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  1. Each mountain has 4 total, but each trail doesn't have to have one.
  2. I have 3 of 4, and I found one in all but the 4th trail. I'm convinced that the resting place isn't on that 4th level, and instead, one of the other 3 trails has 2 resting places. The first trail in Redmoor has 2 resting places, so its definitely possible
  3. Overwatch is an obvious example, but I'm looking for the more obscure stuff. Like those games that are only online pvp that nobody ever bought. Ps3 games are acceptable too
  4. I cant find a guide for this trophy anywhere, can someone tell me how to get it?
  5. Idk what kind of game this is, but the trophy icons are super unique, I've never seen anything like that
  6. No one has platinumed the game or gotten the last couple Llama trophies lmao. On the NA version, only like the first 7 trophies have been earned
  7. A good example is RE5, which is basically streamlined in a a way to make joining easy, and it always carries progress over. A bad example is Dead Rising 2, where the player who joins can't really earn much trophies, and their progress doesn't count for them, like the zombie counter. My friend and i love platinuming games together, bonus points if its a garbage game, we love a good laugh.
  8. @DoctorDrPepper I got really lazy with all the games that released this month, my final completion is this: 1. Deadly Premonition 2. Everything 3. Guacamelee - Complete 4. Unravel 5. Inside - Complete 6. Psychonauts - Complete 7. 36 Fragments of Midnight - Complete 8. Game of Thrones 9. Observer 10. Spider-Man - Complete 11. Fritz by Chessbase - Complete 12. Gemini Heroes Reborn - Complete 13. Abzu - Complete
  9. Mine is Hunting Simulator, with 44 achievers.
  10. Turns out that any manual save you ever made is still saved as a backup, so I just loaded up a save with 2 pigeons left and got them, and then just loaded my main save back up.
  11. Yeah he called me and there arent any left on the map
  12. I haven't seen anyone else with this problem. Anyone else have this issue?
  13. @Mesopithecus I'm getting there, I think Psychonauts will take a lot longer than anticipated 1. Deadly Premonition 2. Everything 3. Guacamelee (Complete) 4. Unravel 5. Inside (Complete) 6. Psychonauts 7. 36 Fragments of Midnight (Complete) 8. Game of Thrones 9. Observer 10. Spider-Man (Complete) 11. Fritz by Chessbase 12. Gemini Heroes Reborn 13. Abzu (Complete)
  14. The original. Well, the ps4 version of the original, the STCEdition. Thanks!
  15. @DoctorDrPepper sorry for the very late change, but I'm going to change escape dead island to Guacamelee, if thats alright! Still before the event actually starts lmao