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  1. Could you (or someone else) write a little more about the trophies : Sharp Shooter Kill one of each land creature using only headshots. No more Mr. Knife Guy Kill one of each land creature using only the knife. Can other weapons be used to deal damage? And deliver the final blow with the required weapon? One Craft to Craft Them All Craft one of every item in the game. Items from which category? How many are there? Master Chef Craft one of each food recipe. I have fish, crab, small and large meat. What am I missing?
  2. Ok, I found, thanks.
  3. Where exactly?
  4. https://www.fotosik.pl/zdjecie/ec3468ca99bf60de https://www.fotosik.pl/zdjecie/33f1c4b8ad68a721 Are they raccoons or red pandas?
  5. Where can I find a raccoon?