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  1. Thanks and like 6 games on my backlog on there😕 very useful
  2. Cool👍 Square been doing some odd remake/remasteres with there classics
  3. Yup still messed up
  4. Na i expect not really getting any real ps5 games for the first 2-3 year. Its why i waited on ps4 back when. I just wanted to get it so I could give me dad my old ps4 and save on buying xbox ver of thing for the this gen. As hes 1 of them dum fanboy that sticks with whatever brand he currently is on.
  5. If you buy the unlock dlc. You just have the option to use what would be unlocked. There is no trophies tied to it. At best it will speed you up in getting the plat. As if you unlocked the rocket launcher with unlimited ammo. Then the hardest mode is a cake walk and should be able to get the speed run/ beat hard mode at the same time.
  6. I made my account when on my dad ps3 for demons soul. As he couldn't get past the 1st boss. So made it to show he up😋 So Phalanx's Trophy is technically my 1st trophy. But cuz we didn't have the wifi till a few years later. Didn't get timestamps for a while.
  7. Rarity is base on the % of those have completed the trophy vr how many own/played it. Under 5% is ultra rare 5-10% is very rare 10-20% is rare 20-50% is uncommon 50%+ is common Exp if 10 people own it. But only 2 have the trophy then it 20% rarity. Its the same at if 200 people own it. And 20 have it. The rarest trophy cabinet only show the 5 lowest rarity. So if your going for lower rarity then your going to have to games that lots of people have played but failed to get the trophies in. Which are either long, grindy, hard or RNG based Exp of this would be badland. It was given out free for psv ps3 and ps4. So many of the trophies are insanely hard/grindy and on top needed co op perfection. But anyone can get thought the main game just trying. 😗 Leading to many trying it out and up'in the owners count.😵 But most to the trophies are under 1% do to difficulty
  8. Im playing the vita ver. Which stop getting updateds. So the guide has things that aren't needed. Trying to get craft master. But unsure of what item are needed/available. Anyone know of a older guide.
  9. Ask cuz i only see 1 ver to buy and is the ps5 ver
  10. Well they did give hitman 1 out after 2 was out. So make sense that do the same with 2 to promote 3. Guess im going to have to get a 2nd ps5 pad for over cook. Co op time👍
  11. Got a bunch. If were talking the super easy under 1 hour games think got about 30ish. VN say about 40ish. But i played all but like 8 for the game itself. Just couldn't get into it. So may as well speed run it. TT games... 1st play was for fun.. 2nd 3rd was for plats😊 Not to mention the few auto pops from cross play vers. 🙄Think in total got about 100 -120 easy, fast, auto. But will say there some of them short games are fun. The sky fish game i loved😊 2nd play was judt for plat😋 But as long as your list isn't just easy stuff. It fine. I mean got some hard rare stuff like absolver , Galaxy soup or OG demon souls.
  12. Its down to your choice. I can see if you want to hide a game with broken or locked trophies. 🙄 they just lower stats and its not the person fault they undoable.
  13. This took me over 3 hours figure out. As there is no real explanation on how to get put in prison. So im noteing it here for others In chapter 4-3 Chateau Caira in short get killed by a enemies guard. Then hit X after you've died. It go's to a level failed. [Count as a complete for speedrun👍] then on chapter 4-4 Tower prison you start in the upper right room. Give a yell at the door and the guard will come in. Then just do the stage and it will pop on completeing it. Hope this help😊
  14. Made this as it took me 3 playthrough to get it. I did Yolanda as my BF on this run. Not sure if it had any impact but im noteing it incase. Note: Trade Avline for talltle on day 2 - add lethal and power up. Works wonders for snake deck especially after Thursday. With cupid and pinned to start with a killer wall Day 1 Danny - [ no more gym class] power paw Angelo - [ Beat him] easyer macth later? Ruth - [ rest in pixels] Zapper Owen - [ the know-it-all] Archangel or untouchable Day 2 Main line Tell teacher - pesky newtsance & hexadog Ashly - hello spitty & A or H & splitter Sam - insatiable & A or H & duplicant Yolanda -chemical warfare &H or A& zapper Cedric - Moliz & A or exploison & H Nathan - [Art Attack] make your own card Owen - [the know-it-all] C / tock or glowa Spud - [spuds stuff] bunch of cards Nebraska - [vegetarian beef] H,A,F stickers Nebraska - can fight? But gain nothing Katie- [stick em up] name stickers Corey - [ snack stack] 2 nerps Chad - [ love letters] austin / R portal face & others Jacob - [Book game] class stickers Ruth - [Secret Club] get in steps / powercells / strike action / c poofant / hypnosified Little Jessica - [the newbies challenge] c queezy & F Yolanda - [Yolanda's stand up] R Bitsa Blitza & others Day 3 Owen - [ the know-it-all] anticatter or Hello Spitty Jo - [spuds stuff] cards Corey - [ snack stack] 2 chips 2 rollers Danny - [ monster in the gym] R Guinea Piggy & A or H & Scatter Billy B - [gearhead] nothing/ card on D 4&5 Zach - [clogged] stable mutation & poothon or. gatto & blood Frenzy Mitzi - [Hackerz] F & cypher Mindy - [style war] C choice mindy= precious or Samantha=Catcula most say something to both to end mission Lucy - [mystery meat] R - fell shell, ianabug, mimc & others Alex - [truth or dare] cards / R- catclysm / F& Slatter & strike action Yolanda - [the scoop] H&A & L-felepathy Robin - fight but no gain? Ashley - [Ashley's snack theory] C neuron or barbs + candy bar Day 4 Odd glitch? If after talking to tony bring up the deck selection window then back out. Says i played the match and moves quest along. I suggest to not let this happen and play the match and win normally. Lil Jessica - [ these toys are an investment] L- Cupid if side with other girl. Owen - [ the know-it-all] R- Dynamice or stasis Corey - [ snack stack] 6 neaps Alvin - [ A Stitch in Grime] C Bunnibal Or powercells R- Sentry, duplicant Danny - [ stage fright] R- kitadel & Humongopup + cards Kensington - [ It's Not Easy Being Green] type stickers Olga - [watch my back] R- spite overflow & scatter or spite spores& Blood spore Storm - [ dog eat dog world] L rex machina Billy B - gives R- Docco Ashly - [banned books] R- swamp Hound &A or H& fungus Janitor -[ trash monster] A,H,F stickers Austin - [birthday card] R- fluffles Mitzi - [machines will one day rule the world] A sticker Jack - [Like taking candy from a baby] Sam - [Busted] L- minion Cannon or bugz Gil - [good Jess bad jess] r-Powerizer + cards Tony - [spuds stuff] R- metabolim, iguanabug, Rigor tortortis, copycat, spike collar, Brutish bulldog Day 5 Owen - [ the know-it-all] L Sphinx Bruce [need to do Cerric 1st]- [spuds stuff] Corey - [snack stack] C- bad dog or labrat BillyB - give you L- snowball then battle him CJ - [Sweet Revenge] Samantha - [what could go wrong] Storm - [mightier than the sword] L- fenix or firemander Sugar - [ secret fan] Sam - [ make a call] Spike - [ reluctant Fighters] sickers and R cards Robin - [ a wolf in kids clothing] Cedric - [ a party to end all parties] sickers and candy Bunnibal - [a little help]
  15. Question did you get [A Clean Map] in 1 playthrough or multiples? Ask as cuz seen conflicting info on it. Iv done 2 full playthrough and still hasn't pop for me😕. Going to follow your mini guide and hope i get it on next go