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  1. Driveclub VR As a whole the game was very enjoyable, the thing that hugely disappointment me was the end game grind for xp to hit level 60. All game content and trophies could be completed by 30ish so why make us grind for another 10-12 hours. It was made much worse by the fact you couldn’t do much else whilst grinding races as you had to have the headset on. Up to that point, very enjoyable game though 😀
  2. No there isn’t. The uk version of the game is a Eu version
  3. Congrats on winners guys.
  4. Happy to offer a prize. Good luck all 😎
  5. I meant it gave me NA list, sorry. But from a uk rental, you’d think if you could get a disc copy then they’d of sent that.
  6. I used a UK game rental service (so obviously sends out disc copies of games) yet it still gave me the us list, if that helps.
  7. Yes will be available on Friday in the Hong Kong store 😃
  8. Behave mako 👀
  9. I just finished up this game. Feel free to add for chests if you need it. Psn: zDan96. Just add knack in the request please.