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  1. No itll start even with only one controller connected
  2. All I need now is the rusted car, anyone find it?
  3. I did a shortcut in Desert in time attack but the trophy didnt unlock so it must only work in races, but you cant choose the fucking track you want. And I cant find any of the collectibles
  4. I don't think this is on Sony, I swear i saw a post where someone contacted Sony support and Sony said that they didnt know anything about it
  5. How do you get the "chain reaction" life goal?
  6. I was gonna pick this up this weekend but not if the trophies are all broken
  7. Holy shit I just realized on my first run of the night I got cipher 18, and then after 2 more hours of failing to find the last cipher, I turned my ps5 off entirely, then my first run when i turned it back on had the last cipher! TURN YOUR PS5 ALL THE WAY OFF, NOT JUST A RESTART!
  8. Those guys really suck, they're so aggressive that its hard to get away from them. The other night I had a room with 2 of them, and like 20 of the rocket drones. Something I noticed is that the Dreadnaught weapon seems like it would suck, but at a decent proficiency level it MELTS these guys. Also, when you get them flashing red, try to get 1 or 2 melees in, that does a lot of damage to them. If you dont have a weapon that kills them quickly, take your time. Run around a lot and definitely use the grapple points to your advantage, just zip around like a madman. And dont be afraid to abuse a door if the area isnt on lockdown.
  9. What I did was just drive extra carefully while i did the deliveries, and I would save about every 45 seconds or so. That way if I hit something I could just load my save. Also, sometimes tiny collisions do not reset the challenge, make sure you check before loading.
  10. They do show up again if anytime you play that map. Also, that duck isnt on the dusk version of monastery just so people dont look for it there. I havent found any besides that one either.
  11. Platinum - 8 16% Gold - 11 22% Silver - 17 34% Bronze - 14 28%
  12. Okay I tried on my ps4 and i literally cannot get this glitch to work. Have you figured it out yet?
  13. I seriously tried for like 20 minutes straight and nothing, any luck for you?
  14. I dont think the glitch works on ps5, I think it loads the level too quickly
  15. A friend and I boosted it a couple years back, if we searched at the same time we would 99% of the time match with each other