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  1. Things I place fall through the floor, the enemy boulders just get stuck in the spawn, sometimes I'll build something and itll just disappear instantly. I cant get all the stars in the game because of this. This is easily one of the most broken games I've ever played, I had a glitch nearly every time I played that made me restart a level.
  2. The trophy icons are really fucking cool
  3. Anybody else having connection issues? Is it a permanent issue?
  4. Burnout Paradise, easily. Ive platinumed both versions of it. The soundtrack is amazing
  5. No ones earned 10000 kills on pc or console, so either it takes INSANELY long, or its glitched
  6. Where do you even check FFA progression? It seems like its the only stat that isnt tracked by the Ubisoft connect thing
  7. So would I need to buy the pass for $30 to get access to these extra rewards?
  8. Looks like its gonna be a rare one. Whats the difference between missions and stages?
  9. This trophy is definitely glitched, I healed myself as the footman 4 times in one life and didnt get the trophy
  10. No itll start even with only one controller connected
  11. All I need now is the rusted car, anyone find it?
  12. I did a shortcut in Desert in time attack but the trophy didnt unlock so it must only work in races, but you cant choose the fucking track you want. And I cant find any of the collectibles
  13. I don't think this is on Sony, I swear i saw a post where someone contacted Sony support and Sony said that they didnt know anything about it
  14. How do you get the "chain reaction" life goal?