown I need I don't fire an SOS. It's cut down on my frustrations at least.